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Help Us Determine Which Testing to Request

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Our DD has clearly suffered food intolerances since around 7 or 8 months. We have identified soy, dairy and gluten as the culprits. However, her ped has referred her to the allergist for the scratch testing. It is my understanding that this tests for IgE allergies, is that correct? Shouldn't we also test for IgG intolerances? Will most allergists order both? I hate to put her through the scratch test at all - how valuable is this? 

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Most (if not all) allergists will test for IgE allergies ("true" allergies).  I am not aware of any who do any testing for IgG's.  Reliability for IgG testing is debatable as well (even more debatable than IgE allergy testing which is a 50/50 true allergy for a positive).   What were her symptoms like?  If they were more likely IgG mediated, you may be better off looking into an alternative practitioner.  

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Thanks for your reply. Her symptoms are:

flushed cheeks 

itchy eyes

sinus congestion 

absolutely wretched sleep (waking every 20 min- 2 hrs, longest stretch she has ever slept was 6 hours twice in her life) 

horrible hyperactivity while trying to unwind to sleep (this is worst with dairy and soy, much like a dog spins in circles before lying down) 

red ring around the anus (soy and dairy) 

occasional skin rash that I haven't figured out what is causing it 


dry skin

dry hair

bags under her eyes

itchy ears

recently contact dermatitis after a strawberry binge - related or not, who knows?

serious digestive issues much improved but not eradicated by removing gluten (irregular in frequency, consistency, color, really awful odor)

a lot of gas

slow growth until removing gluten. 


What do you guys think?

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So no vomiting, facial swelling, difficulty breathing?  No hives?


Most of that sounds like intolerances.  I am not saying not to try the allergist but I am guessing the testing will not be exactly what you are looking for.  

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That's what I suspected. I really hesitate to subject her to this testing. 

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You are doing great things to help your little one.  It's really tough, I know!  I have twins who will be confirmed with Celiac Disease likely next week (the doctor has prepped us so we won't be shocked). 


We travelled a similar path as you're travelling--and each child is different, so I'm not saying we'll end up in the same place.  In our experience, our pediatrician was unhelpful, our allergist was helpful but limited in her "whole system" ability to diagnose, our local pediatric GI was tolerable, and our greatest resource has been finding a world-class pediatric GI who specializes in Celiac. 


Next week when we do endoscopies for Celiac she will also likely do some allergy testing from biopsies along the digestive tract. 


If you can find a GREAT GI, I think you'll get more answers more quickly.  My best resource has been Linda Steel at City of Hope in Los Angeles.  800-844-0049.  She put us in touch with Dr. Pietzak at CHLA 323-361-2181.  I hope that they can help you find an excellent specialist!

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