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How do you pump/feed your baby?

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When my son was born, I didn't have a lot of resources, and I worked as a carhop. The only option I saw was to feed my babe formula while I was away. Luckily, this worked out really well and we went on to breastfeed til his 5th birthday.


Now I work as a massage therapist in a chiropractor's office and dd is ebf. Usually I can pump at work, but I find I also need to pump at home sometimes, too (and did to get started). I pump at home by pumping on one side while my new baby nurses on the other side. I got a good double electric through my insurance (medicaid). While I am at work, I usually don't have time between clients, but when I do couple's massages we start with a 20 min foot soak and leave them alone with their champagne and chocolates, so I pump then. I am going to get a battery pack or car plug in thing so I can start pumping on the drive home.


Just curious as to how everyone else makes it work?

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I am quite lucky to have an office with a door I can shut and lock even at work, so most days it was as easier as shutting the door 2-3 times a day and I could even continue working once I mastered holding both bottles with one hand/arm and I could sometimes go handless too, but it didn't work as well for me. I do have to travel quite often for work, I begged off flying until I was done pumping, but would have dealt with that if I had to. For driving trips, the car adaptor was a lifesaver, I only pumped twice while driving (I don't recommend it, but if you have to, only do one breast at a time and make sure to wear a tank top under a loose shirt so you can keep things concealed), but just always being able to pump in the car if there wasn't a nice mall or Babies R Us with a nice breastfeeding room was a lifesaver. I had a little cooler with ice packs for travel and just in general at work, I did use the fridge at work too, but it was nice to always have the ice packs in case I was delayed driving to and from work or something like that. And I bought a good double electric pump, I checked and my insurance didn't cover it unfortunately, but it was worth every penny and then some. Oh and for washing pump parts, I just washed them at work in our sink with a small tupperware-like container since there are usually several dirty dishes sitting in the sink. No one seemed to mind, but I didn't ask either. Being engineers, the only comments I got were from my boss wanting to look at my pump since his wife had used one years ago when they didn't really have personal pumps available. He thought mine was very slick orngtongue.gif

My other funny thing I did was track my pumping output with excel, but it kept me on task so I didn't fall behind which I needed since my body was very efficient. I don't miss pumping, but I'm so glad I did it!
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I have an office job too, so it's a little bit easier for me I suppose. The double electric pump is great, and I love my hands free pumping bra. That way, I can look at pics of DS on my phone or get some work done.  I also just leave my pump put together all day and only wash it at night, so that helps save time.


Is it possible for you to pump first thing when you get to work? Our bodies make more prolactin, the milk making hormone, in the morning and I find I get more milk on my first pump. Also, I find that I have to guard my pumping time very strictly because my co-workers don't get it. They think I can just skip a pump here and there all the time and it's no big deal, but I know that DS has to eat, regardless of what is happening in my office!


The other thing that helps is to make sure you baby isn't being overfed. My DH cares for DS while I'm working, and he found the Kellymom milk calculator and How to Bottlefeed the Breastfed Baby handout to be really helpful. Good luck mama!

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Originally Posted by KeanusMomma View Post I am going to get a battery pack or car plug in thing so I can start pumping on the drive home.


I do this.  Sometimes I also pump on the way to work if I haven't nursed right before I left.  I have a hands free pump (the medela freestyle) but I prefer using this funny bra contraption that will work with any pump and I throw a receiving blanket over the whole contraption while driving.  It isn't too bad and I have only had minor spills.

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I've had the "luxury pumping" experience with a private office with a door and a personal refrigerator. I pumped until 18m with my first and until 2 with my second. I never supplemented. I was always very consistent and never used expressed milk or bottles until I was at work or a rare date night.


When I had to travel I used the occasional airport bathroom or the car charger for my medela. To build my supply before I went back to work, I "double pumped" i.e. pumped ten minutes, took a shower, pumped ten mintues. Helped build my supply and build up a stash.

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