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Hey everyone,

I'm in a course, and am supposed to interview a group of people, and I chose childbirth professionals.

I would REALLY appreciate it, if you could answer the following questions.


  1. What do you love (or enjoy) most about midwifery? And what else?


  1. What are you most proud of accomplishing so far? And what else?


  1. What isn’t working for you right now? or What’s missing for you? or What are the most challenging aspects about midwifery for you? And what else?


  1. Do you have a confidante or go-to person who will brainstorm your ideas, challenges and important decisions with you?


  1. What ways do you develop yourself to be better at what you do?


  1. What are your favorite trade publications, blogs or journals? Are there any associations or conferences you attend?


  1. What is your top goal right now? What do you want most? Tell me more.


  1. What are the biggest obstacles in the way of achieving that goal? And what else?


  1. What is the single most critical thing you need to learn or know right now to help you achieve your top goal?


  1. What is your biggest strength? What do you think should be your biggest strength? Anything else?


  1. What else should I know about midwifery/being a midwife ?


Thanks so much in advance!!