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Help with newborn stash (PFs/covers)

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This will be my first time CDing. My babies have all been right around 8 pounds at birth and never lose weight initially, so I'm hesitant to buy a ton of things in newborn sizes. I ordered a dozen NB and a dozen next-size-up prefolds from GMD. Do I need more NB prefolds? How many covers would you suggest? So far I've got 3 xsmall Thirsties and 2 NB Bummis Super Brite ordered. Do you think maybe one or two more NB/xsmall covers & 4-5 OS covers to start out?

Also, I've been looking at Rock-A-Bye Booty covers as my OS covers. They look especially re-use friendly because of the inner part being so "wipeable." Anyone had any experience with these?

Thanks for the help!
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My baby is 7 weeks old and 9 lbs and I think is outgrowing her GMD nb prefolds.  I would probably try to tri fold any prefolds you have.  I would say 5 nb covers is good- I had 9 and only used like 4-5!  For OS covers we went with Flips.  I like them so far!

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Thanks so much! Do the Flips covers have the "wipeable" inner lining? (Sorry, I'm very new to this & have no idea what it's called!)
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You can skip NB pfs alltogether and just go with infant size.  Even my super skinny little guy did fine in them. 


As for covers, I would have some NB on hand - we even needed preemie size, he was so skinny, but I think 5 should be plenty.


For OS covers though, I would not get wipe-clean interiors.  That's exposed PUL and it will get beat up in the wash, particularly if you have any dipes with velcro closures.  For sized covers it's not as big a deal because they're not in use as long, but for a cover you want to last 2-3 years, it's just not a good idea, IMO.  I like my Mommy's Touch OS covers, and by the toddler stage I can use them for 4 or 5 wets before they need washing, so long as I let it dry in between. 

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