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I'm glad to see there are other mamas out there rejecting some of the pregnancy "rules."  I just really feel like all things in moderation is a reasonable approach to most things in life.  I've never liked coffee for me, so that's a non-issue.  But I do like drinking raw milk, I do not plan on giving up any kind of cheese (everything in the store is pasturized anyway), I like soaking in baths (I figure I can hydrate while I'm in there, get out if I get hot, and only stay in 15-20 minutes -- I would lounge in super hot water for an hour before I was pregnant!).  I have sworn prescription and OTC meds, and off alcohol for the 1st trimester for sure, but I am open to having an occassional glass of wine in the 2nd or especially the 3rd trimester.  I don't know much about nitrites, like in bacon or lunch meat...what do you all think about that?  Also, what's the deal with ginger?  I plan to use it for nausea, but Susan Weed says it can increase the risk for m/c?  Seriously?  Not sure if I buy that.  This is my first pregnancy, so this stuff is new to me.  It's easy to freak out about every little thing, but I also resent that, feeling like most of these things must be overblown.  Thoughts?  Thanks!

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I'm usually a 1 cuppa coffee a day kinda gal... but right now it doesn't even sound good at all to me.  Last pregnancy I switched to black tea with occasional cups of coffee.  This time I can't even do the black tea in the morning.  I haven't had any headaches, just haven't felt as peppy or ready to play with my 2 y/o.  Probably my habit will come back in the 2nd/3rd tri.....

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I wasn'T going to give up coffee (I used to have one in the morning and most days also one after lunch - I drink espresso with lots of milk) because I also have to function somehow and am still nighttime nursing my 19mo dd, so I don't get very long chunks of sleep. BUT: I actually stopped having coffee a week ago because it just lost all its appeal to me. I even had to turn away from DH's coffe breath the other day - urgh. I had a cupa this afternoon (which is probably why i am still awake now) but altogether I am quite surprised how little I miss it.

I also go by the rule of everything in moderation. I had loads of sushi during my first pregnancy, because I was just craving it and I figured it can only be good for me, if my body asks for it. I also went to the sauna in all my pregnancies. It felt right and I just made sure that I drank enough and didn't overdo things.

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I was thrilled that my OB today said she's in the moderation crowd too :P (Apparently even some of the other OBs in her office, who I will see, may feel differently - but she's been my Gyn for a long time, until her availability was so difficult to make appointments without 4 months notice that i just saw others in her office for that lol..)  The only one she still warned about was high mercury fish.


I haven't had a coffee since the morning of the day I tested, but once I got nauseous it hasn't sounded good. But now I'm enjoying teas with caffeine once a day :P

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I, too, went from 3 cups a day normally to nothing because of nausea.  If it still sounded good, I would continue drinking it (I cut my regular with decaf so I can drink more anyway!).  Last time, I could start doing coffee with cream and sugar towards the end of the 1st trimester, then slowly got back to my typical black.  


I just ordered a Vitamix blender (yay!), so I'm planning to start drinking green smoothies in the morning.  Apparently this is supposed to be as good a pick-me-up as caffeine, but I am skeptical ;).


I can't bring myself to drink diet soda while pregnant, at least not until the end and then infrequently.  Sugar substitutes are pretty sketchy, IMHO.  I'd be much more likely to drink regular soda. 

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I had a two pot a day habit.


I'm pretty much sleeping all the time, now. I have cut back but not as much as I know I should. I am weaning- started with a half-pot, now down to two cups per day. THAT is pretty amazing, for me.

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I gave up caffeine as soon as I saw the positive on the test.  I am 8 weeks, 2 days now, and I have had two slip ups (one being today) where I just CRAAAAAVED Coke.  I still limited myself in the amount I could have, but holy moses that was the best coke EVER.

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Herabonne, I am clearly up past my bedtime because I thought you were talking about POT pot, not a coffee pot!  This made me so confused because what would half-pot be?  Anyway, I was glad to hear you are cutting back.  To bed! sleepytime.gif

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Green Mama: I found that coke helps me with nausea, so DH picked up caffeine free coke for me! This week has been better, but weeks 6-7 I drank quite a few of them ( and I am not a soda drinker normally).
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Glad to know I'm not the only one! :)  I did finally pick up some Caffeine-Free Coke the other day. :)  I'm actually marinating some pork ribs in it right now.  I think I'll go have a can for myself.  YUM. :)

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For the last couple of months, I've been cutting down my caffeine intake. I'm down to no more than one soda a day and I have no plans of giving it up. There's only so much juice, milk, water, etc that I can drink and I think the caffeine-free stuff tastes funny. I eat ridiculously healthy (6.5 out of 7 days a week, at least - it's a weight watchers habit), so I figure my one soda a day isn't going to completely wipe out my other good habits.


@STLmama - I had a few glasses of wine at the end (36+ weeks) of both my prior pregnancies. I was so big and uncomfortable that it helped me relax. I don't know anything about ginger causing miscarriage, though. That's bizarre to me. And I'm not a big eater of lunch meat or bacon, so I can't help with that. However, I'm a strong believer in moderation - on most subjects - too. I think as long as you do your research and make informed decisions, then you're fine.

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