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Weekly Chit-Chat Thread 3/11-3/17

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I don't know how often you guys have done weekly chat threads in you ddc's before but I definitely enjoyed them in my last one. It seemed to make the weeks go by faster! These can be a place for us to check in with each other and talk about life in general or whats going on day to day with our belly's smile.gif.


My oldest DD is on spring break from school. We are considering going to the Renaissance Festival here for a day trip and hanging out next weekend. I have plans to meet with my midwife Monday night after work. I don't have a real job per se, just a temporary one as my husband is not working. So my hours and times that I work are pretty sporadic. It's so nice that my midwife is a very close friend and is super flexible with scheduling. We could potentially be moving in together as well. We are thinking of doing a communal house and aside from talking about the baby we are going to be figuring out that logistically as well. It needs to happen in the next three weeks if it will and that's a little crazy to think I could be moving that soon. 


Today is going to be a pretty relaxed day, no plans outside of going to church and making dinner. Maybe I'll manage enough energy to do laundry. 


What's up with you gals?

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I'll participate!!!

iana I found out on march 3rd and I think im due the 1st too!!! I was due April 1st with my son... Something with firsts l guess!!! We"ll see though, I'm not totally sure!

I'm feeling pretty stressed this week... I have had a terrible time at my job lately and started looking for another one. I had my interview and it went GREAT however I did not tell them I'm pregnant obviously so I'm worried to tell them if I do get the job. It's a store manager position so taking off in nov is kind of a badddddd thing. But I need the job big time. I am feeling GUILTY.

Planning on telling the family on March 31st... Getting excited!
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iana,,, where are you in AZ? I live in Tucson.

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We just weaned DD yesterday. It's bittersweet, but it was the right thing to do. At 33 months old, she doesn't need the milk anymore and the new baby needs my calories and health. I baked her a Big Girl cake to celebrate how she's big enough not to need milk anymore, and I told her that anytime she wanted milk she could come curl up in my lap and snuggle, and she could even suck her thumb if she needed to. She's taken advantage of that many times since then. So overall it's going very smoothly.


And I really feel way too good to be pregnant, which has me and DH slightly concerned. Hopefully this is because it's early, or because this will be an easy pregnancy, and not a sign of anything wrong.


Other than that, I'm just having a hard time keeping it a secret! After church today we went over to a friend's house, and that friend is due in late April or early May, so naturally I wanted to spill the beans to her. But I managed to hold my tongue.



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Originally Posted by Julieee View Post

I'll participate!!!
iana I found out on march 3rd and I think im due the 1st too!!! I was due April 1st with my son... Something with firsts l guess!!! We"ll see though, I'm not totally sure!
I'm feeling pretty stressed this week... I have had a terrible time at my job lately and started looking for another one. I had my interview and it went GREAT however I did not tell them I'm pregnant obviously so I'm worried to tell them if I do get the job. It's a store manager position so taking off in nov is kind of a badddddd thing. But I need the job big time. I am feeling GUILTY.
Planning on telling the family on March 31st... Getting excited!

That's awesome! had you tested at all before you got the bfp on the 4th? I took a test about every 3 days. The first was a first response and the second was from the dollar store but they both came up negative until the one on the 4th it was so strange XD. With each of my other kids I had a bfp within 3 days of missing af.


I also have the same situation, I had a phone interview last week for a job I really want and I don't plan on telling them I'm pregnant. I worked at this company prior to having kids and left 6 months after my first dd was born because my day care situation changed. Anyway the company said I totally passed the phone interview and they are going to call me this week to set up the next one. I'm a nervous wreck about it and I won't even get FMLA if I get the job. But I need the job as well, my husband likes to spend money like he is still working irked.gif.


Originally Posted by Momto2Annie View Post

iana,,, where are you in AZ? I live in Tucson.

I live in Mesa, with the possibility of moving to Phoenix... This baby was definitely conceived on a trip to the Grand Canyon that included a dinner in Tucson on the way back during the superbowl, hehe eat.gif. Do you have a midwife or a physician up there that you are going to see?

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Hugs Dealea on weaning you're daughter. I bet that this time is difficult and bittersweet. Seems like you are celebrating it well and proceeding to the next stage gently. Neither of my kids nursed that long. They were both done at around 18 months :(



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Julieee and Iana- How nerve wracking waiting on jobs news! And I certainly wouldn't tell about the pregnancy until it was necessary. 


Dealea- I'm not having too many symptoms either. Kinda strange but I'm only 5w 2d so I'm sure they'll show up soon. As long as I eat every couple of hours I feel pretty good! And wow, 33 months is great! 


AFM- Today we worked on expanding our garden, putting down manure, laying stone paths, and making a small hoop house on a raised bed. I kept reminding myself to take it easy and DH would remind me to go eat when I started seeming tired. orngbiggrin.gif I even fit in a 30 minute nap after putting DS to sleep while DH was getting a truckload of manure. Busy day! DS will be in bed (again!) soon so DH and I are going to relax on the couch with dessert and a movie. So nice! love.gif



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Hey there ladies hola.gif I have a 3 year old who has given up naps and I am so so tired!  I am just at about 4 weeks now so only told my sisters/bro/dad and brother/sister in law. My sister will be 19 on Nov 12th and asked if I could 'drop the bomb on her birthday'.  lol, they are very excited.  ds has been asking for a brother for months but recently decided a girl brother would be better then a boy brother :)

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Hi!  Chat thread is a great idea, thanks for starting it!



Dealea = congrats on making it 33 months!  I made it to 24 months with my second son and it was sad but good at the same time.  We did snuggles at night, he got over it faster than I did. 


Sarah = I was just looking at our flower beds today thinking that we should start working in our yard.  I think the fresh air will be helpful, I've been feeling kind of cruddy the last few days.  Just kind of "ick". 


Iana = good luck on your job interview!  I've been looking for a new job (I work from home currently) and have applied to a few but no bites yet.  My job is pretty flexible now with hours I can work so it'll be tough having to go to a strict schedule (and possibly impossible since I have to drive kids to and from school)


I'm 6 weeks today and don't feel super pregnant.  I usually feel pretty good up through this week...then things take a turn for the worst.  Each pregnancy seems easier than the last for me, maybe my body is just used to being sleep deprived.  I've already started taking b6 to help with the nausea although I dry heave and gag every night when I take my prenatal.  There will come a point real soon where I'll need to switch to chewables.... yuck.



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Sere- If Indiana weather was anything like Wisconsin weather today, it was a great day to be outside.  I'd love to start gardening...when we have our own place or live somewhere that allows it. 


Iana and Julieee- I'd definitely keep any pregnancy news out of an interview at this point.  By the time you have to tell them, you'll be such valuable employees that they will do whatever it takes to keep you happy ;) 


Dealea- Good luck to you and your daughter as you adjust to your non-nursing relationship.  My son self-weaned at 12 months, and it was really hard for me to accept that that part of our relationship was over (it still makes me sad sometimes).  I'm glad you two were able to enjoy nursing for so long!


I'm starting to feel a little more pregnant physically at ~6 weeks--the nausea and food aversions have started.  But mentally I feel completely different than I did last time.  Does anyone else feel mentally detached from the pregnancy???  I find myself forgetting about it or pushing it to the back of my mind.  Last time I was so much more focused on the excitement of being pregnant--my husband and I would read weekly updates about the development and talk about the baby all the time.  I feel bad, but the being pregnant part is much less exciting than last time (of course the actual baby that will result is just as exciting).  Maybe I'll feel more attached to the pregnancy once I have an appointment and see the baby. 


I hope everyone has a good week! 

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hello all!

Had a pretty good weekend, saturday was freezing and we had to go to a funeral, but in the afternoon I went to the hair salon. Funny enough, in conversation henna comes up and my hairdresser says "Isn't that what pregnant women use since they can't get their hair colored?" As I sit there with the dye on my head :P And I say, "I've heard otherwise.... Are you sure?"  So I ended up telling her, and she talked to her boss - who said it's not a big deal (and has a kid). Yikes. But I'm only 5 weeks 4 days today, I easily could have gone the week before and not have tested/known yet. (I actually was going to but had to work! :P)  I figure once I see my doctor (who won't see me until the 30th), if she says not to I won't go back again.


Yesterday my husband and I walked into town (probably 2-2.5 miles round trip) and ate dinner to enjoy the sunshine and warmth, and get some exercise in. Last night and this morning, morning sickness is really kicking my butt. :(  I've been drinking ginger ale non stop!



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Faithsstuff- Love the "girl brother"! That's so cute!

Laura- I certainly agree with you on feeling a bit "bored" with this pregnancy. I'm sure not as excited as I was with DS and I don't think DH is either. We are very happy and looking forward to a new baby but yeah, it's not brand new this time. Plus DH and I know how much freaking work a baby is now so we know how tough life will be come November! Or maybe this LO will be less demanding than DS was/is! orngbiggrin.gif Also, I think I'm pretty busy with DS (though when I was pregnant last time I was a teacher to 30 students!). But yeah, I can go hours without remembering I'm pregnant. I don't think I did that with DS. Or maybe I did.... Hearing the heartbeat in a month or so will be wonderful and the 20 weeks ultrasound will provide even greater connection I think. That's when I really bonded with DS.

Hijynx- Yep, I'm eating little meals all day long now to keep the nausea away. Very glad it's pretty mild so far!


AFM- Took DS to story time at the library today and towards the end I felt icky. So we left instead of hanging out since we could munch on snacks on the drive home. 

The past 2 weeks I've super busy and pretty much worked non-stop during DS's nap. This week: I'm taking a nap too. orngbiggrin.gif I feel better physically and emotionally for the rest of the day if I get a nap so yeah, that's what I'm going to do. I feel very lucky I'm able to do this!

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This week has been so insanely busy. We are possibly moving, possibly getting jobs, possibly getting a bigger car. SO many possible things that are just not resolving soon enough XD. I hope things can come to a hedge soon, I feel like I am spinning!


Laura- I'm finally having nausea and food aversions as well. I usually eat greek yogurt for breakfast every morning and I am finding it way too sour. I've been craving fish like crazy and trying to take extra Omega-3's because I feel like its a need for the fatty acids thats doing it. But yesterday I ate salmon and today I had to have a tuna fish sandwich so I did but I'm not going to have anymore fish this week to be safe. I'm also feeling detached, I've been so incredibly busy I don't have time to think about the baby. The new house and car are for the expanding family but it just doesnt register baby right now. Today is the first day I've had really heavy I feel like I'm going to hurl any second nausea and that was after eating, bleh. So the baby has been on my mind more today than normal but otherwise I'm still just me. 

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iana- It sounds like your life is taking you for a ride.  It would drive me crazy too.  Just out of curiosity can I ask what kind of car you are looking at?

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who's not super into the baby. I mean, my husband and I are very excited, and the baby was very wanted...but with a 3 1/2 year old and a 19 month old...I don't have much time to sit and think about the baby. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm just barely pregnant and not having any symptoms really. I find it a little hard to relate to an apple seed wink1.gif I'm sure that will change as it goes on. It's funny-the day before I tested, I was going to the gym and my son asked why. I told him I wanted to be a skinny mama, and he told me no, I should be a fat mama with a baby in my belly. ROTFLMAO.gifIt's like he knew!


With 3, I'm sad to say that I think we're moving into minivan territory. I always wanted more than 2 kids, but I DO NOT WANT a minivan! I will just feel like such a dork driving one!


iana-I'm so jealous-I have always wanted to go to a ren faire but they never have them where I live! They just always look like tons of fun.


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We have a minivan!  I never wanted one and my husband didn't even have a car when we first met (we lived in Boston and he's rode his bike to and from work). 

After my second grew out of his bucket seat we had issues because we could only fit one RFing britax in the subaru (without having to push the passenger seat up to the dashboard).

And rather than turn my 2 yo FFing, we traded in for a Minivan.  It's semi cringable but I must say, it does make life easier.  Now with 3, we would need one and with 4 - definitely.

We took out 2 seats in the second row and just have my youngest RFing in his britax and my 3 and 5 yo are FFing in their Nautilus in the third row.  So it leaves a nice open space for them to put on snow boots, use the potty, sit for a snack, etc when we are at the playground.  It works for us.  It's not super sexy but it is functional.


I had an US today and got to see the baby....measured exactly what I guessed for conception date which kind of blew me away since we weren't charting or trying.  6w3d with a HR of 151.

It was very reassuring and kind of got me excited...  I haven't really been thinking too much about this baby yet, it's hard when you're so early and have so much going on with your other kids.  This pregnancy will probably fly by if that's the case....


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I'm probably going to join minivan country. Especially if my friend and our families move together. Transporting seven people will be easier with a van. But I haven't even really been looking. Too busy working side jobs and checking on a house I fell in love with yesterday. It's amazing and full of potential for gardening. It already has grapefruit and lemon trees on it. The orange trees are blossoming here and the whole city is fragrant with an amazing vanilla orange perfume. Yummy! Going outside literally makes my mouth water.

I can't wait for the weekend. I'm working 11 hours tomorrow on two different jobs xD. Ren fair Saturday!

Congrats on seeing your little baby bean Michelle!
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When we decided to stop after having 2 kids, I have to admit, I was very happy for the small reason of: I get to keep my Civic!! Won't be able to drive around and guests while the kids are in carseats but hey, I really like my car. orngbiggrin.gif

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Dh made it clear that we are limited by what fits in the prius :)  While we can fit 5 in there, I don't think that's going to be possible with the car seats. We'll see how this works out.

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