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What will you do differently?

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For those of us who have one or more children already... what are we thinking of doing differently this time?


I'll go first... Indy's birth was practically perfect, but I have a couple things in mind to do differently...


1. I want to visit a chiropractor during pregnancy.  My back is so messed up, and it seems to affect my labor.  Last time I felt like I was having back labor, but my midwife said he was positioned perfectly.


2. I might have a doula this time.  With a midwife-attended homebirth there's less need for one, but I am toying with the idea just for the sake of having someone focused on my comfort.


3. I might just stay in bed for 24 hours like my midwife recommended last time.  Sounds nice, just to focus on resting and falling in love with the new baby for the first day.


What about the rest of you?

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I really don't know. Things largely went the way I wanted them to last time. I suppose I'd like to be less stressed, a more laid-back pregnant woman and mom.

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I took castor oil 26 hours into my labor with DD2. My first labor was only 7.5 hours so I felt awful antsy lol. It worked, but I had been doing hypnobabies successfully up until the point where I was on the toilet for 3 hours.


I would love to get adjusted regularly assuming DH or I find a job soonish here.


I've also been wondering what to do about a doula. For my prior births I had a doula that is now a midwife and of course she will be my midwife now but then I wont have a doula. I didn't really need her at home with my last birth but it was so nice to have her around. This time, shes going to be my primary caregiver and I am not sure who out of all the doula's that I know and love that I could possibly pick! I think having a doula at home is an amazing luxury and that mama's deserve to have that kind of attention during birth no matter the setting. 


I definitely plan to eat healthier during this pregnancy than I have been. I tend to have small babies, each were less than 6lbs full term. I'd like to see if that's just cultural (African american babies are statistically smaller on average as are the babies in my family) or if I can really affect the babies weight with my eating habits. Other than those few things I enjoyed my pregnancy last time and intend to do the same! 

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Originally Posted by laurac5 View Post


1. I want to visit a chiropractor during pregnancy.  

YES. Me too. DS was positioned in such a way that even though I was nearly completely dilated he took hours to come out, with lots of pushing. I plan on seeing a chiropractor either weekly or biweekly my last trimester. 


Also, we had family drop by on and off all day right after DS was born (home birth). This time we plan on saying: Come and visit 4-6 PM and meet the baby! For the first day I want to sleep and cuddle my baby without having to put a shirt on. winky.gif

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I need to exercise more and really watch my weight.

I tend to have big babies and they are gestating longer and longer!  My 3rd was born at 42 weeks and weighed 10.5#. 

I was rather ginormous by the time he was born, and it doesn't help to be carrying excess chub (mine) around with a big baby.


I eat pretty healthy, I'm a veg and eat a lot of simple foods but I so have a weakness for fresh baked bread. 

I also plan on drinking more water.  I think it makes a big difference in how I feel and helps with water retention, everything basically.



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THis time I won't stick with a healthcare provider I don't like!  I think that is going to make a huge differance in both my pregnancy and birth. 


I also plan to spend some time just being still and enjoying this experiance.

Last: Pictures!  I am going to take so many pics we dont know what to do with them all :)

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Originally Posted by finnegansmom View Post

I need to exercise more and really watch my weight.



I need to do this, too.  I gained 40 with each of my first two, and am starting this pg with about 13lbs of baby weight left over from from the first two.  I CANNOT gain another 40; my frame is not built for that much weight.

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Originally Posted by sere234 View Post

Also, we had family drop by on and off all day right after DS was born (home birth). This time we plan on saying: Come and visit 4-6 PM and meet the baby! For the first day I want to sleep and cuddle my baby without having to put a shirt on. winky.gif

I will have to keep this in mind... for previous births, we've been 12 hrs from family and had week-long visits from grandparents.  This time I will need to consider how much space we need, and ask for it.

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Originally Posted by laurac5 View Post

I will have to keep this in mind... for previous births, we've been 12 hrs from family and had week-long visits from grandparents.  This time I will need to consider how much space we need, and ask for it.

I promise I won't bug you too much.  Oh wait... I'll be at home with my baby.... thumb.gif

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I'm going to exercise more and do more serious yoga throughout the pregnancy.  I'm also thinking about seeing a chiropractor regularly the third trimester.  I got adjusted 2 times the week that I was due with DS and I think it helped him drop and engage. 


And something I want to do the same:  I want to make an effort to appreciate the stages of the pregnancy like I did with my first.  I made a scrap book and took regular belly pictures and really bonded with the baby.  At this point I push the pregnancy to the back of my mind as I take care of DS.  I want to make sure that I bond with this baby in utero and have some keepsakes to show him or her when s/he is older. 

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I too am going to try and exercise more, mainly walking which I do regularly.  I'm just going to try and stick with it despite the fatigue.  


I had a doula last time but my younger sister was such major part of my support I asked her if she could take care of me this go around and omit the doula.  My sister was so on top of things, when I needed something she was right there, before the doula could even think about doing it! 


I am going to take it easy after the birth.  I plan on laying in bed as much as possible something I did not do with my last birth.  I had a minor prolapse and I think trying to do to much to early only exasperated the problem.

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I'm going to make sure I pee more during labor!! After ds's birth, I guess I hadn't peed for several hours despite everyone encouraging me to drink tons of water and my bladder became dangerously distended. They kept massaging my bladder thinking it was my uterus! I had to be cathetertized TWICE after pushing him out. The first time was to make room to deliver the placenta. The midwife kept saying I would have to go to the hospital if it didn't come out. It magically came out one minute before she was going to call the ambulance. Then I couldn't void my bladder to their satisfaction, so they catheterized me again and I had it for 48 hours while my bladder regained its elasticity. It was nuts. It messed up my plan for peaceful bonding with ds and dh and set the stage for some serious post partum anxiety. Which brings me to the next thing I will do differently. I will definitely consume my placenta this time. I thought it was unnecessary last time, but I think it will help me with the pp hormones. It's weird I think I am just now processing how much that experience affected me in those first few weeks.
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This pregnancy I am really focusing on making healthy choices, but NOT focusing on weight.  It is not a time for me to be worried about weight gain.  If I am eating as well as I am able to, drinking lots of water, etc, I am going to be satisfied that I am doing the best I can for my baby.  I've been drinking smoothies every day to get added nutrition, and have cut out caffeine.  I'm eating as many whole, fresh foods as possible.


I am going to find or make maternity clothes that I feel happy, comfortable, and pretty in. I don't want to feel like a slob, pout because there are no plus sized maternity clothes out there, or just stay home.  I want to feel cute, show off my preggo belly, and enjoy every bit of this pregnancy. 


I am going to be more in charge of what I want for my birth.  I had two very "classic" hospital births last time, and while I was fine with it, there are some things I want to do differently this time.  I want to wait for an epidural until or IF I really need it.  Last time they "scheduled" it because they weren't sure how I would respond to anesthetic if need be - BUT I felt like I was handling labor really well, so I didn't really need it at that point.  I don't want pitocin unless there is a problem and it is the only way to get the baby out faster without doing a section.  I want water involved in my birthing process (either showers or a tub).  I want dim lights, music (or TV depending on what I need at the moment - peace or a distraction), and more people that I really love in the room (hubby of course, my mom, a dear friend, etc). 



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As a chiropractor, I love all the posts on chiropractic throughout pregnancy!  :)  I recommend getting checked early on in your first trimester (if you're not already seeing one for wellness care).  At the least, I suggest care at twice a month up until your third trimester at which point I would go to weekly.  That would be my recommendations if there is no spinal/nervous system issues to deal with on top of regular wellness care.  If it's your first time ever, then most likely you'll see a chiro more often in the beginning to help your body adapt to the stresses your'e under.


As for me...


1.  Exercise a heck of a lot more.  I get hyperemesis (which is hitting me hard right now, bummer) so that puts me into not much for the first 4-5 months.  I"m bummed because I'm a CrossFitter so all the strength and muscle tone I was so proud of is starting to disappear rapidly.  :(  As soon as I can get back in the gym, I'll be there.

2.  With summer here, I'll walk to work each day (and home).  It's about 1.5 miles each way so a good 3 miles in each day is good.

3.  Yoga.  

4.  Keep up with my Paleo diet as much as I can.  Do not give into cravings!  Just because my body thinks I want chocolate chip cookies does not mean I need them.  :)  

5.  As for labour, be open to everything.  I've had 2 c sections in the past due to uncontrollable reasons on my part.  This time around I'll do whatever I can, even if it means bed rest the last couple of weeks to have the opportunity to have a baby born naturally.  


I suppose that is it.  I think spend as much time with this little one and remember the special parts as much as possible.  My second is a blur in the first year so I feel like I've missed a lot of it.  I want to try to be at home more (I am self employed so I go back to work much earlier than most - 6 weeks) so saying "no" to other commitments will be my goal for 2012/2013.  :)



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Maintain a healthy diet with fewer carbs and sweets.

More, regular exercise.

See a chiro and acupuncturist during pregnancy. It *really* helped speed up deliver and the chiro also turned my breech baby (in one session!) My midwife was really impressed.

Probably have a homebirth this time around.

We won't find out the gender. If we have a boy, we won't circ again. That was a massive mistake with our first.

Newborn diaper, hurrah! We did cloth with our second but not as a newborn.

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Ladies - you are inspiring!

I'm loving reading all your thoughts and ideas as we begin this journey.....

I had a wonderful birth experience with my first and am hoping for another wonderful one.....


Things are a bit different this time, I'm a SAHM instead of working crazy long days as a principal and teacher.  But now there is less money.... so...

I did chiro and massage monthly  with my first and twice a month later in the pregnancy - it was wonderful.  I still hope to see my chiro at least once a month, but alas, no money for massage.....


But as for different 'goals'....

1.  exercise more (didn't have any time with the first!) - just aerobic walking (usually at home while my toddler sleeps:)

2.  get outside more!  I'm excited to have the majority of this preg be in the spring and summer!  yay for hiking, camping, kayaking

3.  go somewhere where i can sunbathe nude!


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I am considering a waterbirth this time (last baby was a "land" homebirth).  Also considering a doula (I AM a doula, so I know a few!).  I really really don't want to gain 40 pounds again either.  I've been pretty good about working out so far, and running is actually one of the only times I don't feel sick!  Of course, I've still managed to put on 5 pounds already (8 weeks).  I'm telling myself it's all muscle shy.gif.  I really should see a chiropractor, and would love to get a few massages.  You all are inspiring me!

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I want to do a pregnancy portrait, newborn portrait and newborn announcements this time around.


I'd like to also scout out some powerful labor herbs to make labor quicker this time.

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exercise more.

not have my MIL stay with us when she visits. I love the woman, but there was a point when she was visiting last time when she started driving me nuts. 

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I'm eating more often and trying to choose protein over carbs when I feel I can stomach it.  I think this is helping with my nausea (so far it's not as consistent or severe as last time) but of course part of that may be because I was pregnant before so it's not as big a shock to my system this time.


I'm trying harder to stick to my usual schedule, instead of lounging around until I feel like going to work.  Last time I think I may actually have made myself sicker by just not trying!  But I am willing to cut myself some slack if I start feeling really bad.


Instead of a midwife-assisted hospital birth, I'm going to a freestanding Midwife Center where I hope to avoid some interventions and annoying policies that really bugged me.  Assuming there are no complications that make it unwise, I plan to hold my baby immediately after birth, keep the cord attached until it stops pulsing, leave the vernix on the baby for a while, and go home the same day.


I will have lots of loving cuddle time with my partner while in labor, even if the midwife or nurse acts like we're weird.  (We think that one of the reasons my labor stalled after we got to the hospital was that everybody was making us self-conscious about hugging and kissing!)


I will try sitting on an exercise ball during labor.


I will not start pushing until my body tells me to push, unless I am really convinced it's necessary.  Last time I was nudged into early pushing which just made me tired by the time I was ready for the REAL pushing!


If I need stitches, I will make sure to get a peri bottle to use at home--much easier than a sitz bath!  Last time I forgot to bring it home, and drugstores don't seem to sell them.


I will not let my mother-out-law convince me to eat chicken every night and inadequate fiber.  If she is cooking for us, I will insist that my partner prepare high-fiber snacks for me instead of tiptoeing around his mother's feelings.  I understand she was trying to make healthy, pleasant meals and doesn't normally cook the way we do, and I did appreciate her help, but I got so constipated I popped out a stitch! angry.gif


I will speak up and ask family members to bring me things (water, food, extra blanket) or hold the baby while I use the bathroom, instead of quietly suffering wishing someone would come ask if they can get me anything!


I will not listen when my mother tries to pit me against my partner by pointing out everything he is not doing (even though nobody asked him to) and saying men are like that and it's so pathetic and horrible.  Instead I will focus on loving him and explaining how he can take care of me.

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