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I had mirena for 5yrs.  Thinking back those five years, I had headaches, sharp pains, weight gain, red bumps and black heads on my face (never had acne problems), no period at all and most of all no desire to have sex, literally.  I had mirena removed 3 days ago and had paragard put in. Personally after having one removed and one inserted the same time was seriously uncomfortable and major cramping. I walking out the Dr's feeling like I just had a C-section. The cramping clammed down a little and I was scared because I haven't had my period in 5 whole years and thought I would be bleeding heavy. But so far so good. I have light bleeding and cramps are slowing down. I actually feel like a new woman. Everybody is different and not all things are for everyone. I say you have to try something to see if it works for you.angel3.gif