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cramping worse at night?

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I'm about 5.5 weeks and ever since I've found out I was pregnant I've had really mild occasional cramps, different from menstrual cramps but in the same general area. Over the past week or so I've realized that the worst ones are in the middle of the night--I tend to notice them when I wake up to pee. Last night/this morning was the worst so far--I wouldn't describe these as mild, although it's weird, the pain is not severe so much as really annoying. It takes me a little while to get back to sleep, and then by the time I wake up in the morning they're gone. I hope this makes sense! I'm wondering if it has to do with my sleep position (I mostly sleep on my side)? Anyone else ever experienced this?

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No, I don't think mine are worse at night. Mine tend to be worse in the morning. And, unfortunately, I've had bad menstrual-like cramps with all of my babies - the two I miscarried and my living daughter. So I definitely freak out a bit when I'm cramping a lot (like today!), but at the same time I know that it can be normal. I keep rushing to the bathroom because I'm sure I'm miscarrying. greensad.gif  But thankfully so far there's been nothing concrete to worry about.

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I have woken up a couple of nights this past week with cramping just like yours. Not menstrual cramp feeling, but a little alarming. Both times it took me a second to realize I needed to go to the bathroom. It finally goes away after awhile, maybe an hour or two. I sleep on my side also.

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Funny, I had cramping in the middle of the night last night too.  Wasn't horribly painful, but noticed it after waking to pee.  Took me a while to fall asleep after and it settled down.  

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I totally remember this with my first pregnancy..... the pain I was feeling was the cyst on my ovary... the one that helps supply the placenta at first?  But this time is much worse.  I've had ovarian cysts since I was 13 so I am 100% sure this is what it is.  It really sucks though.  It's kinda scary but I know what's going on at least.

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Glad to hear some folks are having similar experiences. Well, it seems that after I posted this I haven't had quite the same experience again (knock on wood). I still get some discomfort at night but haven't had quite the level of pain I had previously. I really don't like how unpredictable my body is right now!

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