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Thank you- that means a lot smile.gif also thank you for giving me hope! I know TTC can take sometime but it is great to see/hear of others successes! I appreciate it!
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Okay so I am 7 dpo, going on 8 and last night I took an EDT pregnancy test (I know, early to do so) and I waited the 10 minutes (as fast as 2, as long as 10) for my results and not even the control box showed! SO I wrote it off as a faulty pregnancy test and put it away. I didn't bother looking at it this morning but just in curiosity tonight I checked it to see if the control box line even showed. To my surprise, BOTH lines are there..one for the positive and one for the control. HELP! Was it too far past the window of time allotment for this to be counted as an actual positive? If it goes past the 10 minutes, should the results be void? I did test at night and fairly early in my days past O (6, not even to 10 yet) so I'm not sure if my hCG levels were just so low that it took time to show or? False positive? HELP!!!!

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HOpp123- I checked the directions on the test that I have and it says not to read it after 10 minutes. mecry.gif Do you have another one that you can retest with? That's what I'd do just to settle my nerves. I'm also DPO 7, but I know I'd get a bfn right now, so I'm not even going there. Good luck. I really hope that you ended up with a really early bfp!!


AFM - I'm 7 dpo today. Not ready to test, but starting to have (I think) some signs?? It's so hard trying to remember when I was waiting to test with ds, but my breasts are tender & feel swollen. Also, I keep getting the weird nipple twinges. Weird, I know. I remember having them during my pregnancy with ds, but not until later on in the pregnancy. I had a dream last night that I was lactating, and in my dream I decided this meant that I was preggo for sure. Weird. I still think I'll wait until next week until I test, but these other signs are getting me anxious.

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thanks! I researched a lot of it and usually a false positive is a grey color, this is blue and comes in just as much as the control line does. I'm not sure what to think since it took both the control and the positive so long to come in, not just the positive! Oy. I'm just waiting until Tuesday because I don't want to test too soon and get a BFN or get another false positive, etc, etc. Tuesday will be about 1 day away from AF so I should be more in the clear, hopefully <3 thank you! nice to have someone else on 7 dpo!! sprinkling baby dust your way!

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Ugg. I'm need support on resisting the urge to test. I know it's too early (DPO 9). My temps spiked last night after a few days of being lower (although I had a restless sleep due frequent wakings from ds), and I've had some symptoms - most noticeably fatigue - that is just sending off some warning bells. Here's my chart if anyone wants to look. I really want to wait until DPO 13, but I don't know if I can hold off, despite the disappointment I know I'll get with a bfn right now.


[url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/28dcd1/]My Ovulation Chart[/url]

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