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Rite Aid has E.P.T test buy 1 get 1 free.

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My milk supply has taken a dive this week, particularly on the left side. I don't know if it's because I'm sick, because I'm cycling again, because I actually am pregnant, or ??? and it's stressing me out. I caved and bought a three-pack of tests and got a BFN this morning. Will test again in a few days if AF doesn't show up. Blah.

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Well, my prognosis is looking bleaker...

POAS yesterday morning 10DPO and got BFN. Was hoping to see something since that was the last day of my vacation with mom and wanted to be able to tell her. Too early to tell of course but BBs started getting heavier and that's usually a sign of AF coming in a week or so. Bleh!

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Don't loose hope yet 10 dpo is very early.


I am at 14 dpo... woot, made it (the wait at least). But I'm having definite af symptoms (and still pukey... ugh) so for the last two days I've kinda just accepted that it's probably not going to happen, esp after a negative test on dpo 12. I will test tomorrow if she hasn't shown up... it would be a cruel joke to make my lp longer than normal for THIS cycle when it never has happened before since charting :P ha ha.


who's still in the running? would love to hear how others are doing



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I keep having some "preflow" feelings, like AF is just RIGHT there on the cusp. I don't even know if I'll make it all the way to Sunday to test or if AF will be here way before then. greensad.gif
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Alright, now I'm determined not to test again till next week if AF hasn't shown by Thursday which would make this a 40 day cycle! I've had long ones before so it's not unusual. The only complete chart I had before this cycle showed an 8 day LP so I'm thrown off by this one... I sure wish I had found the TCOYF book earlier and could've started charting years ago. The scientific side of me finds it very interesting to see all the data and try to interpret its meaning.

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I took a test this morning.

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I was MIA for a bit, but got AF a few weeks ago :(  Of course she showed the day that I bought some more tests. Oh well, hopefully I'll be using them in May.


Good news is that DH is now fine with going forward with TTC (he was wanting to wait a few months). So, temps & cm show major fertile signs with ovulation probably occurring in the next day or so. Cross you fingers for a BFP in a few weeks!


Good luck to those still waiting to test.

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Harmony, I love it!! :D

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I must be missing something.

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ahhhhh feeling very sad today. Need some moral support.


I am 15 dpo... this is very very unusual for me. Still no sign of AF and I've had two bfn in the last 24 hours. I am worried that I just have a delayed AF which would put my ovulation day next cycle right in the middle of a vacation where I am nowhere near my partner (if AF was on time, ovulation would be right before I left on vacation). So it's kinda a double whammy of disapointment right now, and I certainly cannot back out of vacation because my friend is coming from Canada to check out Beijing with me. I know at 15 dpo with negatives my chances are oh so slim now.. sigh. stupid cycle. I used to be a perfect 28 day cycle until I started thinking about ttc. Geez.


Here's my chart if anyone is curious: http://tcoyf.com/members/nattery/charts/7.aspx

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Harmony! Yippee Hooray! How many dpo are you? yah yah yah!

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I'm still in the running at 13dpo don't really have major symptoms. twinges constantly, light cramping and runny nose with lots of sneezing...2WW needs to move quicker whistling.gif


all hopes are in my prayers praying.gif

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Originally Posted by erigeron View Post

I must be missing something.

psst--there's a 2nd (faint) line in that picture. ;)

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Aha! Well, congrats to Harmony then! joy.gif

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I'm about 9 DPO, lol. The line is darker in person. I took another one this afternoon and got a second line on that one, too. (And if you still can't see the line, try staring at the pic for a while, and it might suddenly come into view, lol.)
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I might be having a chemical. greensad.gif Today's temp plummeted, and my test was so pale that I would have thought it was negative if I hadn't seen clear lines yesterday and really looked hard for one today.
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Okay, after I slept for two more hours, my temp was up again, and I took another test just now, and it's back to a happy pink, darker than the other one from this morning, and darker even than yesterday's. I must have made a user error of some sort with the early test from this morning.
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nattery, cheer up. Sending you love and moral support! I think my AF is due sometime next week. Was feeling sad this morning. It's strange to think that even though your mind is ready NOW, the body has its own timeline...

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Thank you! It does mean a lot to know when you're not in it alone.


Sad to report AF arrived today BUT also ovulation for next cycle is hopefully the day I leave for vacation (so I still have a little bit of time in the morning to make it work for bd ;) so I am happy about that instead of having to write off next month.


I'm still going to follow along and see what happens for everyone else. My thoughts are with you!

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