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3 kids, 1 bedroom?

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Does anyone have 3 kids sharing a bedroom? How do you make it work without a lot of unnecessary clutter?

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i have, it wasn't my first idea & DH was rather resistant about it ... but I think it works best for the moment.


the reason it works is that we actually have a "spare" room ... I mean if I was doing like most people i know I would have the 2 girls in one room and the boy in the other.


they youngest was still sleeping in our bedroom actually & having each of the eldest in one room didn't work for me because they refused to pick up anything & I was mad at the mess & they would play at night instead of sleeping.


We were given another bunk bed (we had bought one already) & I decided to have both bunk bed in one room, with only my son's wardrobe (a kind of narrow tall upright pantry style piece of furniture) between them, no toys, no books in that room, they are allowed a few stuffed animals in each bed & security blankets (I crochet them or knit them, they have at least 2 each)

the room next to it has the girls tall narrow upright wardrobes, 2 tall book cases, and various other storage solutions for all the toys, and if they don't want to pick up the toys I don't vaccum nor wash the floor & close the door to not see the mess.


next step is to cull toys, DH is not on board about it and all children are very much against it ... but we cannot aford to break the wall and take over the flat next door so at some point in the future, I'm going to have to ...

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We did until last month.  The room is about 12'x12', with a decent sized closet.  We had 2 in a bunk bed and the other in a twin.  There were book shelves and another shelving unit for some toys.  One double dresser for two girls' clothes, one plastic drawer for the youngest's clothes.  We outfitted the closet with a narrow floor to ceiling shelving unit and then double bars.  The shelving unit held sweaters, extra sheets, and extra slippers, shoes and rubber boots.  The upper bar was for out of season clothes and the youngest's hanging items.  I hung up as much as I could for the older two on the lower bar.  It definitely meant making sure they didn't have an excess of clothes or toys in there, but there was room for the three of them with some floor space for playing.


Ultimately, my oldest dd turned 10 and really started to resent sharing with a 4 and 8yo.  Especially since her 13yo brother had his own room.  Since the 4yo had started sleeping the whole night in her own bed, dh and I moved our bedroom to the basement and gave it up to the 10 yo (it was the smallest bedroom in the house).  They did spend about 2 years with 3 beds and kids' clothes in one room though.  It was managable, but made bedtime more of a challenge.

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I have my three in one room. They have their beds and their clothes in there. No toys. Toys migrate in, and I allow their special stuffed animals and a few other toys to linger, but I mostly keep toys out.

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I didn't realize this posted, which is why I created another thread! Thank you ladies :)!

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