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My DH has a 23 year old who is in the Air Force and stationed here near us.  My dh had custody of hime most of his childhood.  I am pregnant with our #1 and his #2.  I think the little bub will see him as like a cool uncle.  Very very different circumstances but poor dh will have parented all of his adult life winky.gif

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It took us 7 yrs to have our son and after 13 more years our daughter decided to make an appearance! (Due in June 12')

I had given up on having any more children but I am glad God had different plans! Even though we have been married 20 years and I am 43 years old and I am high risk I am confident that she is arriving the exact time that she should, as all children are. Our son is so excited and says he got to have the best of both worlds; he was an only child with all the attention for 13 years and now he will have a sibling to share life with!

Best wishes for your family and most important, have fun!!

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My daughter is 9 and my son, 2, so 7 years apart. It's pretty good. I wanted a 4 year age gap, but got 7 (and we're lucky to have #2). She's very helpful and was dying to be a big sister. Kids places are the hardest because they need to be in 2 different areas now - like kids museum's and such. It's easier if I bring her with a friend and at 9, can leave them in an area alone while I go with the toddler. Daily life is fine. She helps a lot, reads to him, might get him dressed int he morning. The family room is gated off for her stuff and he plays with us in the living room. Can't wait until I can get him in the family room - like when he stops trying to ride IN the barbie jeep. 


I find the really hard part is taking them to a kid focussed place because she is young enough to want to PLAY in it (as opposed to a teenager or something) but doesn't want to be in the toddler area. Would be easier if DH went with me, but for now I've decided to bring her and a friend. And of course we need lots of just mommy-me time. Sometimes we have a family date where DH and I take her to the movies and leave the baby with a sitter. She really likes that. 

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I love hearing all these different experiences! I have a 6 year old who turns 7 in October and we're expecting a boy in July. So she'll be nearly 7 years older than him! So far she's REALLY excited to be a big sister, though she has been a little open with her disappointment about the baby being a boy. I've been a little worried about the age gap, but then again at same time I'm glad, because I was able to devote a lot of time to DD and I won't feel as guilty taking care of the little one because she'll be in school and I really loved having that individual time with my daughter -- even to a point where I'm sometimes sad that it won't just be me and her anymore. My husband and his brother are about 4 years apart and they're fairly close -- the only thing that separates them really is personality difference and has absolutely nothing to do with age. DH also has a 12 y/o sister whom both of us are really close with, despite the 14 year age gap. 

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