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Homebirth books -- for kids?

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Does anybody have any recommendations for books about homebirth for kiddos? Personally, I had a really hard time finding books aimed at kids that address birth in general, and I haven't been able to find any that specifically talk about homebirth.


I have:

A New Baby Is Coming - A Guide for a Big Brother or Sister by Emily Menendez-Aponte

The New Baby At Your House by Joanna Cole


Both of these are great to introduce kids to the concept of birth in general, and what to expect during pregnancy and after the baby comes home. I really like them a lot. However both of them have a page basically telling the kiddo that mommy and daddy are going to go off to the hospital to have the baby, and you're gonna have to stay with someone else. (Well, the second book actually makes it out like mommy goes to the hospital by herself, and daddy stays home with the kiddo.)


At first I skipped those pages. But, DD noticed so I've started reading them and then explaining after those pages that we were going to have a homebirth, that I wasn't going to the hospital, and that she wasn't going to have to leave home either. After several explanations, and reassurances DD "gets it" now, but I wish that there was something I could read and show her about what her experience is going to be like.


(On a similar note I also have the book I'm a New Big Sister by Nora Gaydos, and it talks solely about after baby is born. DD LOVES this book, and has quoted it several times to talk about how excited she is that the baby's coming, and how she's going to interact with her new baby brother. There's also a big brother version as well.)

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This is my favorite, it's simple and sweet, but realistic, and the illustrations are beautiful.  

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Looks like it may be out of print, some of the prices are high. I bought it used, and I also was able to get it on inter-library loan a few years ago as well.

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Check under the title welcome with love smile.gif

Our water baby is a great book. My DS loves it and we've been reading it daily for many weeks now! smile.gif really nurturing to the older one.

Doula mama to my nursing toddler Noah
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Thanks for the suggestion of Hello Baby yellow73. That one looks neat, but you're right -- holy pricetag batman! I checked under Welcome with Love and it's still 30 bucks. Ouch!


Off to check out Our Water Baby! Thanks rebirth!

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My midwife has a lending library and it has a few really great titles for children that are 100% homebirth oriented. I would ask the midwife, were I you!! Maybe she doesn't have a lending library per say....but could get her hands on some childrens titles?? Or would let lend something to you?

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Broody - I asked the midwife today about kids books, and she said that she hadn't heard of any kids books about homebirth at all. She actually does have a lending library though, which has been AWESOME, but they're all geared towards either the Mama, the Dad, or other Birth Practitioners. Maybe if you think about it at your next visit you can grab a cell phone shot of the spines of the kids section to give us all some titles? Honestly, I thought it was awesome just to hear about these two. Blows my mind that there are even more out there. How cool.

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