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Yay on all those who've seen a heartbeat!


I've been, like many of you, totally stressed out the last few days. On Thursday and Friday I was feeling some cramping and slight pain - not sure if it was "real" cramps or uterus stretching/growing pains. I spoke to my RE like 4 times on Thursday and Fri but didn't have time to go in for an u/s. Over the weekend I rested a LOT and just took it easy. The pain has gone away - but so has my morning (night) sickness. I am almost 10 weeks. I've seen the heartbeat and growth 3 times and just had my progesterone levels checked (last monday was the last check and scan - everything perfect), which were good. Also all these symptoms began about 3 days after stopping the progesterone, which my RE said I didn't need anymore. i feel totally paranoid. My next scan isn't until the 26th, I have a regular app on the 19th (hopefully with a doppler) but I know my RE will see me any day I want for a scan to give me peace of mind - even though she just "graduated" me out of her office. My RE said at last week's appointment that my m/c chance had dropped to 3% which was reassuring until all this began. I'm also TOTALLY showing (like so much that a friend "guessed" yesterday) like I'm 4 months or something. Maybe I should just go in this week.


Ugh why does this have to be so angsty!?!?

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Wendlynnn - I am going through some of the same issues you are right now.  I woke up with cramping (still cramping now).  I was ok at first, and told myself that it was probably just ligaments stretching or my lower intestines being angry that I had dairy yesterday.  BUT... it felt very much like period cramps (still does), and it didnt' go away so I started to freak out a bit.  I called my Dr and thankfully he was very supportive and sent me for an ultrasound right away.  I just saw the baby and heard the heartbeat again (183 bpm).  I am SO SO SO relieved, but still on edge a bit with the cramping.  I also started being able to eat again 2 days ago, after a week of wanting to eat NOTHING and being crazy nauseous, tired, and emotional. Who knows... this whole mystery of the miracle of pregnancy thing drives me crazy.  :P

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greenmama - I'm SO glad you got an u/s and everything's ok. I'm having more cramping this afternoon after being out and about today. Made an app for tomorrow morning. Ugh. Did your Dr say if anything can help the cramping?

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No they didn't say anything about how to help it, though I have heard that a warm (not hot) bath can help! I hope your appt goes well tomorrow and that your cramping eases up soon!
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Everything's good. Saw hb, movement and growth since last week. Dr. not worried. phew!

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Hi, ladies. I hope to get a chance to go back and read all the posts in this thread and I hope I get to know all of you over the next 8 months! I'm a long time member posting under a different name cause I have RL friends on here and this time we are definitely keeping our mouths shut until the 2nd tri. We had just let everyone know the week before my last loss, it was awful to deal with. Anyway, I'm scared to death this time around. I either hurt too much or feel too good. I'm convinced I'm going to lose this one too. I've not thrown up yet which is not a good sign for me. I should be at least 6 weeks 4 days. I went back and read some posts from my last successful pregancy and 6 weeks was when everything hit me hard. 6 weeks is almost over and I am still too capable. I purposefully set my first appt at 10 weeks since they suspect growth stopped in the 9th week last time even tho I didn't find out till 11 weeks. I don't think I could go through another u/s, get excited about everything looking fine just to lose it again. It's taking everything in me to keep from obsessing over this all day every day.

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Wendlynnn - YAYYYY!!!  i'm so glad everything looks ok!  Isn't that SUCH a huge relief?!?  Whew!  I'm so happy for you. :)


tibris - you're not alone!!!  I am going to be 10 weeks tomorrow and I still obsess over every little thing.  Please dont worry about not having thrown up  yet.  I know it is hard not to worry, but remember that EVERY SINGLE PREGNANCY is different.  I say that in caps because I can't stress it enough.  This is my 6th and every single one of my pregnancies has been completely different.  One (that ended in a very healthy baby) didnt have any morning sickness.  One (that ended up in miscarriage at 12 weeks) I had hoorrrrrrible morning sickness to the point of Hyperemesis Gravidarium.  This time around I am having a pretty "typical" pregnancy with what I would consider average morning sickness, and all the normal aches and pains of pregnancy.  Even with that, my symptoms didn't hit me hard until about 7 or 8 weeks.  I just had twinges before that. In other pregnancies sometimes the symptoms hit before I even knew I was pregnant.  Each one has been so very different that it drives me crazy trying to make sense of things. 


Sometimes all you can do is tell yourself "I am pregnant right now, and I am happy because I am pregnant right now." That's all we can control or ask for.  (((HUGS)))

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Originally Posted by greenmamato2 View Post


Sometimes all you can do is tell yourself "I am pregnant right now, and I am happy because I am pregnant right now." That's all we can control or ask for.  (((HUGS)))

I like that! That will be my mantra for the next few months! Thanks for the encouragement smile.gif

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Hey, I'm new. I have a 13 month old daughter and two older daughters, ages 9 & 10. I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks in October and I guess a chemical pregnancy in late December, so I am pretty nervous, but I am feeling fairly confident about this one. I had sworn off paying attention to my cycles a few months ago, and things have been crazy since I am back in school (engineering degree at a high pressure school, very intense), and we have been working on the house purchase from hell since November (!!! getting to the end, though), so a few a days ago I noticed that I was feeling queasy and not really wanting my usual glass of wine, yesterday I dug around in my calendar a bit and realized my period is probably 3 weeks late. I tested last night and the pink line for positive showed up instantly and very dark. The two losses I had no morning sickness or alcohol aversion, and the pink line was barely visible, so I figure both are good signs!

This wasn't really the ideal month to get pregnant but I am getting excited regardless. Here's hoping we all get to stay here til November/December!
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Congratulations Katroshka! :)  Welcome to the thread!

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Hi everyone - I'm coming up to the point where my last baby stopped growing (7w5d, but the miscarriage was at 10w). I'm feeling really anxious again. It seems to come in waves, ugh. I'm hoping to get an ultrasound on Wednesday - that will be 8 weeks. I just keep imagining it going both ways - seeing a HB and being super relieved and the opposite, a replay of last time... I want it to be Wednesday already!


Send me good wishes!

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lulubikes -you are definitely not alone!!  I'm coming up on my final miscarriage milestone (passed one at 5 weeks, and one at 7 weeks).  This last one is at 12 weeks - that was my latest loss.  I'm 10.5 weeks right now, and getting nervous.  Hang in there!  If it is any help at all, my Dr. told me that even with a history of miscarriage, there is a MUCH greater chance of having a healthy pregnancy and baby than not. Try to rely on the odds and the fact that you are pregnant and happy about it TODAY.  (((HUGS)))

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Congrats Kat! Wow, sounds like your life is crazy right now! Hope the house thing wraps up. I know that can be the biggest stresser in life! We just bought/sold our home in February and it was the biggest headache!


lulu - *hugs* I totally feel where you're coming from. Wednesday will be here before you know it and I'm sure it will be fine! Just keep repeating greenmama's mantra, "I am pregnant right now and that makes me happy" 



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Thanks, tibris and greenmama!

I like that mantra, although with the nausea I don't know if I am exactly happy to just be pregnant!
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Hi Ladies...glad to hear everyone is doing well and hanging there, passing those milestones.

I'm 11 weeks today and am just passing the point where we figured our last miscarriage passed.

We found out at our nuchal fold US which is schedule for this time around on Thursday.

Stressed out about it because I'm 40 and am so at risk for there being anything wrong.

My doppler came last week and I've been checking in, so nice to hear that heart beating.

Trying not to get obsessed with it but cutting myself some slack this week.


Hope everyone is enjoying the weather.  Being outside makes me feel so much better.





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yay for milestones!! :)   I am a week and a half away from my big one at 12 weeks.  So so nervous, especially because I'll be flying that day.  A friend is giving me her doppler so I can listen for the heartbeat, but I am concerned since my uterus is tipped that I won't be able to hear it, and I'll worry.  


I'm supposed to have a Dr. appt today, but there is an issue with my insurance right now (that is totally the fault of hubby's work - grr), and I don't know if they will still see me.  We'll find out, I suppose.  I really wanted to find out today if my uterus has moved forward at all, and talk to the doctor about my travel plans.  *sigh*.

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Well, I am in the process of miscarrying, so good luck to you ladies!! Hope to catch up with another DDC very soon.


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I saw that, and my heart is going out to you.  I'm so so sorry Gray's Mommy.  

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I'm so sorry Gray! grouphug.gif Keep us posted, we'd love to see you pop in and let us know you're in another DDC

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I'm so sorry Gray! Be gentle with yourself.


Today is my final milestone. Cramping has been better the last few days so breathing easier.


Greenmama - hopefully the doppler will work and give you peace of mind.

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