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Question About NC & Vaccination Exemption

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Hi ladies, 


this question is pretty specific, but any help you can offer would be great. I'm not looking for any criticism of my decisions, just help if you've BTDT. 


We're planning an unassisted home birth and also do not intend to vaccinate. In North Carolina, the only exemptions they accept are medical (for allergies to the vaccine and such) and religious. I'm hoping that someone from the pagan community in NC has been in this situation and tell me what you did. I'm gathering all the information I possibly can (and will be reposting this on another thread elsewhere on Mothering) on how you wrote up your religious exemption statement. Because most earth-based religions don't have a strict hierarchy and there are tons of solitary practitioners, like myself, it's going to be hard to site specific beliefs that will be credible in the bible belt. I've been calling pediatricians to set up for my first appointment for baby after she is born (I'm currently 37 weeks & 3 days) and they're all very emphatic on the need to vaccinate. All of the offices I've called require the two of us to come in within 24 hours of baby's birth to make sure she's healthy. I need to have my info together by that time.


If you have any resources that can help me, I would greatly appreciate them. 

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I am not pagan or in NC....so this may be irrelevant, but I have exemptions for all of my 4 children.
All I had to do was go to the local heath dept. and tell them I wanted an exemption form. They gave me some long article to read about why I should vaccinate (although in reality it just set me more firm in my beliefs). I think I then had to sign the paper front and back saying I read it. Then they of course asked a couple of questions "just out of curiosity" as to why I didn't want to vax. I told them that it was both religious and medical reasons. After some weird looks, they gave me these little cards that I had to fill out for each child and mark all of the vax I was declining (which was all of them). They looked them over and then gave them back to me and that is now my kids' card that I provide instead of a vax record. My kids are in public school and I haven't had much issue.....because the school can't really do anything about it. I have had some questions from the school...but that is about it.

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Good for you to not vaccinate.  I know you will find the answers you are looking for.  There are lots of natural groups and pages on Facebook that you can post to and ask like natural parenting and holistic parenting etc.  I will also post your question in case you are not on FB and i will post the answers here.


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You do not need to worry about exemptions until you are going to do daycare or school. The only thing they could want to give a newborn is Hep B... if you are neg. there is no reason for your child to receive Hep B as an infant. The rest of the vax schedule does not kick in until 2 months. So you have some time there. 


What did you tell the pedi offices you called? That you were doing hb or uc? I would be really worried they may have a pre-conceived notion about baby's potential health... I am not in NC or even the US but I tried to find a pedi to check out my DD after she was born (uc) and several wanted to intern her in hospital (for no reason other than to give vitamin K and do tests), until I finally found one through relatives who agreed to just see her, we went to his office, he weighed her, did nb reflex tests, and talked, end of story. Can you check out any other healthcare pros? mws, family practioners, more holistic drs to see baby after?

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Here is one reply I got: Religious exemptions dont require you to name the religion and it is against the law for them to ask.

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I'm pretty sure you can get your children exempt from vaccinations no matter where you live, and they don't ask for your reasoning, they just have you sign a piece of paper that sounds like you're a bad parent if you don't vax.  At least that's the sort of thing I signed when we delayed vaxing.  Lol.

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