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Puppy pads to outdoors-- how and what age?

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Hi Mamas,


We just adopted a puppy from a rescue group and he's proving to be well socialized and pretty calm for his age. He is estimated to be 4-5 mos old, still has some puppy teeth and has that puppy look to him. The foster mom said he was trained to the puppy pads. 


We have been taking him out on a regular schedule and using the crate when we can't supervise him. He's chosen to go in one of our bathrooms. I put down the puppy pads in there and he uses them. However he doesn't seem to have a clue how to use the yard. I take him right from the crate to outside, and he holds it, comes inside, and goes straight to the puppy pads in the bathroom. I have been putting the soiled pads in our yard to give him the hint.


Is he too young to expect more from him just yet? How do I get him transitioned to outdoors? Our weather is really nice this time of year so that's not a factor.


Thanks! (never had a puppy before)


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HI-  I never used puppy pads. My theory was this 'trained' the dog to pee on the pads, then you needed to train them all over again to pee outside. - Which it seems like you are dealing with.-  I would go cold turkey, loose the puppy pads and re-train to outside potty time.


The youngest puppy I had was 6 weeks and I didn't use pee pads with her, she went (I took her) straight outside.  I live in Arizona too and the pup did just fine.


Congrats on the new puppy!

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Thanks! It is very good weather for dog training here. I never would have trained to puppy pads and not sure why its even done except if you live in a high rise apt ot something. I ended up just retraing with the crate and frequent trips outside. as of today he's getting down to business when I put him out, but still waiting for him to go out on his own with the dog door. He does use it to get back inside. Good progress in just a couple days.
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definately get rid of those puppy pads ASAP! I have a dog who was trained on puppy pads as a pup (before we got her) and its been very hard to retrain her.


Do the basics, restrict his access and only allow him in the same room as you, use a leash if neccessary, take puppy out after food, sleep, play and every hour. If he doesnt go put him in his crate and try again in 10 minutes. Use a command like go potty when you are outside, and treat and party when he goes!


it takes time, patience and consistency! Good luck :)

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Yeah puppy!

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He's still doing good! Not perfect but pretty good and will get better as he gets older I'm sure.
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Take a soiled puppy pad outside with you and put it in designated potty area, he will use there, next day, fold a pad in half, and so on. He will figure out very fast that he doesn't have to go on the pad, rather where it smells like urine.

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