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Introduction - So happy to have found this group!

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Hi All,


After joining a couple of due date clubs on BabyCenter and WTE and feeling not thrilled about them, I'm really excited to have found this group!


My name is Jen, and my husband and I are expecting our first baby somewhere between the 9th-15th of October (DD TBD) which puts me somewhere between 9-10 wks. I'm 37, DH is 38, and we'll both go up a digit by the time the baby arrives. We have a huge vegetable garden, fruit trees and 3 cats at our relatively new home (to us - it was built in 1912)  in South Seattle. We have plans to home school after watching the state cut the education budget once again. DH is a philosophy professor, musician and performance artist, I'm a poet, bookmaker and artist.


We are planning a home birth, cloth diapers, elimination communication, breastfeeding, and all other things crunchy that make sense to us.


I'm thrilled to find so many like-minded mamas here, and look forward to getting to know all of you better over the next year or so!



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Welcome, Jen!

I remember how happy I was to find this forum, also, just after the birth of our daughter. I'm thrilled to get to participate in a DDC this time around with such like-minded people. I always felt like such a weirdo on other forums.

Have a great day!

Leigh Ann


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Congrats and welcome

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Iknow how you feel with all the other "groups" out there...Most read like a good soap opera and when there are more BD than DH...(BD=baby's daddy) well I knew I didn't fit in.  This is wonderful group that is more crunchy, I think about 79% are delievering with a midwife, which is awesome.


Join right in!

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Thanks, Ladies! I love this group. Sorry for my late reply, I've been consumed with puking my guts out or trying in vain not to puke my guts out.I can't wait for the second trimester, and for more chatting with all of you!



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Welcome, Jen! A first time mama - how exciting!! I practiced EC with my DS (36 months) and would love to share experiences if you have any questions or wanna talk about it! I love love love EC--learning about this method and tuning in to my child was like a huge revelation to me, as I'd never heard of it until my pregnancy when I was researching cloth vs. disposables. It wasn't always easy or glamorous (well, what IS when you are parenting an infant?!), but so very worth it on every level. I plan to use EC with my next child as well. Anyway, cngrats, and hope you are feeling better soon! :)

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Thanks, SunnyPerch! I'm sure we will have a million questions about EC. Luckily, DH is 100% on board, so it will be a team effort. My biggest questions right now: What do you do at night, and what books do you suggest?

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As for resources, I recommend Infant Potty Training (Laurie Boucke) and Diaper Free (Ingrid bauer). They were both great, and I didn't even have to buy them. The library was happy to purchase them for me. :) Diaper Free Baby.org is also a great resource, as is the EC board on this site. The Diaper Free book gave me one great piece of advice that I still follow: to avoid praise for pottying. I adhered to this, because I didn't want him to ever feel manipulated in this way, or that his worth was connected to whether he peed in the 'right' place. We were just matter-of-fact about it. Like, a simple "You went pee in the potty!" Not "Wow, you are amazing! That's awesome!! Good job little dude!" (even though the latter is probably what you'll be thinking!) :)


When it comes to night, you may be better off not worrying much about it for a while, depending on your baby. :) You will need all the sleep you can get those first weeks. But one thing I noticed with my son early on is that he usually woke up crying when he had a full bladder. As a general rule, he didn't ever just pee unknowingly in his sleep. However, a lot of babies dislike being removed from their warm bed to visit the potty/sink/whatever receptacle. You can try nursing while holding their little butt over a bowl (a handy trick ...just be careful not to spill the contents in a sleepless haze). Those first couple of months are hazy.  I know by the time my son was 4 months, I was kind of struggling because when he woke in the night my first inclination was to potty him, THEN bring him to bed and nurse back to sleep. But he really wanted the boob first and would get quite upset. I was torn, as I didn't want to miss a pee and I didn't think he could hold his bladder that long. My husband try it anyway, and it worked...he held his bladder, and pottying was then easier because he now had a full belly and was calm and happy again. By six months, I felt that nighttime pottying was actually easier than daytime. Kids are all different, but these are some things that worked for me.


We started EC'ing when my son was about a month old.  We caught a pee the second time I held him over the sink and within just a couple of weeks, I felt we had a real connection on the matter. I was soon regularly catching a lot of daytime poops and pees. We had our ups and downs, and I never went completely diaper free--we kept a dipe on him for peace of mind, and I wont lie, we went through a lot of diapers, but we always were sure to respond just as quickly as if he didn't have one on. By the time he was a year, and the months leading up, I had him in trainers a lot of the time. By 14-15 months, we were totally diaper free during the day. Over the next month I noticed that in the mornings his nighttime diaper didn't feel wet (despite nursing all night), so I just stopped putting on one him before bed. By 18 months for sure, he had night trained himself without any effort on my part. I still keep a waterproof pad on his bed under his sleeping spot though, just in case. My mom bought us four when he was born and they have proved invaluable. They've saved our mattresses from more pee, vomit, and spit up than I care to remember.

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Thanks for this awesome response, Sunny Perch! It is great to hear that the EC is worthwhile even if you don't catch every pee/poop. I had this idea that it was an all-or-nothing situation for a lot of people, but I'm much more comfortable doing our best and hoping that this extra consideration/communication will be good for the LO.


Question: What kinds of pads did you use on the bed? I was looking into wool pads, but would love to hear your suggestions, too.



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