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Home-made formula for 1 yr old nutrition support

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My 12 mo old has had quite a few issues with food sensitivities.  After he went into anaphylaxis after having some almonds in his morning smoothie a couple of weeks ago, we are scheduled to see an allergist to get it all figured out.  However, in the meantime, he seems to be sensitive to avocado, meat of any type (including fish), and possibly dairy (cow, goat & sheep).  I am not at all convinced that soy is a viable option (the hormones and such) and am looking for some sort of formula I can give him, as he is very attached to having a bottle when he wakes up.  I quit nursing him at about 10 & a 1/2 mos, as he was vomiting everytime I fed him and found it would be easier to pinpoint the allergies if I wasn't part of the equation.


So far, we have been using sheep and goat milk interchangeably but have recently noticed his facial eczema flaring up again and think this *might* be the cause.  Anyway, after all of this, I am pretty much at my wit's end.  The formula on store shelves is full of corn syrup and and sugars, and I don't think it is the best path to venture down.


If anyone knows of a fantastic formula I can purchase in Canada or has a recipe they make at home, I would love your input.  My other child has never had any issues and so this is all new to me (and somewhat scary). 

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With no dairy and no meat (none at all?  Have you tried them all?  I've known kids who could tolerate lamb and nothing else, kids who could tolerate turkey and nothing else, etc.), not sure what that leaves.  All the formula recipes I've seen use one or the other, sometimes both.  Have you tried culturing the dairy (i.e. kefir or yogurt), and seeing if that helps him digest it easier? 


Is he eating any solids?  Have you tried any other milk substitutes?  I'm specifically thinking coconut milk and hemp milk, both of which contain great fats. 


You can find the homemade formula recipes on the WAPF website, and since your little one is already over a year, you don't need to be as stringent with the recipe (IMO) because it theoretically is not his only source of nutrition.  But you still need something to base the formula on, and that's the piece you're missing here. 


Just be aware that depending on the type of allergist you're seeing, you may not get the entire picture.  An allopathic allergist will often dismiss any reaction that includes skin problems like rashes or eczema as not possibly related, and most tests used in "Western" medicine won't pick up intolerances.  And yet since you obviously have an anaphylactic allergy, you need that testing to rule out any others.  While a more "Eastern" approach to allergy testing will pinpoint all the sensitivities, but doesn't really tell you which ones are severe (anaphylactic) and which aren't.  Since you know you have severe ones, I'd suggest seeking out both types of testing, so that you can get a more full picture. 



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Thank you for your insight Cristeen.  Being my first post, I wasn't sure if I had posted in the right section. 


My little guy is eating solids -- lucky for me he will shovel in anything I give him.  He is not at all picky.  We have tried a variety of milk substitutes, and I know it is not a great alternative, but rice milk seems to give him the least amount of problems.  I bought the enriched variety with no added sweeteners.  I add coconut oil and probiotics, and also add a couple drops of Vit D everyday.  I think he would be okay on a raw form of animal-derived milk if I could get it, but it is illegal to sell in Canada. I am doing my best to track down a source who might sell it to me on the sly.  But like you said, he is not relying on his bottle for all his nutrient needs, so at least I can give him as much protein as possible in other forms.


I haven't tried kefir, but we do buy a sheep yogurt (veeeeerrry tasty!).  I have also been giving him quinoa and lentils.  I may also give the coconut milk a try.  As far as meats go, I haven't tried lamb (probably because I don't eat it), though we have tried turkey, chicken and beef.  I have thought that there may be a difference between quality of meat as well and what they are raised on.  My dad has allergies to certain pesticides but finds that he can eat pretty much anything he buys from the farmer's market.  I had gotten away from buying all my meat there because of the expense, but I think I may make the switch back.


I plan to take my son to see a homeopathic dr. after we see the allergist.  And thank you for your suggestion to visit the WAPF site.  Very helpful!

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Honestly, I'd skip the rice milk at this point.  You might as well be giving him vitamin fortified juice.  There are other forms of vitamins you can give him, and he doesn't need the excess sugars that are in the rice milk - he needs the fats he'd be getting from a milk, that's what you need to be concentrating on (and rice milk doesn't have any).  That's why hemp or coconut milk are better options, they naturally have the healthy fats, although could probably still stand to be fortified with more (I would normally suggest almond milk also, but obviously that's out). 


I would suggest looking for a cow/herd-share nearby - I believe that's the only (legal) way to get raw milk in Canada. 


I have heard of some people so sensitive that what the meat animal was fed makes a difference, it's worth trying.  You say you've tried turkey, chicken and beef.  Pork, buffalo, lamb, chevon (goat), even game (venison, rabbit, etc.) may work for him.  Some of them may be more difficult to find, and require you to buy in quantity rather than weekly, but that's a bridge to cross later. 


I hope you get some answers. 

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A friend gives her adopted baby homemade formula. I only know that it has carrots and spirulina. Maybe one of these recipes will help you. http://www.naturodoc.com/library/children/formula.htm

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I second the kefir suggestion!  Order some kefir grains (you can ask here on mdc if anyone has any to spare, they will usually give them to you for the cost of shipping).   Kefir will be much easier for him to digest and will naturally have probiotics.  Kefir works with any type of animal milk except if its Ultra-pasturized (Ive heard it can even work with this, but I wouldnt get UHT milk...) and some plant-based milks.  I agree that coconut milk is probably your best option if you cant do any animal milk.  But before you rule out animal I would try making your own kefir with it.  We live in a rural area, so although it is illegal where I live to sell raw milk, I have found many people who have a few cows or goats that they milk and are willing to sell their milk or trade for other things.  Just ask around, take a drive, etc and look for anyone who has a milk cow, sheep or goat and go ask:)   I really believe in raw milk!   And as far as the meat goes, make sure its pasture raised/grass fed.

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