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Aww, what a cutie!  Congrats Remark!! joy.gif

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Congrats Remark! He is adorable! I hope he gets to come home soon. joy.gif


Worry- Yup. I am right there with you ladies. My midwife and I talked this Monday and I am to go off of my blood thinner injections next Tuesday. But she is keeping me on the baby aspirin once a day. So I am guessing that my placenta should be okay until I go into labor. She says she has done this before with other women and she literally thinks there should be no problem and doesn't think that I will go into labor early. I will stay on the baby aspirin until around 37 1/2 or 38 weeks I am guessing. My midwife didn't want to nail down a date because she feels that since I am not wanting an epidural at all and no c-section the amount of worry about a baby aspirin is minimal. So I sit at home and think, "Will I know if something is wrong? What will it feel like?" I tend to poke Eleanor a lot more lately to make sure she is happy in there. From the US we know that my placenta is her kicking bag, so most of her movements that I feels are low punches in my pelvis. 


Preparation- We got carpet installed today!!!!! So now there is just touching up on the painting and tonight we are putting together her furniture and I can start washing clothes and diapers! 


AFM- It's been crazy trying to get ready for them to install the carpet but I am glad it is done. My friend had a service for her son yesterday but I didn't go- we got hit with severe storms and DSS and I spent some time in a closet. I have a care package ready for her though with the tea, some pads, a new sketch book (we're both artists), a tea cup I made, and a card. I am going to drop it off with her mom next week. I've been thinking about her a lot and of course her facebook was flooded with sympathy. I sent her a message and will give her the care package and then I plan to just let her heal. I know how hard it would be for her to see me right now and I don't want to make her upset at all but I will sure let her know that I am thinking of her. 


DH is getting lots of overtime so I am buying a new camera tomorrow. I can't wait to get a DSLR. I'm so sick of auto focus and blurry point and shoot images that I refuse to take another picture of DSS until I get my camera. My mother thinks I am being dramatic.... I probably am. 


I am going to try to get DSS down for a nap, I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and I need one too. I'll check back in later!

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joy.gifCongratulations!!!! He is so cute (and chubby!) That's a big 35 weeker, oh my goodness!

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seeing these baby pictures is starting to make it feel real!  I can't believe we'll all have new babes SO SOON!!!  


I'm onto the last of my to do list (other than the whole...find out where the new job for dh is, thing, i mean)... on thurs i took 2 hours to prepare a meal list for a month, and create a shopping list for it.  Today a good friend kept dd so mom and i went grocery shopping, for 4 hours straight, and got all the necessities. in addition to shopping for the 12 meals, i also stocked up on toiletries, paper products, and general household crap, so i came home with a whopping bill!  ugh.  but i know i'll be glad i did it when i don't have to worry about all this in the weeks to come.  so tomorrow is the marathon cooking day.  dh and i have planned  to spend the whole day in the kitchen together, so i'm hoping we get it all done in one day, and can take sunday off to rest! 


well, I'm officially exhausted, so it's off to bed for me!

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NicMom - Happy belated Birthday!!!  He missed my birthday by four days (3/9) and my neice's birthday was 3/14. 


Thank you everyone for the congratulations.  It is really hard to leave him there and sleep at home but the nurses are really great and willing to talk with you.  I can call anytime and they were really supportive while I was there today. 

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I do believe that every week I say, "I'm going to try and stay caught up with this thread!" Still hasn't happened.



Chiro - I too want to premake a bunch of meals to pull out of the freezer. It's at the end of my list though. I've done it before so I know how nice it is to have everything made ahead of time. I'm hopeful that I'll get it done!


Remark - Your little boy is so adorable. I hope that he gets to go home with you soon so that you can enjoy every moment with him!


Marnica - I had an ultrasound, and the basic screeening tests and I still have occasional thoughts about there possibly still being something wrong with my baby. Worry goes hand in hand with being a mother. Try and have faith that your little one will be perfect.


AFM - A few days ago I made a large scale rainbow colored check list that is now hanging on my fridge. It helps to have the visual...  I finally have the cosleeper ready and baby's clothes ready. I've also been making more progress in the cleaning. Nesting has definately set in but my body isn't liking it. I move so slow and am in so much discomfort that it takes forever to do anything..... I know join the club right?


RIght now it's 3:30 AM and I think that I've been awake since 1. Remind me not to go to bed before 9 in the future. This ought to mess up my Saturday.


After all of my fretting I came up GBS negative after 2 positive births. I was shocked and oh so pleased. I decided not to take any measures to try and eliminate the bacteria but I did pray intently before my test. Who knows?!?!


My kiddos are becoming especially sweet these days. My 2 eldest are very aware of my discomfort and need for help and they've been pretty receptive. My youngest who is 2 1/2 gives me many belly kisses during the day. He lifts my shirt and gets a quick kiss in. He tells me that he's kissing the baby.


I am so excited to meet this little one!

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Nicmom: We're birthday twins! Mine was the 13th too smile.gif

Adore: I have my GBS swab at my next appt. Hope I get the same results as you.

Freezer meals. I have 3 meals frozen so far (hoping to do 10).
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Just wanted to update you that Scott came home today.  He is on a bili-blanket due to the elevayed bilirubin but it is trending down. 

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Great news remark! Our first had a billi blanket at home too. His count was up to 18 at one point.  We called him our little glow worm. Blessing to you!

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congratulations on having scott at home, finally.  that is wonderful news.

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so glad Scott is home now!


Happy St. Patrick's day all! We went to a celebration downtown where they dyed the river green. it looked cool but there was not really much to do and it was SO HOT!!! So after we left we went swimming.  It was nice to be in water. No hip, back or ankle pain.


Oh and my GBS test came back negative. Yay!

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remark -- such good news! so glad he's home!


We just finished a marathon cooking day... 7 hours, 2 adults (dh and i) and adele on pandora... we now have 24 meals in the freezer!!!! i really only planned on 12, but somehow it grew.  we had extra chicken left, so i said, hey, add some fajita seasoning and freeze it...extra ground beef?  add taco seasoning, freeze it, etc and at the end of the day we have 24 meals, and yet, seemingly no food in the house for, um, now... oh well


so now everything hurts and i'm officially exhausted, but feeling very accomplished!


happy saint patty's day everyone!

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WARNING : Bathroom Talk Ahead


I think that my system is clearing itself out. I've never experienced this in previous pregnancies so I'm wondering if it's normal that it's been going on for a week now. At the beginning I think that I might have had some sort of stomach bug because that's how the rest of my body felt. Now I feel better but everything is still so loose and does occasionally require some urgency.


Can this sort of thing last a few weeks? I've always felt that this babe would be past my Apr 7th due date but now I'm wondering if it will come earlier. I hope that it doesn't come the week before Easter or the weekend of Easter. DH has a project start-up at work that week and I'd rather not have him handle Easter on his own with me in the hospital!

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adoremybabe - I've been experiencing the same thing, and frankly I'm relieved (ha ha), because I was experiencing a bit of the opposite before. When I was TTC and noting down every datapoint I could, I noticed that for five straight months I had loose stools three days before my period began. So I'm not surprised that with the loosening up of things recently (baby dropped), stools are too.

No idea what that means about going into labor though. At this point, from all I gather, there's pretty much no way to really forecast pending birth except for PROM or interventions.
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things are looser for me as well, I thought it was because I am taking CALM every night now, but who knows.


Chiro- wow 24 meals, that's amazing!! I wish I had a freezer that I could use to stock up.


I have addressed some of my fears and worries about this baby after she is born and  I feel a little better about the not being able to imagine the baby after she is born and my blog will explain why.  I tried to explain it to my husband, at first he started to listen but he was trying to watch a movie but listened when I got annoyed that he wouldn't listen, but part way through he got exasperated and said it was horrible for me to say something like that and then I got mad and I yelled, "why, I should just think it in my head and not have anyone to talk to about it?"  and then I told him not to complain about me being on the computer and "talking to women I have never met before" b/c at least THEY listen. Anyway, here it is. I am not ready to share on facebook b/c many of the people who seemed offended by my still thinking it might be a boy would say something and right now I am just glad that I am not terrified anymore, but only mildly worried.


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Originally Posted by RosieL View Post

 At this point, from all I gather, there's pretty much no way to really forecast pending birth except for PROM or interventions.

If only it was easy to predict right???  That's part of the excitement though :)


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Courtney, I totally get what you are saying in your blog post. And I see also why people are probably nagging at you too...our culture tends to have very limited ideas about gender. I hope the idea doesn't offend you, but perhaps what you're picking up from your babe is less a he vs she vibe but rather a 'me' vibe. Your babe ?probably? has no concept of gender at this point but I believe they can sort of project/fill us with a bit of their concept of self anyway...and who knows, maybe one day, even if your baby comes out a she, she will in some ways feel more like a he? Or just no the typical 'she' that much of our culture has defined? Or maybe what the babe is projecting to you doesn't nice with your own ideas about gender, so it's hard to categorize it (if you're getting a 'me' vibe and trying to figure out which it seems like). I've often had a hard time when breaking down my own identity thinking 'well, that's because I'm a 'she'', it's not that I feel that I'm a 'he', just that I'm ME! A person unique from you or you and I don't know or care to ascribe most things about me to gender, one way or another. Anyway...
I've also had some insanely overwhelming feelings that this baby has downs syndrome, despite our (very limited) US not showing any indications of that...but it's actually this really warm, loving feeling that i can't explain, it's not a worry...and i figure no one would understand that so i keep it to myself. I don't personally know anyone (closely) with DS, it's not that I want a child to have a challenge like that, but I can't shake the feeling that she's trying to 'tell me something'. Like you pointed out, these things will become apparent soon enough, it's not a big part of my day to day thoughts, I'm just really curious about their origin!
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I have considered it might be a she who feels more he or somethign along those lines, and I am open to that. My oldest's best friend was born and he and is now living as a she and I know these things happen.

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No loose bowels here, though I can't wait because I always border on bunged up, although I poop much better when baby has his butt on the right side not the left, seems like his back blocks off my descending large intestine.  


Courtney I understand the worry of "I've had these healthy babies and relatively easy births how can I be so lucky again".  I was talking with my grandma this past week about the worry, and asking her about her pregnancies and births.  She had 6 pregnancies, 6 healthy babies, only her first was two weeks late the rest were born within a few days of their due date.  Her last was born easily in less than two hours of real labor, during a lunar eclipse.  We can be lucky.  


As for you he/she feelings, I wonder how you would feel if you didn't "know" the gender.  For our next baby I want to be team green just so I can experience what it is like to bond with the baby without a gender attached.  I've also felt strangely guilty about not being able to picture what this baby will be like, for me, I think a big part of it was that this one was soooo unplanned (DH and I had just gotten back together after a very difficult separation).  My other two I was desperately excited to TTC.  Only in the last week or so have I felt truly excited to be having another little baby (I think washing newborn clothes helped with that).  For me it has taken time to picture this baby in our family since he wasn't a picture before he was conceived.  I'm also sure the distraction of taking care of other children gives our unconscious less time to work out all of the details of the new lives inside us.  


AFM- My kids were so sick with bad colds this week, their whole little preschool had them, and DS ended up with a double ear infection, one of only a handful of sick visits to the pedi we've ever had to make.   I was doing well fighting off the cold until the second night of absolutely no sleep with sick kiddos.  Luckily my parents took the kids yesterday morning and I spent all day in bed and am feeling better today.  I spent today in serious nesting mode, washed diapers, arranged newborn clothes, got a little corner of our room set up with all the baby stuff, washed and cleaned up the car seat, made sure it fit in the car with the two other seats.  I have a little more clothes/stuff organizing before I dive into freezer meals.  

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courtney, it sounds like you are really working things out and sounds very logical to me.  I also really get the whole mourning whatever it is not either way once you truly find out.  I look forward to hearing about it!


loose stools- not too bad but seems to be easier than normal?  I get the whole easier when DD is on one side vs the other too.


chiro- I sure hope your DH hears back about the job soon. The waiting is so hard!


I had a whole list of responses but I am so tired after a whole day of cleaning and vacuuming.  I am tired and sore but happy to have a clean house. We blew up the birth pool yesterday and it make it so real and I felt sooooo peaceful seeing it and getting in it, even w/o water. I am so glad that I go it!


I am sentimental because tomorrow is my last day with just me and my DS forever. My sister is coming the next day and she is staying through whenever the baby is born. On the one hand, I have been cherishing my moments with DS for a long time now knowing that it would change soon and I am really excited to meet DD.  On the other hand, it feels really fast. I am all happy and sad and everything else that goes with pg lol.

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