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Babies/toddlers, pregnancy, and germs?

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Ok, so this is mostly a parenting question, but a lot of you mamas have kids already and those who don't can tell me what you think you'll do. (Perhaps it's somewhat relevant to pregnancy because now that I'm pregnant I'm more cautious about staying healthy myself)

I'm part of a mom group/play group with my son and it seems like every week someone keeps their child home because of a cough or cold.... I don't (unless DS is feeling miserable or symptoms are really REALLY bad). I just pack some Kleenex and head out the door to share our germs. I'm generally pretty relaxed about germ sharing (unless their is puking involved....no thank you!), but every time someone sends an email canceling because of a runny nose I feel a little guilty. Also, 4 other moms in the group are pregnant too, so I suppose I have to worry about infecting them too.

Opinions? Am I a terrible person for occasionally exposing DS's little friends to his snot? Or is it ok to venture out in public with mild sickness symptoms? Now that you're pregnant are you avoiding all small children with colds/coughs?
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If DS or I have a bad cold or anything worse, we always stay home from play groups. If we're several days out recovering from a bad cold or just have a little cold, we tend to go. Just a slight runny nose isn't that big of a deal IMO. Any kind of fever, diarea, or throwing up keeps us home at least 1-2 days after we get better. 


My SIL and basically the rest of DH's family will see us the day after throwing up. Or even the morning after a night of throwing up. Makes me pretty angry when I find out mid-visit that they were JUST sick. They make the excuse that even going to the grocery store exposes you to germs so canceling family events doesn't make sense to them. 

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I have 2 children in preschool.  If they have just the sniffles, they will go to school.  Sore throat, fever, vomiting, coughing  = they stay home and I keep them away from the playground, etc until they are better.  I used to do playgroups when my first was a baby and if someone had brought a visibly sick baby to the playgroup, I would have stopped going.  I'm not a germaphobe but I don't see the point in purposely subjecting my children to viruses.  They get enough of that from school.

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My friends and I tend to be careful about playdates.  School is one thing, kinda necessary to go to, but play dates not so much.  My friend's son and daughter both have some immune issues, her son has been hospitalized for respiratory issues, and even intubated at one time.  What is a little sniffle for or cold for my daughter is a big deal for her son.  Not to make you feel bad!  But I do think that it can be more serious for some families than others, and I think seeing how sick he's gotten has made me more aware of avoiding exposing others unless necessary.

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Opinions? Am I a terrible person for occasionally exposing DS's little friends to his snot? Or is it ok to venture out in public with mild sickness symptoms? Now that you're pregnant are you avoiding all small children with colds/coughs?

Nope! I ran a daycare for five years, and if I had kept kids out every time they had sniffles, I would have had some kids that only attended about twice a month I think! I go with the typical school/daycare exclusion guidelines- temp over 100, vomiting, eye infection, diarrhea 2 or more diapers, etc when choosing when to keep my kids home. Growing up exposed to germs my daughter almost never got sick. If a child has a compromised immune system that is another story of course and involves everyone taking extra precautions.


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Thanks for the feedback! I worked at a preschool before DS was born, so I tend to follow DTmama1's policy. I hope I'm respectful enough to what the other moms prefer though....(hopefully none of my friends have considered leaving the group because of DS's occasional runny nose--I'd feel terrible).

Of course the one time he has ever been very sick, he came down with it in the airplane on our way to visit DH's family for Christmas. Non-stop barfing the whole 2 hour flight and beyond. DH and I, and every one of our family we came in contact with got miserably sick. I shudder to think about any other innocent airport bystanders who picked it up. All I wanted to do was sequester ourselves for a few days, and there was NO POSSIBLE WAY! It was pretty terrible smile.gif
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I'm ok with a little runny nose but not green snot pouring down the kid's face. I am personally really annoyed when people take/send their kids off in public and they are sick, because my kids pick up EVERY little thing. So just from going a few places, my son has been sick more often than healthy the past 3 or 4 months. I just think it's a polite thing to do-to NOT share your germs. I'm fine with not vaccinating, chicken pox parties, etc. but my kids don't need to get every virus and bacterial infection going around just because parents don't want to stay home.

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Realized I forgot to reply to the second half of the question re: if I'm avoiding germs now that I'm pregnant. I work as a nanny currently, and our understanding is that we assume ourselves as one family when it comes to sharing germs for the most part. If I or my (homeschooled so comes with me) daughter are sick, I come to work unless I'm too sick to take care of the kids, and if their kids are sick, I come to work. Previously that was pretty much without exception if they are sick, since with twins and a preschooler, if she has a sick kid she needs an extra set of hands, but now that I'm pregnant if they have the flu or anything major I will likely stay home. I do have unlimited paid sick days within reason and as a mom herself she doesn't want to put me in harms way. As far as runny noses, they don't bother me in the least, I will still be at work for any of that.

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