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Have any of you used a moses basket, or something like that?

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I am due with my second in July and we are trying to decide if a moses basket would be a worthwhile thing to have around.  We plan to cosleep at night again (my older daughter slept with us until she was 2) and have no place to set up a crib even if we wanted one.  I am wondering if having a dedicated, and portable napping spot for the new baby might be a good idea.  My daughter never napped on her own until she was over a year, so it was a non-issue with her, but I doubt I'll be able to just park it on the couch and nurse through all of the baby's naps with a busy almost 3 year old needing me all day.  I have tons of different carriers and plan to use them, but I imagine that there will come a time (like taking a shower, or going to the bathroom, you know, the little things) when that may not be practical.  Are there other options for portable sleeping spots other than moses baskets?



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One of my girlfriends talked me into a Moses Basket, I really didn't see the need for it... but... I totally loved it! I would say it was one of my favorite baby items.


We used it to co-sleep, to place DS when he was napping and I used it when I needed to shower if I was the only one home.


I now tell all my expecting friends they should seriously consider getting one.

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My little daughter is very particular about her sleep, however, I have one friend I can reliably visit during nap and nighttime, because said friend has a Moses basket we use at her house.  I have enough sleeping space at home that I haven't bought one, but I can certainly recommend one!  My only concern was the soft bumpers - I kept checking on my baby to be sure her nose and face weren't in the bumper.  I looked online, and I am fairly certain I saw models without the super-squishy padding.

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I used the moses basket (no bumpers, org cotton futton mat with soft, short sheepskin layer) mostly during the first three months after dc2 was born.  early on when they are sleeping a lot quite deeply, my dc1 needed some 1-1 time.  for the first couple of weeks when two of us were home, we could hold the baby all the time.  but later, like i said, the 1-1 time was a needed trade off.

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I used a moses basket with both of mine and liked it, but it only lasted my huge, fast-growing babies until around 6 weeks.

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I didn't get a moses basket, but picked up a used bassinet like this one (http://www.walmart.com/ip/The-First-Years-Carry-Me-Near-5-in-1-Bassinet/8056730?sourceid=1500000000000003260330&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=8056730).  It has been wonderful!!  

You can take off the bassinet and you have a changing table. I used it in the beginning when she would pee so much the second I took off the diaper, because it fit in my room without a problem and I didn't risk having to deal with wet sheets. Then, I used it for naps. When the bouncy chair wasn't working anymore, I propped the back up the bassinet and put just the top part in the bathroom while I showered. Then, when she wanted to be sitting up all the time, but wasn't stable, I put her in the bassinet (on the floor) so it supports her or gives her something to grab on to, in what ever room I was in with all her toys. Right now (6 months) it's better then a play pen, keeps her from falling over on the hard wood floor and is open, so she doesn't feel caged in and we can see each other. Course, she gets plenty of floor time and carry time, etc.   


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Love our Moses basket. I removed the bumper and got a rocker for the basket.  It's great during mealtime because we can just put DS in the basket and rock with one hand while we eat.  He's too heavy now to sleep in it, but it's perfect for little cat naps while we eat.  Couldn't live without it, honestly.

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