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The eight week healthy weight loss challenge - version 2.0 (start date 19/03/12)

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The first eight week challenge was a great success, and many of us are up for another eight weeks - we're opening it up for any newbies who would like to join the next round of the challenge.  Please read below.



The thought came to my head because I joined the "losing weight in 2012" thread, but I didn't have much motivation, and I had no-one to be accountable to.  I was thinking about the Biggest Loser, and how teams can be such a motivation.  So, I thought I would throw this out there for anyone who needs to get some weight loss happening, but just can't seem to get off the couch.


The challenge: 

Commit to an eight week weight loss challenge.  You'll be assigned to a team, and your weight loss percentage will be measured on an individual and a team basis.  The team with the highest loss percentage at the end of the eight weeks will be the winner.

This is a TEAM effort.  If you lose, your team wins!  Your weekly progress will be updated on the leader board for all to see.


The requirements:

You have to be willing to commit to the full eight weeks beginning 19/03/12

You have to be willing to commit to exercising a minimum of 4 x 30 minute sessions per week - the type of exercise is up to you!

You have to be willing to check in and update your progress and weight at least weekly.  More often would be better.

You have to be willing to share your weight and your height.  (By PM if you are shy)

You may not join if losing 1 lb / .5 kg per week will put you in an underweight category according to your BMI (check here) at the end of eight weeks


The prize:

A thinner waistline, and the opportunity to bask in the glory of the winning team.


Waiting List (commencing approx 28th May)





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I'm in for the challenge, and I will post my start weight on the 19th!

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I'm going to sign on for this. I suspect my weight loss will get harder since I'm getting into a healthier range for my height. Last challenge I rounded to the nearest half pound but this time I might post exactly what my scale says (it measures to 0.2's).

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I'm in My height is 5'4 and weight is 153lbs 

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I'm in too.  I lost about 5 1/2 lbs in the last challenge and would like to continue making progress. Breastfeeding doesn't make it easy to lose, but I'm willing to do my best.


I'm 5'4 and will post my starting weight on the 19th. Also I'd like to post my waist and hip measurements since my big goal is to go from a size men's 2xl hockey pants to a men's small. It would be nice to wear a pair that fits my height, rather than pants for a 6'1 guy. Lol

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I lost 17lbs in the last challenge and I am ready to drop another 17 lbs in the next one. I had to limp through the last week and a half of the last challenge after a bike accident but today I did a gentle work out for the first time in almost two weeks and that was great. 


I am 5'8 and I now weigh 208 lbs (down from 256! The journey continues). 



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I'm in. At almost 7 weeks pp, I am weighing in between 147-152 lbs at 5 foot even. It seems to fluctuate daily, but for the past few weeks its continued to drop, and Id like to keep going. Ideally, after 8 weeks I could be fluctuating more in the 139-144 range. I guess I hold a lot of water, or maybe it has to do with nursing? Maybe I need a better scale, but the one I have is pretty new and weighs to the oz. My goal weight is 130, hoping to get there by September. The exercise will be hard for me, since I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old, but Im going to try really hard to do it even if its just walking.
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Awesome to see so many of you guys coming back for a second round.  I agree that it will get harder!  I also think posting measurements is a great idea - I'll do that too! 


Adaline'sMama - I had a few days where my scale fluctuated a bit, and it seem like DP and I had both lost a crap load of weight in a short time.  I discovered that one of the soft pads had come off the scale leg, and was making it uneven... We were both WAY disappointed!! LOL

But maybe you should check yours? 

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I would like to join as well.  I didn't do the last challenge, but i'd like to join this one.  I had gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy and I really want to get to a healthy BMI before having my next pregnancy.  I'm 5 feet even and 191 lbs.  I would need to lose 60-65 lbs to be considered, normal/healthy.  It seems scary to think but if I think 5-10 lbs at a time and stay motivated it is doable.  Would be great to keep motivated with others and to work with a team as we all try to reach our goals. 


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Hi Everyone!  I just wanted to check in and say thanks.gif to everyone from the last challenge.  It was really a lot of fun and very motivating...I lost 15.4 lbs!  I wish I could be joining you again, as I still have some weight to lose, but I just got some very exciting news...I'm pregnant!! joy.gif  (I thought AF was late because I had started exercising after a 10 year hiatus and was losing weight LOL)  I got to see a tiny little heartbeat yesterday!!


I'm still planning to eat healthy and exercise...and NOT gain my usual 50-70 lbs during pregnancy.  Wish there was a thread for that!  But maybe this thread will still be here in 9 months and I can join up...with different women, of course, because all of you will be simply ravishing at your goal weight!


Sending my best wishes to you all....

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I would also like to join, I definitely need some accountability and this sounds like a great idea.

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lovetolaugh congratulations! So happy for you, and very jealous I might ad.



I to want to say thanks for the last challenge. It was all the motivation I needed to finally get me losing weight. I want to join again but I won't post my weight just yet. I took the day off from dieting yesterday but am going to continue my diet though the 19th when I'll check in. I don't have a tape measure for inches. I might have to get one. 

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ok, i'll do it. i am simultaneously in a biggest loser contest with some friends, and doing well. i find it very motivating to be "accountable." i won a BLC that ran from November - end of January, dropping from 187 to 156. i "rebounded" by six pounds in the two weeks between contests, weighing in at 164 in mid-february. i have since dropped about 14 pounds, and am currently at 150, but hope hope hope to be in the 140s (albiet the high 140s) when we do our BLC weekly weigh in tomorrow morning. my goal is to get to 137 by the end of the BLC which is in early May. i'm between 5'6" and 5'7". if i make my goal, it will be a 50 pound loss over about six months, and put me back to my college-age weight.


i can tell you guys what i've learned about losing weight, too, if anyone wants to know. i know what works for me...

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what works for you? I would love to know

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no pop (diet or regular), no fast food. no processed "snack" food. severely limit bread, no cheese. no juice. no alcohol. avoid boxed dry cereal like the plague. no milk, except an occasional yogurt -- get the good "greek yogurt" type, for occasional use only, i've found, like once every couple weeks.


what i eat: low sodium turkey, beans (i even buy the creamy kidney bean salad at the deli, which i adore), salads with full fat ranch dressing, added on top cranberries and sunflower seeds. cut up vegetables dipped in either hummus or the full fat ranch, generous fruit salads, most of which i make myself by cutting up fresh fruit. oatmeal, lots of oatmeal. i drink ice water and lots of strong black coffee.


eat my major calories early in the day. for example, go after the low sodium turkey (which i eat right out of the deli bag) for breakfast, filling and tasty! i will also eat the kidney bean salad in the morning. this is when i'm up around 7, getting my daughter ready for school. later in the morning, have an oatmeal. by around noon, have a salad. oh, and i top it with grilled chicken breast (seasoned but unmarinated), i grill chicken breasts myself, purchased frozen, just regular white meat. if i'm still hungry, start dipping the cut up veggies in the hummus or the dip, eat fruit salad as desired. drink lots of coffee (black, unlimited) and ice water. 


by around 3 pm taper off to DONE for the day. (food-wise.) have my last meal with the kids by 3-4 pm. if i've already eaten all of the above, i'm not really hungry by this hour anyway, and i just call it DONE. 


brush teeth A LOT. it helps to feel "done" with eating.


green tea is also metabolism revving, which all of the foods i now eat are. 


i eat quality foods and i never feel jittery hungry (like i used to when i ate fast food and drank pop). 


i walk my dogs every day, it used to be 1/2 mile, but i am upping it to a mile or more, as i have dropped 37 pounds already and my goal is this last 13 pounds, and yes, they are harder to shag off. i have had to step up the exercise. but i still keep it reasonable and in line with my responsibilities as a SAHM. i have no one to watch my kids, i don't have the "luxury" of going to the gym to work out for even an hour a day. clean my own house. stay active with the kids. keep busy with stuff. keep the dieting in the back of my mind, not my priority number one, i don't obsess about food, i just make up my mind that i'm going to eat the good foods (only) and that i am going to stop eating by 5 pm for sure, and even earlier if i can. but i always eat every day, and i eat good stuff!


oh, and get a digital scale and use it FREQUENTLY. multiple times a day. keeps me honest. if i mess up and go nuts on some cookies, i view the damage from an objective perspective, as in what can i learn from this, and be honest with myself. i really like and am inspired by any ounces lost. if i can lose 8 ounces in a day, isn't it great to see that!


as for time of the month, it's almost impossible to lose. the best you can do that week is to keep on your diet as best you possibly can, keep weighing but don't get discouraged. if you can only maintain for that week, so be it. by the time you hit mid-cycle, you can once again hit your stride and when you are on a roll for weight loss, keep going with it! 


ps: i'm a breastfeeding mom too. but not a new mom, my youngest is 2.5 yo. 


hope this helps!


IRL, a lot of people i know are trying to lose weight through exercise, which is of course important. you can't be sedentary. i'm certainly not. i'm normal-active, or maybe "more" active than the "average person." but IME, what goes in is much more important, and it's more efficient to really control this aspect. you don't spend extra hours burning calories that you need not have eaten in the first place.


which reminds me: don't eat out. avoid restaurants. if you MUST go out to eat, make it a light light lunch.


oh, and you CAN have a piece of chocolate, a dessert (reasonable small size)... but do it EARLY in the morning, right after you eat your high protein, fill you up breakfast.


did i mention eggs? eat them. maybe one a day if you are hard core dieting. MUCH MUCH MUCH better than any boxed dry cereal. 


i eat the whole regular butter too. i do zero "diet" foods, nothing "light" or "skim" or "artifically sweetened."



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I'm in!  I've always been petite (5' 3" size 0 without trying  - just work out as a hobby, chase kids and eat healthfully.)  Enter last year or so - I broke my arm, my Dad had a lengthy hospital stay (surgery and many scary compications/ICU time) and then he got cancer (just finished his chemo and doing well though)  I was depressed started blowing off my workouts eating a lot of takeout and spending a LOT of time on the couch - and drinking too much wine. 


Now I'm 145 (down from 149) and have been really working hard (logging gym time 4-5 days a week - serious - hour of cardio and heavy lifting), trying to watch my portions, cook at home and eliminate take-out.  I've cut waaaaaay back on the alcohol (a glass of wine will do it for me now, but my consumption was up there for a few months) and I'm drinking more water, eating less carbs, more salads/protein and added CLA back into my supplements.  My goal is to lose about 25 pounds (my initial "holding weight" was about 115 - but lean and muscular - I'm small boned, not boney)  I'd love to get back down to 120.  I'm in this!!

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I'm in!  I hang out with online Weight Watchers thread too, but can use all the support I can get.  


Seems like my entire life is getting revamped right now -- I have a new financial budget to get my savings plan in place and am using an eating plan to get my weight in a good place.  I approach both the same way.  I have this much money or this many points and I have to decide the best way to disperse my calories or pennies.  Feels the same to me and I notice that when I am doing well with one, I do well with the other.  


I think I'll start around 193 and would love to have a super 8 week loss ala Dantes Mama!   That would be so powerful.  I am 10 weeks postpartum and feel so saggy baggy right now.  My clothes do not fit well and I am ridiculously out of shape.  Getting these pregnancy pounds off would go a long way for my health and self-esteem.  I just don't feel like myself with this extra weight. 




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Congrats Lovetolaugh.  Feel free to pop in and continue to motivate us all!! 


Welcome to all the newbies

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I'd like to join. 

I have a lot to loose...an embarrassingly high amount to loose.  I am hoping this will give me the jump-start I need.


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Congrats LovetoLaugh! Wonderful news and best wishes for a lovely, low-weight gain pregnancy!


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