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I ended up having a great week after a really rocky Monday start and those crappy extra pounds from vacation!


Walked/ran/lifted a bit Tuesday thru Friday, took yesterday off because my hamstrings hurt, and I've got a sitter lined up this afternoon so I have time to lift with dh and also hit the track.



Re: earlier convo about running... I used to trail run, up to 20 mile races. I don't know if I got fit and then ran, or ran and then got fit, because it was sorta the same process with a lot of activities going on- swimming, running, lifting, skiing, dodge ball, basketball. A very active period in my life. Nowadays, I cannot run because of my knees, and I am told my knees are bad because I'm outta shape. We'll see how this plays out over the next few months as I lose weight/gain strength/learn to run again. Hopefully.


I think it's a very individual process for people. I don't think I can be my fittest without running, and it makes me sad to think I may not run again if I don't get my kneees figured out. I've known some very very fit people who only run. And I've known some runners who don't look/seem fit to me, but who knows?



Good luck weighing in the morning, everyone, but really:



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Whew. Birthday madness OVER. I've eaten way too much crap in the past couple of days (just cooking and baking and trying the food, not even sitting down to eat). I weighed in this morning at 149, which means I have not lost or gained any weight since Monday. I know that if it wasnt for my constant running around to get this party going, Id have probably gained 5 lbs with all the food. I'm back on the healthy food as of tomorrow morning (I have leftover that have to get eaten today....or at least that is how Ill justify it.)
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Hey there - Thanks for letting me join the challenge!


My 40th birthday was a little over a week ago, and I've definitely been more lax about both calorie counting and exercise. Today is a new day, though.


Looking forward to being accountable!

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I did C25K week4, day2 yesterday. (Plus Ab workout) I apparently struggled so much to stay off my heels that I was pushing my toes to the front of my shoes and rubbed big honking blisters on my pinky toes. :( I'm hoping just slapping a bandage on them before running tomorrow will be okay. I was pretty much running on my toes only, so my calves are *tight.* I need to mow today--we have a reel mower that hasn't been sharpened, so it's a decent workout in itself, lol. I'm totally counting that.


ETA: well, my almost-7yo mowed the back while I attended to compost duties. So I can't really count the mowing for anything. :/ (but yay for a competent job by my kid, who has a new chore while I'll be gardening starting next week.)

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I would like to (and need to) join up.

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177.4 today.  I may have broken the plateau, finally! 

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Love all the new faces.  More is definitely better!  I  love all the chatter on this thread.  



Feeling good about tomorrow's weigh in.  I have been right on track all week and can feel a difference in  my clothes today.  



GO RED!!!!!

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Totally hoping for an awesome number tomorrow...  Went to kettle bell on Thursday, did Zumba and a cardio workout on Saturday and ran/jogged for about an hour today.  I'll be missing my scheduled workout classes on MTW due to extra hours at work and I'm trying to figure out how to get a workout in.



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I did good with food this week, but not with getting to the gym. Being a single mom+crazy week makes it so i am not always able to.

Not sure if i can check in tomm. so I weighed tonight....



140!!! Go BLUE TEAM!


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147.4 this morning. *fingers crossed* to lose the other half pound by morning... will post again!

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Anybody want to start c25k with me tomorrow?


I really need a buddy or two and I really really want to do this! My knees felt great at the track today. I just need to take it slowly and commit to the time it will take to build up. I know this program works, I used it when I taught myself to run the first time in my thirties.


So, any takers? I have no trouble getting to the gym/outside at least 4 times a week, so I have no excuses.

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162 (after morning shower ... it DOES show a difference, but WHY ?


sorry blue team, + 2 this week (2 birthday parties when I'm in charge of food = not a good idea in the same week !)


very motivated to do much better food wise this coming week ...

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Interesting, I tried the shower thing, and it did NOT work for me.  I weighed myself, had a shower, then did it again, and it was exactly the same!


BB - I would really, really like to start back on the C25K.  Especially considering that one of my goals is to run a 5k later in the year.  My concern is that my knees have been giving me trouble.


Kinda OT:  anyone have any experience with chronic fatigue?  I am seriously wondering if I have it.  I am ALWAYS exhausted.  I thought that upping the exercise might help (everyone always says that exercise gives you more energy).  Not true.  It takes all my strength just to go to work some mornings.  FWIW, I am getting a medical opinion, I'm just curious...

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Well, I got my 30 minutes of brisk walking in with DH yesterday and ate well.


Today, 238.8 pounds, same as last Monday.  No gain, no loss.  Must exercise more and eat better this week.


Milk8Shake, have you been tested for hypothyroid?  I was having issues with chronic fatigue and other hypothyroid symptoms.  Turns out my TSH was normal, but my Free T4 was low.  I have been on thyroid meds since Dec and it has made a lot of difference. 

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Well, I weighed 182 this morning, which is not surprising.  My sisters came home from spring break and I was spending a lot of time with them.  We ordered Papa Johns' Saturday night and then yesterday we went to a chinese buffet for lunch.  Plus I didn't do much, besides a little gardening.  My mom mentioned that I look better and she can tell that I'm losing weight and my pants are almost to the point that they are too big for me.   

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Nice weigh in this morning.  Tracking my calories every day has really made a difference.  188 this morning for a 5 pound loss! 


My goal this week is to do the same thing.  Track calories every day.  I would love to squeak in some exercise, but that will be a bonus for now.  Dh is working like a dog and I am often on my own with all 4 kids.  If I plan it right, I might get in a walk today with the baby.  


Good luck to everyone.    Go team RED!  



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Late in joining.  210.5 at 5'8"

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Alright, my weight this morning 195.2



I went up a bit.  It doesn't totally make sense, but I guess it does.  I started the week off really well.  The not eating at all in the evening after an early dinner really worked for me.  I ate well during the day but went to bed hungry and it showed on the scale.  I lost 2 pounds in the first half of the week.  Then I fell back into old habits.  I was eating well, but then snacking for reasons such as: stress, tieredness, loneliness...etc.  There can always be an excuse. I have to stop this nonsense. 


Eating is not going to make my kids stop crying and fighting with eachother. Eating is not going to erase the fact that i'm alone all weekend because hubby has work to do. eating is not going to make me feel better or happier. In the end I just feel crappy, and down and bad about myself.  Yesterday I was sick with the flu and didn't eat much.  I thought that would at least make my weigh in good.


Gonna pick my myself up and keep trying. Good headspace, good headspace!!



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198.8 this morning for a 6.2 lb loss.

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