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I am interested in belonging to the next group of losers. I have three children, all breastfed, and grown bigger now, but I nursed for a long time, home schooled, and was very actively a Suzuki violin and flute mom as well as a LLL Leader and an RN IBCLC lactation consultant here in Vermont. ( I answered questions as an expert for Mothering for a while re: breastfeeding until carpal tunnel got the best of my wrist).


Is there a next go around, and can I join? I am losing weight, but would love a community to join in with.  Kindly, Kathleen RN IBCLC in Vermont

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welcome vermontlc. Sounds like MDC is the place for you! There will probably be another challenge in seven weeks? Keep an eye out for the next one! Meanwhile, I'm sure you'll find lots of topics around the boards that you'd be interested in. There is a section called Finding Your Tribe where you may even find local friends!

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Decided I'm going to start C25K tomorrow. Hopefully that will cushion the possible disappointment from my scale tomorrow morning!

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C25K week one complete today! I'm going to be sore tomorrow since I did 2 running days in a row. I think tomorrow might just be some light strength and stretching exercises or a short yoga video online. After my run and my shower I was lower than I have ever been so let's hope the scale reflects that tomorrow. 

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Amanda, I use a rice protein powder, but have been told by friends that it's like eating chalk. I'm intolerant to soy and casein, so most proteins are out for me, and it's been so long since I had anything else that I think it tastes fine. I get it at Whole Foods, but found an online source for cheaper/unit, but I had to buy so much it wasn't budget-friendly, if that makes sense. I've also heard good things about pea protein powders, but haven't tried any.

PNC, I'm pretty sure it's just not reporting for 2 weeks. Not sure there was consensus on booting gainers. As for plantar warts, I've had a doozy of one that had to be surgically removed in high school. It was the middle of basketball season, and I swear I was only out of commission for a week, *maybe* 10 days at most. I was a starter and our team was small, so I played (and practiced) hard all the time, and it was fine. I just kept it "packed" and taped really well. 5 weeks is ridiculous IMO, but I guess it could depend where it is? (mine was on the ball of my foot, btwn my 1st and 2nd tarsals). I hope the cream works for you, though!

Trekkingirl, that is scary about the thyroid! Take it easy and if you need to drop, don't feel like you owe anyone here an obligation--your only obligation is to your own health! I hope you and your doc get ALL your hormones straightened out very, very soon.

nillarilla, YESS for fitting into a smaller size! And for finishing week1 of c25k--I am loving it (and i'm in the middle of week5).

welcome vermontLC. Maybe you'll still get some moral support here even though you're not officially part of the challenge yet.

allison, I love your resolve to do something positive regardless of the scale. (see note above to nillarilla about my affection for c25k, lol)

AFM, another day of crappy eating, BUT I did C25K w5d2, which includes two 8-min running intervals and I felt GREAT. Even had my fastest pace yet for the duration of the 2nd interval! AND I didn't have to take *any* anti-inflammatories for my feet afterward--so those muscles are getting trained and strengthened nicely. I did weigh 1lb more this am than yesterday, and even if I go up another whole pound tomorrow, it'll still be a net loss for the week (but I hope hope hope it doesn't jump up). My mom leaves early tomorrow morning, so no more going out to eat (we had some awesome BBQ this evening) or celebration food (cake is gone; brownies are safely stored in the deep freeze. OH! DH gave me the go-ahead to register for the Mother's Day 5K here--w00t! It will be my first race in over 5 years. orngbiggrin.gif

My right shoulder has been giving me problems for nearly a week now, and it's getting worse. I also have a thoracic vertebra (well, at least one) out, and probably a rib head there, too, judging from my breathing pain this afternoon. I've been working really hard to strengthen my back and other core muscles lately to minimize this crap. Hopefully my chiro can hook me up with some relief tomorrow and help me figure out WTF I'm doing to that mid-back area. Not sure if I'll get a workout in tomorrow, but I'm hoping...
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So apparently we are so awesome that I had to create a waiting list!  ROTFLMAO.gif

I'm actually get PMs asking to sign up for the next challenge.  So - we now have a wait (weight?) list!  I think there was another post a while back where someone else asked too, but I wasn't able to find it.  


Anyway.  A pretty minor loss for me.  Down to 175.8  BUT!  175.8lbs converts to 79.9kgs, which means that I am officially a seventies girl!!!  I can't even remember the last time I was in the seventies.  It would have to be at least 2 years!  I'm super excited.  Oh, and that's even with AF hanging around, so I am pretty freakin happy.  

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http://www.infoocean.info/avatar3.jpgI'm in for the challenge, and I will post my start weight on the 19th!

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This week was a one pound loss - 237.8  yeah!  Go red team!


trekkingirl, hope you can get your thyroid stuff figured out.

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Sorry team - 146 - up twogreensad.gif   I had a great week and blew it on the weekend irked.gif

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My rings are tight so hopefully I'm looking at water weight and I'll be back down a bit by tomorrow - already pounding water today!!!


I revamped my game plan though - must tighten up - I know where I coud be doing better!


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201.8# this morning - a little surprised to see a loss as I thought I was eating pretty poorly this week with all of the moving crazyness. 

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still at 145.6. thanks...

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164.6 A gain of 0.6 lb. I'm okay with that because the scale showed a 2 lb gain in the middle of the week. I do need to work on my eating. Breakfast and lunch tend to just be thrown together and I think I often don't get enough calories in those early meals so later I'm really hungry and I eat something easy like a cookie.


Working on getting the kiddos ready to go to gym....

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145 this morning. Down 2.


Yay disgusting stomach bug! Hopefully my weight doesn't rebound any more.

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236.2 (lost just over a pound)


At this rate it will take me years to loose the weightgreensad.gif


I am trying to keep my carb intake low (I have PCOS).  But as a result I haven't been eating very well...too much highly processed fake meat products (we are vegetarian).  They are easy, low carb and high protein but not very good for me.   I've also had a couple of binges redface.gif


I haven't been exercising enough either because my lower back has been bothering me.  But if I am honest with myself, there is something I can do...even if it is just walking the dog.


It's just such an overwhelming amount of weight...I cannot believe I have gained 120 pounds.





edited to add...sorry for the whiny sounding post; I just needed to get it out in order to start another week.



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dbsam   grouphug.gif


One week at at a time, one week at a time. Aside from some crazy weeks due to vacations/holidays/illness I've lost (less than) a pound a week since last Sept 1. Started at 173 I think. That number used to be so huge in my head, and now I can't recall it for sure. It will happen. You can do it. Every week is a bit closer and means something. Hang in there with the pound-a-weekers.

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153 again today - grrr. Means essentially no numeric loss so far.


But don't give up on me blue team - it's really typical for my body to hold onto weight while I change my habits and then drop a few all at once. I'm not discouraged, on the contrary, I'm really pleased with all the new exercise in my life, and the way my mind is turning from toast to creating opportunities to walk.

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175 this morning! Yippee! Down two pounds this week.

Go Blue Team!!!


I am pretty surprised, because I had been really counting calories and exercise on Livestrong.com and then after my birthday debauchery (which DID include a good amount of wine and beer) I decided that I needed to rethink how I'm doing this. Partly, I got lazy, but mostly I decided to do some work on listening to my body, responding when its hungry and exercising in some way everyday. I definitely am an emotional eater, and there's been a lot of stress between my DP and I for the last month for a list of reasons. I feel like I'm tuning in to my tendency to self-destruct with food and other habits when things are rocky, and it's really helping me to be kind to myself.


So, my fellow losers, I promise I will continue to exercise at least 4 times a week, and I promise I will continue to be kind to myself and my body with my food choices. But, if I decide to buy a 4 pack of Cadbury Caramel eggs and eat two of them in the car, I'm going to forgive myself,  and remember next time that caramel chocolatey goodness doesn't replace love (although it comes pretty close... LOL)

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149, for another .5 lb weight loss. Grr...I feel like Im starving and busting my ass exercising. Plus, Im nursing an infant. How is it not falling off me???
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150.6 weigh in for me. I have to tell myself any sustainable loss is a good loss.

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