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Okay - I've done my measurements, but I think I am too embarrassed to post them.  How bad is that?


Thanks for starting the chart off Barefootmama.  I can tell you will do a great job!  Everyone, please keep in mind what she has said, no-one gets forgotten or mixed up on purpose, it is just a big job - and LOTS of numbers.  Oh, and FWIW, I have to convert all my measurements from kilos to pounds every week! 


I'm not going to call any teams yet, because as far as I can tell, it's only Monday morning in the US. 

(I'm in Australia, for anyone who is wondering, so I am something like 15 hours ahead of most of you.)

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152 this morning.


It amazes me that it took me six weeks of concentrating, working, focusing, striving, sweating, almost starving to lose six pounds and six days to gain almost all of it back.




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I'm in!  And I need this!  I woke with that F-it feeling - I'm hungry - everyone's gone, time to eat - I need to REconstruct a healthy brteakfast and get my ass to the gym!!


ETA - I EMOTIONALLY feel the need to chow down this am - bad weekend - now I'm alone with my bad self - glad I had this face me to pull mysel out of the hole :)

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Wow - this has been a depressing morning!!  My scale died, so I replaced it.  New scale has me weighing in at 207.6# which is 10# MORE than I was a week ago.  I checked myself on my neighbor's scale, and sadly, the new scale is correct!  I guess my old one was messed up before it died :(  Well, I am officially motivated!!


My goals for the next 8 weeks  are to break 190#, give up cheese (my achilles heel of foods!), give up artificial sweeteners (without increasing my sugar cosumption), and to not sneak-eat any foods I would not want my kids to eat (I don't let them eat junk food!).

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My stats are: 5'8, 166 lbs. Waist: 31", hips: 39" and my scale measured me as 36% body fat this morning.


I gained back a pound from last challenge. My period was early this month and I've just been feeling really off and eating too much.

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the comments about almost starving. i think there is a big line between actually starving oneself and restricting food intake.


i just ate nearly a 1/2 pound of sliced, low sodium turkey. this is my breakfast. nutrition packed. high-protein. i eat it first thing in the morning.


followed by a banana. AND then one sugar cookie. yes the cookies i made with the kids yesterday were tempting me all afternoon and evening. 


i don't eat after about 3-5 pm. so i "starve" myself during those hours. i prefer to look at it as a "fast." a night time fast when metabolism naturally slows.


i eat A LOT first thing in the morning. but i try to make it really good foods. (with the exception of the cookie. but the memory of that one cookie is going to keep me going all day. supposedly eating a small sweet after nutritious protein breakfast helps to retain weight loss...)


that said, i'm going to have to work really hard to lose the last 12 pounds. i started at 187 in november, and have lost 38 pounds doing what i do with diet and moderate, normal exercise.


it is harder to lose lately, but i am not really regaining either, so i guess that part is good.



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Buzzer Beater and BarefootMama99 - hug2.gif


I'm starting off this challenge at 162, which is a pound down from last week - I'm surprised I lost even that. I finally gave up Diet Coke - I've had a horrible addiction to that crap for years, excepting when I've been pregnant - and I had a week of awful caffeine withdrawal symptoms (basically a week-long migraine). I also ovulated, which is an exceedingly rare event thanks to suspected pcos, and my body just went haywire with mood swings and cravings (hello, peanut butter Choco Tacos!). I only managed to work out twice and I ate about 33% more than I usually do. I'm feeling better today and looking forward to getting back on track!


My goal for this challenge is to lose 12 pounds, which will put me at 150 and 5 lbs away from my goal weight. I also want to start Couch to 5k. My DVD workouts are getting so boring! Just need to get some decent running shoes.


Measurements: waist 30.5", hips 38.5", right thigh 24".


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Originally Posted by allisonrose View Post

My stats are: 5'8, 166 lbs. Waist: 31", hips: 39" and my scale measured me as 36% body fat this morning.


I gained back a pound from last challenge. My period was early this month and I've just been feeling really off and eating too much.

Just realized we're basically the exact same size :)

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I actually dropped one pound this week so I am starting another pound lighter than the end of the last challenge. So, put me down for 5'8 and 207 (but not for long! I am getting into the 190s on this challenge!)




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Okay - I am humbled by my weigh in this morning. 188 lbs. Only 3 more than when I got pregnant, but I feel this excess weight around the middle, and I look sort of pregnant (baby is 10 1/2 months). Going out right now to walk with the baby and get started on this challenge.

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claybear and BarefootMama99 - looks like the three of us are heading for the same goal.  I want into the 180s by the time this challenge is done!


Measurements this morning:

waist:  32"

hip: 48"

thigh: 28.5"

weight: 205

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Barefoot Mama I weighed in heavier than last week too!  Start my chart at 147 - that's where I started off this am :(

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Confession - my day out on St Paddy's Day was not helpfulredface.gif


I'm feeling v. unhappy this am with my body - and I can usually rise above this - if anyone has a pep talk for me - I need it!!

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Well I weighed in this morning. I have nothing to do measurements with but I am 5'3" and 149.3 lbs.


I have a workout dvd I plan to use when I can and failing that, I am going to walk. What I am really trying to focus on is eating healthier. I have bought healthier foods to eat and I need to work on portion sizes. I am not a very hungry person in the am so I usually try to at least eat a cereal bar to get the metabolism going. I have lots of fruit and veggies for snacking. So now I just need to stick with it!

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Well I'm going to repost my weight since I've dropped. I'm down 2.4lbs and I only started a week ago! This is fun It's all about the math. I need to cut 500 calories a day or 3500 per week and that can be through food restriction or exercise (preferably a little of both). I'm using sparkpeople.com to track everything. It's a pretty cool site let's you put in all sorts of other goals like veggie intake, glasses of H2O etc. I also hate to eat in the am but am forcing myself since I'm usually starving by lunch and eat a bunch of carbs. I'm finding myself a lot more alert lately which is a fabulous bonus! Instead of a mid afternoon coffee I do a mini workout.

When you measure where on the body do you measure the waist and hips?

my thigh 23in

upper arm 13in

hips 40 I think....

waist if measured at the smallest point 35in if measured at the belly button 39.5

height 5'4

weight 150.8



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I am at 271 today. I am too lazy to measure -- maybe when I am closer to my goal!


Off for another bike ride. It's gorgeous out there!

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Hi! I'd like to join, please. My height is 5'4 and my weight is 158. Please let me know if you need anymore information. Thanks!

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Well, y good news is based on how my clothing is fitting and such, I am very confident that I did not actually gain 10#, it is really more a scale problem.  But still a downer.


The good news is I took the kids out side to play this morning and have already promised them we will go to the park this afternoon (which means a nice long power walk while pushing the double stroller to get there.  I am also really feeling energized by the fact that my husband is returning from a 15 month deployment this week - so I will finally have a little help, occasional mental breaks, and he has promised to make sure I get my workouts in (by taking the kids! so I can get it done if I have not had time to fit it in before he gets home from work each day).  He is also trying to loose weight, so hopefully we will enourage eachother!


My extra challenges I am trying to prepare for:

1) This weekend we will be celebrating my 3 year old's birthday on sat, and hubby's birthday on sun - I am making both cakes (sat = dolphin shapped cake, sun = icecream cake with sorbet instead of icecream) and both birthday dinners (3 year old wants pizza, hubby wants white chili).  So I am trying to figure out how to enjoy the celebrations while also not breaking my calorie goals.  The chili is super healthy and I am serving salad with it, but pizza is a huge weakness for me!  I am already planning to take left over cake to a couple of my neighbors who will enjoy it rather than let the leftovers tempt me.  Any other good ideas?


2) Next week we are moving, which will be a high stress time for me, but also we will not have a fridge immediately (hopefully we will with in a couple of days) and we will have at least one night in a hotel - we are moving to SC, so it is a nine hour road trip - som basically we will be some what reliant on conveniance foods for wed/thurs maybe fri too.  Any good ideas of things we can prep ahead of time or do on the fly to avoid fast food places/eating out?  We will take a small cooler in the car - I will drive the kiddos in the car and hubby will drive the moving van and we will meet at the hotel and then pick up our keys bright and early the next morning.  I do need to avoid super messy foods as my kids are 3 and 1 years old, and I do not want the entire car covered in food :)


On a book-keeping note, it looks like everyone has checked in with a weight  except for: Amandamarie, Adaline’sMama, trekkingirl, pacificbliss, stegenrae, and of course any last minute additions :) I will post an updated chart tonight, and thanks to everyone for being so quick to get your numbers up!!!



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Not a great starting eating-wise to the day, but just finished an hour long power walk with my mom in this gorgeous weather!  Mood is up and I have the energy to drink my water and eat better the rest of today! :)

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Looks like we have a great group forming up here. I had been avoiding the scale due to bad eating. So my original thoughts at what my weight was, when I said I wanted to join were a little off.

Can you put me at 194.8 - that was my official weigh in this morning.

I've been trying to not eat in the evenings, that is my biggest weakness. Once the kids are in bed, I feel like it is "my time" and use food to treat myself. Silly, because it isn't doing anything good to my health.

Good luck everyone on this first week!



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