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The transition from sleeping together to crib sleeping

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My twins are now 8 months old. We slept together for the first four months, at which time they seemed to transition well to their cribs and were then sleeping through the night. At six months, teething became a huge, painful issue which lead to broken sleep patterns, and me doing anything to get some shut eye. We're back to often sleeping together, which I'm looking to transition away from- only it's not going well at all. Ultimately, I want bed time to be a positive experience for them, and I really wouldn't have a beef with still bed sharing if I had one baby- but caring for two has proven to be much different. Being in bed with them now means we're all very cramped and they sleep well, but I don't. Transistioning to the crib means they'll sleep but with many more sleep disturbances and then we all seem to suffer.

How can I create a positive transition when it just plain doesn't seem to be happening? Sleep deprived and desperate- I'll take advice from both twin and singleton moms alike! Thank you. smile.gif
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I hesitate to comment here because I know nothing about parenting multiples, so please ignore this if it makes no sense! Do they go to separate cribs, or to one crib together? Maybe they would sleep better with each others' company?

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We're in a similar place. Our current approach is that we put them to bed in their room on a futon (the mattress from a fold-out couch). Right now we have a bolster (rolled up towel) between them to keep them from hitting each other too much but let them snuggle a little (at shoulder height and below). The advantage of the setup is that I can lie with them to settle them and in theory mostly sleep in my own bed. (settle babies, then go back to bed) Many nights it ends up with my sleeping in their room, but we're still working on a better solution, and it's generally because I've fallen asleep. Which means I'm sleeping a bit more.


The mattress on the floor means that they can crawl off it, and if they fall, it's not a big deal. We have a rail and position pillows so they won't accidentally roll off in the middle of the night.


So.. an idea, and the fact that someone else is struggling with the same thing.

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I really appreciate your response! I agree, perhaps having them together would be best- this is what we found months back when they did transition well to the crib. They shared a crib and would sleep about 6-8 hour stretches through the night which was great! They've gone through major growth spurts since though, and are huge boys- I guess thanks to my partner's viking-sized genes. So unfortunately, crib sharing isn't an option anymore.


We have experimented with positioning of the cribs, and have them pressed up against each other, so they still have the comfort of side by side sleeping, just with the barrier. That's when they're actually in the cribs...


We'll keep doing out best!





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I appreciate you letting me in on what you're doing at night time. We've been back and forth with a very similar set-up: low mattress on the floor, surrounded by cushy rugs and pillows. We've gone back to this, allowing the boys to sleep on the mattress, and I sneak away once I'm done nursing (unless fatigue gets the best of me, and I fall asleep where I am, which is fine too.). 


So thanks! I know we're both so, so fortunate getting to experience a double bundle of joy, though the hurdles that come along with it are uniquely daunting by times too. Hope all is going well for you. Cheers!

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DD just turned 3 and she sleeps on her mattress in our room, works great and keeps her or DH from walking across the house to be comforted.

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