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Best carrier for hot and humid climate?

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I'm in South Florida with a 6 week old baby. We have a Moby that I love wearing her in the kangaroo hold. The only problem is that it is always hot and humid here and baby girl gets heat rash on her face and shoulders after wearing her, the Moby is just too hot for us here!

Does anyone else live in the muggy South? What carrier are you loving for your LO?
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Babywearing is always going to be warm, since you are in body contact and sharing body heat, but it can be much more comfortable with the right type of carrier.  A linen ring sling would be a great, cooler option.  Or a lightweight woven wrap.  Or even a mei tai.  Basically, most anything will be cooler than a Moby Wrap.  It's a lot of fabric and you are using at least three layers to cover the baby (or six, if you are folding it in half width-wise) so it's going to make you both pretty sweaty if it's really hot out! 

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I purchased a Seven everyday sling for my August baby. Its lightweight and cooler than the other carriers out there. Website is: www.sevenslings.com .

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In Houston and I feel your pain- er, sweat.  Ring sling if you like them (they don't work well for me/my babies) or I prefer a mai tai.


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A moby is going to be really hot.  If you like the wrap (I prefer wraps for newborns), there are cooler fabrics to choose from.  Wrapsody has one, and there are also gauze wraps.  Another option is a ring sling.  Linen would be my preference, although if you want a water rs, mesh or solarveil are also options.



I do not like the seven sling...there have been too many reports of poor quality for me to want to spend money on one.

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I just came here to ask the same thing.  We're in Atlanta, and I'm due in May.  It's already 80 degrees here.  I've considered a mesh wrap style carrier, because we'll probably be in the water a lot too. 


I was wondering if there was a light weight mei tai style carrier out there?  I think that would be better for short in and out trips to the store or whatever.  But then again, maybe if it's a quick trip it doesn't need to be light weight?  Hmm...thoughts?

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I had an April baby and it got hot FAST in VA - when he was a couple months old I went and bought him a cotton ring sling (Rockin' Baby Ring Sling) at a local store.  Not cheap, but amazing prints and great quality!  I originally went in thinking I would get a light-weight wrap, but it seemed a bit to complicated for quick in-and-outs, though you may be more used to it.  The other issue was, my son was already a chunker, and the wrap wouldn't hold him up very well.  No worries about that with the ring sling!

He LIVED in his ring sling until he was about 6 months old and over 20 lbs. - then he started to like the Ergo more, and it was a better, more secure fit for him (also, he was out of the infant insert, which is HOT!).  I still use the ring sling as a back up in snuggle hold (like the Ergo) or on my hip.  Part of the reason I switched to the Ergo was just because he couldn't stay sitting upright reliably on my hip at that age, and he was waaay too long to lay down in it anymore - it was either kangaroo or snuggle hold, and the Ergo was just a bit easier to plop him in and know he's really buckled in at that size/weight.


That said, I think I will be switching back to the ring sling as he grows, just so I can put him on my hip and for the quick and easy up/down/up/down toddler factor. smile.gif


So, while it wasn't the cheapest, we have gotten a TON of usage out of it, will probably still get more, and it looks as beautiful as the day we bought it.  Also, very durable - the new owner of the company (who happens to be local) is really committed to safety and strength testing.

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My baby was born in August in Hawaii and it was really hot. All my carriers were hot, but the ring sling and mei tie were the best for me.

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