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So glad we co-sleep!

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Just wanted to share a "thank God we co-sleep" moment... DD is 13 mos, we've co-slept since day 1, and in the last few months she has begun spending about half the night in her crib at the foot of our bed.  DH has always been uncomfortable with having her in bed with us because he feels it's unsafe, and better for her to gradually learn how to sleep alone; it's been a topic of discussion since birth.  I co-slept with my boys, so have always been comfortable and secure doing so, and in the end DH decided to trust my judgement.  


Last night, she was cuddled in bed with us, with my arm around her as usual (I had been too asleep myself to move her after she nursed back to sleep), when all of a sudden I awoke with a start, feeling my sweet baby choking and sputtering! She was throwing up in her sleep and choking on it!! yikes.gif  I was able to quickly roll her over and pat her back so she could get it up & breathe again, and after throwing up 3 more times, with 3 changes of jammies, she was ok and nursed back to sleep.  I, however, did NOT sleep again for a while! 


As I was cleaning up our sheets while DH held her, I told him how lucky we were that DD was in bed with us, and not in her crib when that happened.  I said it was entirely possible that I would have been too asleep to hear her choking, and might not have woken up in time.  I could tell that thought scared him - his face blanched, and he solemnly nodded assent.  When she fell asleep again, I wondered aloud if I should put her in her crib or keep her with us...he instantly said "Keep her in bed with us!"  familybed1.gif


Anyone else have "Yay for co-sleeping" stories to share?  joy.gif

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IM Expecting my first, and just researching co sleeping. Thank you for sharing this with me! How wonderful that she is ok!
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Congrats on your first!  luxlove.gif  I personally find that co-sleeping is so much more restful for the whole family, and makes breastfeeding so much easier.  You just have to be careful to keep pillows & blankets away from the baby's face, and be sure you or your honey don't roll onto baby.  I always sleep with my little one nestled in the crook of my arm, that way I can feel if they wake to nurse or start to roll over - works nicely for keeping DH a safe distance from baby, too!


They say a co-sleeping, breastfeeding baby has incredibly low odds of SIDS - this is because the CO2 receptors in a baby's brain are not developed until 6 mos, and until then they sometimes stop breathing during sleep and need human touch to re-start.  Feeling the rhythm of mom's breathing and heartbeat regulates baby's, and gives these helpless little creatures a sense of security.  It seems being in close physical contact with mom during the first several months is crucial to survival and healthy psychological development.  The only time it is less safe to co-sleep is if you are bottle feeding (less connection & physical awareness, different positioning of baby during night feeding), or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (could pass out & smother baby).  Otherwise, from what I understand, co-sleeping & breastfeeding has been shown to be statistically safer than crib sleeping...regardless of what the mattress manufacturers would have you believe!  duck.gif


Hope this info helps a bit...there are some great articles on here regarding co-sleeping & all aspects of pregnancy & baby care.  Good luck & all the best to you!!

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I swear when DS was just weeks old he stopped breathing in his sleep (I really don't think it was just me dreaming). I awoke with a start and started rubbing him on his back. I intentionally woke him up to nurse so he would stay engaged and alert.


Co-sleeping is good :)

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Yeah I've had that happen too!  Co-sleeping is awesome. love.gif

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Yep, I've had the exact same thing happen!  My mom recently met a woman whose baby was having seizures at night but not waking, and it would've taken them much longer to find out if they hadn't been co sleeping.


Babies shouldn't sleep unsupervised.

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Thanks a lot for sharing this with us! I would tell this story to my girl friends who are going to be mothers.This must be very useful for them!

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