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I thought we might benefit from sharing these we've read that have helped us.


I came across these this morning and was nearly in tears they touched me so much.





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Thanks so much for sharing these. There is a lot that I can relate to in both articles.


I especially like this quote, from the 2nd article:


The secret strength of Ms. Harm’s quote isn’t that all women are strong enough to will an unmedicated birth. The secret is that we’re strong no matter how we give birth.


This is something that I've been consciously working to embrace for the past 3 years.

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A book that was very helpful to me was Ended Beginnings http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1086104.Ended_Beginnings

It addresses all kinds of childbearing losses--including cesareans and traumatic births.  I read the parts that pertained to my own childbirth experience--over and over again.  I felt validated, in my intense feelings of grief, and understood.  I cried when reading it, but it was a good kind of crying--in relief that my pain was recognized.  This book also helped me to gain new insights/perspectives on my experience.  


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This is more of a listen than a read, but I think other mamas here would find it interesting.




This is a podcast I started up this month. The first episode is a long interview with a mama that I know who also had an unplanned C after a long labor. I really enjoyed hearing her take on her experience, and I've found a lot of solace in sharing with her, since she is someone who "gets" it.


We won't probably all agree with everything she says, but still, I think the conversation touches on a lot of what we discuss here.

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I just noticed that you have posted several new interviews...I need to find time to listen!


On a completely different note, in terms of a "good read", I loved Anne Lamott's Operating Instructions. It's a journal that she kept when she was the single mother of a newborn. I read it on the bus during my first days back to work from maternity leave, and it gave me one of the few belly laughs that I'd had in months. Her sense of humor may not appeal to everyone, but it struck me right where I needed it!

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I second that! Her book is wonderful. 

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I just want to check in again and say how much I love the Broad Lives blog. I hope that others are finding it and listening in! I just listened to the interview with Lexy. There is so much that resonates for me. I felt the same when I listened to the interview with Cricket. It is really validating to know that I am not alone in how I've been processing my difficult birth experience. Other women are asking similar questions.


I urge everyone to tune in! It's really worth it!