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Essene Bread

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I just started my first ever Essene bread this morning (recipe in Wild Fermentation)! I'm really hoping it turns out good. It would be an awesome summer bread (no oven required). Below are some photos from the preparation I have done so far. 



Sour dough start in the bowl with the Himalayan salt.



Sprouted spelt ready for grinding. 



Sprouted spelt in my granite mortar. 



Bread read to sit for the next 1-2 days before drying. 

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Yum. That looks so good.  You inspire me to make Essene bread this week.  I've made it a few times, but my sister is the only one around here who likes to share it with me.  (My family is kind of picky about new foods.)


It reminds me of a cross between bread and cheese - sour and rich and moist.  Did you use any sourdough starter in yours?  Or is it plain spelt?

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The one above, I used some sour dough start. I'm drying it tomorrow (recipe from "Wild Fermentation"). But the kind I'm making today, for dinner, is just sprouted spelt. 


2012-03-14 10.12.06.jpg

2 cups of sprouted spelt mashed and made into a disk. The dough is placed in a ceramic, heat safe bowl and that is placed in the crock-pot. 


2012-03-14 14.07.53.jpg

This is after 4 hours, and it has 4 more hours to go! It should go great with the hearty soup I'm making for dinner. 

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Here is today's finished Essene bread:

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