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My friend who like me, doesn't vaccinate, took her 18 month old to the pediatrician today.  This time their vacccine they were trying to push was tetnus.   I am looking for information to help her continue to make a decision that she can be comfortable with.  So what I am wondering is this,  if her daughter were to step on something and it punctures her foot, how is care in an ER handled for someone who has NOT been vaccinated for tetnus.  Can they get the vaccine AFTER they ahve stepped on something? Is there a different course of treatment for possible tetnus?


I couldn't give her good information because I haven't vaccinated either of my children and haven't had a tetnus booster myself since 1996, tetnus has not been one of the VPDs that is on my radar, I know that from 2000 to 2007 there were on average 31 confirmed tetnus cases per year in the USA so I guess I never really thought about how I would handle things if my child got a puncture wound, other than careful cleaning etc....


So does anyone have any information I could pass along?

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The ER would give TIG - tetanus immunoglobulin, which is not a vax but technically a blood product - basically antibodies against tetanus from the blood of someone who has had vax.


I think you have to keep in mind the cases of tetanus in the US are very low, but this is also an odd number because so many people receive the vax. Tetanus isn't like measles where because there are few cases your kid has less chance of getting it... no amount of tetanus vax will ever create herd immunity, it is what we can be exposed to, and sometimes accidents happen, so I think it is important to evaluate risk/likely of certain types of injuries and how comfortable you are with getting Tig in case of certain injuries. 


... I think if only 18mos, the only option would be DTaP? I dont think kids that age are approved to get just t? or td? and I think most places are trying to push dtap options to try boost pertussis coverage......

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Also when an unvaccinated person presents to the ER - MOST times the staff will push the DtaP/DT only. I find this interesting because it bascially shows that they are NOT concerned with the current wound being a risk for tetanus - either that or they are incompetent!. If there is a true concern, yes as slmommy said - they would give the TIG but they will also push the Dtap/dt on top of it to create lasting immunity. TIG would only protect for the current wound as it is not a vaccine but an immunglobulin injection. Proper wound care is the most important issue with most puncture wounds.

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thank you guys.  I was at a loss with what to tell her honestly.  Tetnus is not something I have ever been concerned about, and I knew how you got it and what wounds would be suspect, but I couldn't tell her what would happen if she brought her child to the ER and what options there would be when she got there.


:) Thanks again

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ok I am the friend she is talking about...I had to remember my log in information....

That is what i thought that the vaccine is only available in DTaP


I am not going to vaccinate....I am just going to stick to my guns...

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A couple of things to remember that are important about the risk with tetanus:


If the wound bleeds ~ the risk of tetanus is greatly reduced. If blood is present ~ it is cleansing the wound.


Any actual vaccine recommended or offered in an ER at the time of the injury will NOT protect against tetanus exposure (it does not work immediately ~ takes about 14 days to become effective). Sadly I find most ER docs/staff do not know this or do not pay attention to it as it seems protocol to ask if you are current on the vax and recommend it if not...as if to say it will do anything to help with any potential exposure.


Look at the number of cases ~ but also look at the age of the cases. Most tetanus illness/injury are in the older population with poor circulation. I looked awhile back at a breakdown and I think over 90% of the cases in that particular year were in people over the age of 40 years old (in the US).

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If I were to only vax for one thing, it might very well be for tetanus. Mostly because I like to play outside and climb o thing and have gotten many picture wounds I my life and assumed kids will end up following me on those adventures. Plus it is an all or nothing issue, there is no warning you are going to get it, treatment post exposure is limited and I don't want to have to rush and get a blood product after every cut. What a yucky worry to have. Playing in the dirt is supposed to fun!!
I am guessing since it is such a widely done vax (I know many non vaxers that just get that one!) that the reported infections are low because of broad protection.
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We have two boys, 18 and 22. They were never vaccinated. I was very blessed to have grown up with a Dr who taught me a lot about natural health.I am very experienced with many alternative therapies for 35 yrs. Our boys grew up using homepathic remedies, herbs, essential oils, almost no wheat, dairy or sugar. We never had any trouble getting rid of any viruses or Strep. Chicken Pox went very smoothly.


We always used religious exemption when needed. "I believe it is my God given right to choose not to vaccinate my children. In the event of an out break we will keep our children home until the out break is over."


My son is currently living at a semester school and recently crashed on a mountain bike leaving him with a gash on his leg after it went into the chain. I did a great deal of research which is how I found this site. Thank you to all who have contributed. The info was great especially on the TIG. If I didn't have another choice I might have gone with the TIG.


However World Health Mall sells the most amazing product, Molecula Silver. I've used it on Conjunctivitis with amazing results. After looking up the side effects of antibiotics I was very happy to have a better choice.It behaves like a gas because it passes through all body membranes.

This is not Colloidal Silver. It is much better, not expensive and does not stay in the body. It can be taken internally or used externally.  He has never had a Tetanus vaccine and he is all boy, so he grew up with cuts, bumps and bruises quite often. He used the Molecular Silver externally and internally and came through just fine.

This is one of the best products I've seen.

There are so many more MD's today than ever before against vaccinations.

Ask your friend if she is hesitant about vaccinating why does she go back to the Dr that sells them?

Don't go to a Dr that is "selling"vaccines.

Good luck to all of you, enjoy those little ones they are so special and grow up so quickly!

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My mother got cut at work and she has not had a tetnus shot since she was a child and the hospital gave her a tetnus vaccine the same day as a precaution. They told her that within the first week or so of getting cut you can get the vaccine and it may help prevent the disease. If symptoms are already appearing of tetnus then I believe extreme antibiotics and monitoring are necessary to try and stop the horrible effects of tetnus.

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Knowing what I do I now about tetanus I won't be getting any boosters nor will my DD (13mos, stopped vaxxing at 4mos).  I had a dog bite a few yrs ago that I needed stitches for so I went to the ER.  Bc I couldn't produce proof of a tetanus booster I was told I 'must' receive one at that time (even though I knew it was within the 10yr span, and turned out it was actually only 9mos earlier).  Not the TIG, but the actual vax.  1) it was a profusely bleeding wound (my fatty tissues was pouring out, not to be gross, but clearly nothing was going to fester and grow in there)  2) it was a dog bite, and the likelihood of the dog having picked up tetanus in his mouth was nearly impossible.  I kick myself for getting it and don't doubt that it triggered some health issues afterwards.  I have no worries at all about my family getting tetanus from playing in the dirt!

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When my daughter was little she got bite by a dog. Between the Homeopathic Ledum (specifically for puncture wounds) & careful cleaning with essential oils she was just fine & healed great. I have used the same care with other puncture wounds that my kids have had with the same great results.
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