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Links in threads?

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I host a podcast that involves interviewing lots of mamas and birth professionals about their experiences and opinions. Sometimes, I see threads where issues we've just discussed on my show are being talked about. I always want to throw in a link to my podcast, but I don't know if that's acceptable under the user guidelines, since it's (sort of) like a blog.


Would it be okay for me to post a link to my show in threads where it is pertinent? Or can I only do something like that with a certain subscriber package to Mothering?


I don't really want to advertise my show heavily here, I only just want to mention it when I feel like it might add to an existing conversation. :) Just want to make sure I do it in a way that's respectful of our community! 

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Hi Partaria. 


I understand where you're coming from. Would you please link me to an example that you might share in a discussion thread?



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Sure! I revamped the 'cast recently so there is just our first show up right now... a mama talks about unplanned c-section and her thoughts on whether or not the natural childbirth literature she read was feminist or not. I wanted to link to it in the "perfect birth theory" thread. I also wanted to share it in the unplanned c-section after long labor group.




Again, just let me know what you think. I would only want to post it if it adds to the conversation, and only in accordance with our guidelines.

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It would be fine to post links occasionally to add to the conversation. smile.gif

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