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Secular curriculum help

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Hey mama's,


I have been using Oak Meadow for two years for my dc, (kindy and 1st grade).  It's a great curriculum, but is not working here, with me mostly.  I need a curriculum that is laid out, all the work mostly done, textbook stuff which my dc doesn't mind.  She will be going into second grade next school year and I'd really like to find something like I mentioned and it has to be secular.


I saw a couple of websites that looked interesting, but when I researched them further, it looks like a lot of people have been scammed by them and they are possibly the same company.  They are homeschoolstockroom.com and homeschoolsupercenter.com.  Has anyone here bought from either website and had a good experience?


Any thoughts are appreciated!


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I don't use a 'curriculum in a box' so I can't speak to those but I understand the need for secular material and  the need for something all planned out.

Have you looked at a virtual academy? Something like k12 or connections?  Everything is all laid out for you, the kids just log on and do the daily assignments, and at the lower levels it's pretty simple.


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Thanks.  I don't think I would want her on the computer for school, but that is an option.

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If you don't mind doing things piece by piece, there are many curricula which are completely laid out subject by subject.  So the work is still all done for you, many are even completely scripted, it's just not ALL subjects from the same box, so to speak.


For instance, we've been using First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease with my daughter, from Well-Trained Mind.  They are *completely* scripted, very simple day to day but very in depth over time, and my daughter is just loving them!


We use RightStart Math, which is also quite scripted -- not to the same literal scripting degree as the WTT stuff but still "now ask this" and "now ask that" sort of thing.  


We use NOEO Science, which is not scripted at all, but it is completely laid out and organized.  Same with something like History Odyssey.  Real Science Odyssey.  Intellego unit studies.  Lots of things popping into my head that are all laid out for you, subject by subject.


A couple of things that do encompass all subjects, more or less, would be Connect the Thoughts and Moving Beyond the Page.  Might not be what you're looking for but might be worth looking into.


And the two sites you mentioned -- I have *never* heard of those.  And I'm pretty well-versed on the curriculum options out there, I like to think. So take that however you like...

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We like:

Singapore Math and Teaching Text books

Story of the World

Eay Grammar

Easy Writing

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 easy leasons

For the little guy and gal we also use the Brain Quest workbooks as they briefly cover the bases.

For the teenage years I like Holt Physical science and Holt Biology


Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons is scripted, otherwise none of them are scripted, but they are secular.


Good luck

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Thanks so much everyone!!!


So, I guess I'm going to put together a curriculum for my dd.  I just bought Growing with Grammar, Soaring with Spelling and Vocabulary, and Winning with Writing all Level 1 so I can get her started with that now.  We'll probably use SOTW for history and I'm looking at the others you all posted.  Again, thanks, and keep the opinions coming!

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