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Need quick advice on Inductions

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I need to deliver my 34 week twins within the week due to IUGR and I'm looking at either a section or possibly an induction.  I'd prefer to have a vaginal birth but I need to know about induction.  As far as I know my cervix is closed and long.  What are my best bets for safe effective induction.  Sad to be facing this, but the OBs and MFMs are on board, it may be my best bet at vaginal delivery.  Needing lots of input, please.  FWIW- I had a beautiful and relatively quick natural labor/birth with DD1 at 39w6d when my water broke spontaneously.

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You will need to ripen your cervix before going to a uteran stimulant like Pitocin. I would recommend reading up on bishop scores, which are the indication you will want to go by to determine the success of induction.

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I would expect that they will probably want to do something to ripen your cervix.  Possibly Cervadil or they could do a Foley catheter induction.  Good luck I hope it all works out for you!

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OK thanks.  Are either preferred over the other?  This is nowhere near the natural birth I wanted, but If I can at least have them vaginally I feel it would be so much better for the three of us.  I have heard of cervadil, plan to refuse cytotec if they even use that, and have recently heard of the foley catheter.  I cannot recall--is all of this covered in Henci Goer's book the Thinking Woman's Guide??  Has been several years since I read that. . .   I'm just trying to gather facts.  I'm concerned that if my body is not "ready" to deliver these babies--how well will the induction work?  Can they start out with a low does of pitocin?  I hope to labor without pain meds, but they may want me to have an epidural placed just in case.  I'm not only worried about the effect of pitocin on contractions/discomfort but also worried about how all of these "extras" will affect my mental state for dealing with labor-. :-(

Anyhow..I'm needing to be quickly informed to be my and my babies' best advocate. 

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if your cervix isnt ready then you will need a prostaglandin to ripen it, otherwise you have a higher risk of pitocin induction failing. I dont have any experience with a foley but you really should read up on bishop scores as it will provide you with most of the info you are looking for.

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You could talk to your midwife about starting to use evening primrose oil to ripen your cervix. You can take it orally or insert it vaginally.

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