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Fever for 3 days and now Diarrhea in an 18 month old?

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My 18 month old son started out with a low fever on Sunday night, 3 days ago. Monday he was pretty out of it, just wanted to lay on me and watch Elmo. (usually he is bouncing off the walls and dragging me around the house). Monday night he hardly slept, he had some nasal congestion which he has had at night for a month (figured it was allergies and it didn't seem to bother him). His temp was up to 103 and I was giving him some motrin. Tuesday his fever was a bit lower and he was almost back to normal. Last night he slept great and his temp was 99ish. Today he has been pretty much back to normal but a few hours ago he had diarrhea and his temp is back up to 102, he is still playing though and eating. I also noticed yesterday his skin is a bit mottled or marbled, he is pale anyway and the mottling is barely noticable. I was going to take him to the doc if he wasn't any better today but his fever and the diarrhea came later in the day. Does this just sound like a tummy bug or virus? Should I be worried? What would you other mamas do? 

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Sounds Viral hun. I would keep the temp down and pump up on the fluids.

For viral infections like the flu, there isnt much anyone can do except tell you the same thing. 

If he isnt feeling better OR he is getting worse I'd bring him in then. But from what your saying it seems under control. 

Best of luck!

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You could always call your dr and ask for a call back from a nurse. Mine will usually take syptoms, speak with the dr. and call me back. For what you re describing, the usual routine is rest and pushing fluids. If you are still nursinglet him have it as often as he will, otherwise pedialite is a good fluid replacer.


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Well, his fever is completely gone today but he still has runny poop. He has some red bumps on his tummy and it's freaking me out, because of the whole meningitis thing...but wouldn't he still have a fever?


He gets little bumps usually so I dunno o.O


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Hi there.


I moved your post from Toddlers over here, not realizing that there was an existing thread over already, so I locked the other one with a link to this one. Sorry for any confusion and I do hope your DS is ok. 

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Thank you :)

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The doctor said it's most likely Roseola, I talked to him on the phone. DS fever is gone but he has this rash that started yesterday and it looks to me like it's roseola. My husband and I were arguing about taking him to urgent care since we can't get a docs appt. My husband thinks I over react and worry too much, ugh! Isn't that what moms do? esp a first time mommy.


Well DS also seems to get welts easily, they don't seem to bother him and I am not sure if it is part of the possible Roseola. He was scratching his neck after laying on the couch but other than that he hasn't scratched at all. Here is a pic of what it looks like today.

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Here is the webmd page for roseola... http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/tc/roseola-topic-overview


Hopefully that will help ease your mind and there is a list of signs to watch for and call the doctor if he has them. I don't think there is really much medically that is done for typical cases. They say you can give Tylenol, but normally I don't do that unless baby is just really cranky and needs to sleep, but sounds like his fever has gone down or away, so that is a good sign.


If he gets really itchy, you might try keeping him covered up so he doesn't cause it to bleed.


And yes, it is momma's job to worry about their kiddos.

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Well, his fever has been gone since yesterday but that's when he got the rash. The urgent care doctor (who seemed like the most unhappy man on earth) thought he had measles....but his examination was crappy imo. He also told me that he had the measles or something in that family because I did not vaccinate *rolls eyes*. My son is 18 months and has never been sick, but I didn't need to explain myself to him so I pretended I didn't hear that. When myself and my mom brought up Roseola he didn't comment and acted like he wasn't even aware of it. So he just told me to do basically what I was already doing...fluids, etc.


Either way I am not too worried now, the LO seems to be feeling better, slowly... but it's progress. I am pretty sure it's Roseola because his symptoms are nothing like measles.

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I'm glad he's doing better. Measles is going around here. I think the definitive for Measles is the spot (Koplik's spots) in the mouth but they go away quickly I think. Further, I think the rash starts on the head. Roseola spreads from torso I believe. In other words, I agree with you and I'm glad he's doing better. I'd wonder about that doctor. He'd have to report measles to the health department which I'm sure didn't happen, right? So is he just trying to freak you out about vaxes? If so, yuck.
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