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Third Trimester

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I'm 28 weeks now and into the 3rd Trimester. Yay!!!!


I thought it would never get here but now everything is moving so fast. I was told at my midwives today that I had to get the pre-registration in for the hospital (just in case), start getting my homebirth supplies together, and start coming in for prenatal appointments every 2 weeks. 


There were 3 little babies in the office today (all two weeks old). It really hit me that *I* am going to have one of those ve​ry soon. I don't know whether to be excited or terrified. I still have so much to do!!!


Who else has entered this final stage? How are you feeling?

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Congrats! I am 28 weeks now too and will start doing appointments every 2 weeks with my midwives. I am excited but anxious about my VBAC attempt, but I still feel like I have a long way to go before meeting the baby. The 2nd trimester went by fast, but I feel like the 1st and 3rd trimesters go by very slowly for me...

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I've still got one more week to go technically, but I find I'm loosing track. It's crazy to think that there's just 12 weeks to go....which probably means just 8 more of work for me (and when i think of all that needs to get done in those 8 weeks that's daunting when you factor in a move too!)


It's crazy how fast it's all going to go. And I was still hoping to order a birth tub and do hypno babies...finding the money to do so in that little amount of time is also going to be crazy.

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I'm 28 weeks as well. I've been feeling a bit of pressure or time crunch, like "there's so much to do and so little time"...and I'm having a hard time reaching the floor/getting up off of the floor/other random ways my belly is getting in the way. I'm just like, crap, still want to do this this and this, and I'm getting to big to do that and that, so DH will have to do it, and...


Anyone else feel like this, or am I just going crazy?

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i am only at 25.5 weeks, but i too have been feeling the rush of only having so many weeks left. i still have a couple of weeks till get to 3rd tri but i am almost there. i still have lots of stuff left to do to get ready. i have a list! lol. i have to take my 88 yr old to get clothes tomorrow, but i hope to get the diapers done tues on my free day. i still have to buy the car seat, birth supplies, and pay the midwife, the doula and the placenta encapsulator. there are lots of other things on my list too, for the baby, and also stuff i have to do for the other kids....

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I'm definitely excited to hit the third trimester milestone! I'm feeling pretty good - I've started with some feet/ankle swelling, and the first trimester fatigue is back, but otherwise I am quite blessed. It is pretty overwhelming when I think about all the things to get done, but I'm working 60-70 hour weeks right now and trying not to overdo it, so that means very little is getting done around the house. I'm coming to terms with the idea that we may not have everything "perfect" by the time baby arrives, and that's just gotta be ok. I wrap up school in 7 weeks (woohoo!) and hope I'll have some energy left for nesting by then... 


Oh - and the "I'm going to have a baby!" feeling? Totally scares the life outta me most of the time - I was meeting my cousin's child (4 days old) two weekends ago, and my grandmother hands him to me and I'm like - I don't even know how to hold a baby. Wow. 


Because I'm trying to put my feet up at the end of the day to help with the swelling, I'm finding myself reading alot - in the past couple weeks, I've read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, Bradley's Husband-Coached Childbirth, and now I'm reading The Baby Book by Dr. Sears and his wife, and plan to read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Anyone else reading (or read in previous pregnancies)?

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