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Anyone else feeling a bit better?

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My queasiness and sleepiness is getting much better, so of course now I'm worried about a possible miscarriage nut.gif Anyone else?


ETA: I'm due the 10th, so like 10.5 weeks right now.

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OrangeMoon, I'm 10w5d, too and feeling sooo much better. I'm back to being able to tolerate fruits and veggies and not practically living on cheese sandwiches.

Energy seems to be returning, too, thank goodness.


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Thanks DelawareMom!! I really do feel so much better. It was weird because all of a sudden I can drink coffee again and everything - woohoo!  Still debating whether or not to listen to the heartbeat with the doppler at my next appointment. I think it's at 13/14 weeks or something.

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I'm in my 10th week too and starting to feel just slightly better sometimes.  Part of me thinks I'm just managing my nausea better.  I still have pretty intense cravings/aversions to many foods.  I still feel sick sometimes but it doesn't seem to last quite as long most days now. Waves instead of 24/7.  I also have a lot more energy most days.  I seem to get 2-3 days of somewhat increased energy (still far from my normal self) and then have a day where I can barely move and then a couple of good days again.


It's nice to feel like maybe there's a bit of light at towards the end of that first trimester tunnel.

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Im starting to feel better as well. Ill be 11 weeks tomorrow. Only thing is Im still majorly tired all the time. sleeping.gif

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I'm 12 weeks on Sunday, and feeling a ton better. My nausea has been gone for a couple of weeks. I haven't managed to eat any meat yet (except for bacon on a sandwich once), but I've had egg. And last night, I actually made and ate a full dinner -- fish, rice, and soybeans!! My partner was impressed!  I'm not quite as tired as I was, but my belly has definitely popped a bit, and my breasts are still full and sore. 


We have a midwife's appt on Tuesday morning, and even though I've had a bit of worry about the drop in symptoms, I'm forcing myself to stay positive and to trust this little one to be strong and healthy. It's quite the relief to see that other people's symptoms are also waning. Thanks for starting this thread!

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I'm 10.3 weeks today and definatly starting to feel better!!!!  I still have a little nausea once in a while, but am starting to enjoy drinking my tea again and not having as much adversions to food.  The way I see it is my body is getting use to all these hormones, I'm working hard to keep myself from feeling horrid by eating small frequent meals and my body is helping me out.  I'm still pretty tired and by the end of the day and crawl into bed no later than 9 if I want to be up by 8...  I found taking a nap makes me much worse, so no matter how tired I am I try not to nap, but just relax and rest if I need it.


I've also noticed I'm starting to catch back up with the housework (which makes DH VERY happy!)  I know I have more energy if I'm doing the laundry and making dinner again!!

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I forgot to mention another thing that's changed... our night life under the covers... yep, I got my mojo back!  Sheepish.gif


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Oh yes, I'm feeling quite a bit better. I just started my 11th week and my boobs aren't nearly as sore, my libido is slowly coming back and I don't feel like I'm walking around carrying a bowling ball in my stomach (even though I lost 5 lbs this month!) I'm still pretty fatigued but learning to deal with it better. That said, I'm still terrified of a loss. I had a terrible, uber-realistic dream last night that I miscarried. I keep unwittingly hearing horror stories about losses at all stages of pregnancy so I'm not sure if that'll ever go away.

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Oh, Femmeknitzi, those dreams are awful!!  I had two dreams the other night. In the first, my sister was my midwife and I gave birth on a ferry boat. It was beautiful, painless, and awesome!  Then I woke up to pee, and my dream after that was that we were in our our actual midwife's office and she couldn't find a heartbeat. She sent us for an ultrasound, but she was pretty positive that the baby was not okay. It was awful. I was crying and crying in my dream.  And it has haunted me since. :(


(I should mention that the next night, I had a dream that I was chased by zombies, and then turned into one, but I was one of a group of sentient zombies. It was weird and tremendously vivid. My DP said, "See, dreams are dreams.  Birth, miscarriage, zombie. All dreams."  It definitely put it into perspective!)  :)

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So glad others are feeling better too! joy.gif Yeah, I can eat way more foods now, clean more, and taking the kiddos to the playground feels much less overwhelming. And the dreams have really picked up for me lately too! When they are good it's wonderful, but the bad ones can be really scary and hard to shake off. Thankfully it's been all good thus far. If DH and I could just get off each others backs we'd be golden, lol.

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Well, I'll be darned! Today I woke up with alot of energy and no nausea as well.  I was relieved but then frightened that perhaps I'm going to miscarry - but it seems that most of us are starting to feel better. I've just started my 11th week today.  Of course that great feeling changed after lunch. After eating I feel as if I've been drugged and I have to lay down and nap. But I have had digestive woes before pregnancy and this was one of my symptoms, weakness after eating.


The nausea was gone most of the day except for a bit now at 5 pm.  I'm feeling less worried after seeing this thread, so thank you for posting!


I go for an dating scan on the 30th of March.  I avoided all early scans even though they were pushing them on me every week since i'm an "elderly primagrivada". Yes "elderly primagrivada (a woman over 35 who is having her first baby, in case you never came across the phrase).  It's an awful thing to be called - Elderly, when you still feel quite young.  But heck, the last few weeks, I was certainly feeling elderly! ha ha!

Is there anyone who is feeling better nausea-wise but still feeling bloated after eating?  And weird bowels to go with it?


2nd Trimester - Here we come!

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