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Pull-up style CLOTH diapers?

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We are a cloth diapering family and have used pocket style cloth diapers for a long time.  When we got to the toddler stage with my oldest, we went with antsy pants (getantsy.com) and we are really liking this style of pullup.  We also tried Happy Heinies, but they are very difficult to pull up and down, so we ended up using them for overnights only.  Now, my oldest is potty trained and my youngest is the only one wearing diapers (14 months old).  She has outgrown our pocket diapers and is using pullups, and STRONGLY prefers to be changed standing up so we are really liking the pullup style.  However, my pullup stash is so small that I have to do laundry every night, and it seems so wasteful to wash 6 or 7 diapers as a whole load of laundry.  I like the antsy pants well enough that I would buy more, but at $25 a peice, I will not be able to buy enough of them to really increase my laundry cycle.  I have looked on Craigslist with no luck.


So, does anyone have any suggestions fo other brands of cloth pullups that they like, and what do you like about them?


And/or any suggestions of good sources for used diapers? (and I have already looked on the trading/selling part of this website)


Thanks mamas!

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So what I'm suggesting are actually training pants, so feel free to disregard!  We did/do EC with DS and put him in these trainers at 7 mos old but I think they would work as pull-ups.


If you can sew at all, then I highly recommend the tinkly time trainers.  They were the first thing I had sewn since grade 8 and while the first pair was a bit wonky, the others turned out really well.  I've now sewn a total of 22 (11 in size small, then 11 more in medium when DS outgrew the small ones) and figure it costs me less than $4 per pair.  I ordered my soaker fabric (bamboo diaper flannel) and fold over elastic, and PUL for the outer layer from kids in the garden and up-cycled some of DHs PJ pants for the inner liner.  To make them more absorbant like diapers I'd just suggest using more layers of flannel for the soaker (I only used 2, you could do 4 or even 5) and a fabric for the inner liner that would wick away moisture.  Best bets would be a velour or a fleece.  The other great thing is that since you can make or buy them with snaps, it'd make changing poopy diapers way easier than having to pull them down!


If you can't sew, there are WAHMs that sell the trainers on Hyena cart. 


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Gerber makes pull ups available at any big box store. Imse Vimse makes one that is easy to pull up but I find the absorbency isn't enough. Check Spot's Corner, it's the used part of Hyena Cart. Also check Etsy. I bought some AIO pull ups from a shop called MamaBearBabyWear and I really love them. They pull on easy, are AIO, very absorbent, natural fibers inside, trim and have side snaps. Also, SassyCloth dot com is a lady who makes all sorts of diapers for a great price. I have lots of hers and they are good if you are on a budget. I have some pocket pull up trainers of hers, they are flannel inside which is fine, they seem to run a bit small though.
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www.hyenacart.com - check out Spot's corner for the used stuff and diaperswappers.com.
i've bought/sold a ton on both-
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I coveted Antsy Pants with my first but never gave them a try. My second is now in the wiggly stage so I'm curious to see what suggestions you'll get in this thread.


I might be stating the really obvious here but you've checked out Diaper Swappers right? They come up there from time to time - typically in the training pants section.

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I had not heard of diaper swappers - so I will check there.  I have checked spots corner (and will keep checking. If I could swap for the diaps we have outgrown, that would be amazing!!


Another mom turned me on to Gro-via trainers, which just came out and are VERY similar to antsy pants, but retail at $19 and some change rather than the $25 for APs, so I am also checking around for those used. 

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I have a few differant kinds, my only water proof ones are the FLIP training pants. LOVE THEM. They will not hold a MAJOR pee though, so if your child is due for a heavy one you will need more than just the insert they come with. Besides that we are very happy with these they are great for potty training/EC. 


I also have blueberry and Hanna Anderson training pants. I think the blueberry's are just too expensive for what you are gettinging, but the they are super cute and soft. The Hanna Andersons ones are basically padded underwear, perfect for EC (at least for us), they are a little big on my 25lb 18mo old, but we fold them down (they have a long rise) and they work. I know right away when he's peed, but there isn't a puddle on the floor. Perfect for where we are at. 

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