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Your help is needed to save North Hawaii Community Hospital! The hospital is considering getting rid of the midwives and the maternity unit because it costs too much money. Please take 5 minutes today to call Ken Wood, the NHCH CEO at 808-855-4444 to let him know how much we value that place. Whether or not you have birthed there yourself, it is a fantastic resource for mothers and babies in our community. We need Ken Wood to be receiving phone calls all day long from us.




Personally, I planned a homebirth that ended in a transfer. Even though I live in Hilo, I decided to lay in the back of my car (while pushing) for 1 1/2 hour drive so that I could go to North Hawaii instead of Hilo. I have never been so surrounded by women who believed in me! Even though I was planning on a homebirth and originally didn't want pain meds, I was requesting an epidural when I arrived. The midwives there told me I was almost done and praised and coached me until I pushed DS out without an epi, it was so amazing. I know that if I had even stepped foot in Hilo Medical center, I would have been rushed into the operating room, because that is their MO. Also, all the newborn care was done with my permission right in my room, and they respected all my choices, even when I declined some newborn procedures. This would not have been the case at Hilo Medical Center.

NHCH truly made my son's entrance into this world so wonderful. Please take some time to help out if you can.