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So, what has everyone been dreaming about their new babies?

I had a dream last night that I gave birth in the middle of our street here. The baby was a boy, and he smiled and tried to suck my cheek..... it was so cute. I've also had a dream that I gave birth on the couch here.

Do any of you attach meaning to your dreams?

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I've had 2 baby dreams so far - one was just a flash of an ultrasound screen showing boy (a night after I stayed up too late on the internet doing gender prediction tests : ) and another one that I don't really remember but also indicated a boy.

I wonder if that means I'm having a boy? With ds, I had dreams about both genders. But one dream in particular I remember being given my baby, looking down and seeing an old man's face. I had a moment of disappointment, like I missed my baby's face, but then immediately cheered up realizing that I had a really special gift.

This dream meant a lot to me, because ds was born as an old soul. He has always had a weird kind of maturity to him. I mean, he can be totally goofy and wacked out, but has always had an emotional maturity, and didn't really go for a lot of the typical 'baby' stuff that other kids like.

For those of you that know the gender, have your dreams been prophetic?
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i drempt I was having a girl..

but it's going to be a boy

I think that I wanted a girl initally and I'm more of a lucid dreamer lol

It's pretty rare that I don't figure out that I'm dreaming at some point in the dream!
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The only dream where I have actually had the baby so far was the weekend before we found out on ultrasound that the baby was a boy.

In the dream the baby was born and it was a girl. She was so wonderful and perfect and SMART! At two days old her first word was tourniquet. I was so proud! I went around bragging to everyone how my daughter was a genious.

After that dream, I was certain the baby was a girl! :LOL
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have you studied dreams

With dd I had girl dreams the whole time! Twice I dreamed of a baby boy; that's it! So, I knew she'd be a girl.
With this baby, I've only had three baby dreams that I'm aware of & no gender was revealed. ?? The latest one I was delivering a bedroom with my back against the wall for support. It was happening so easily. I was aware that people were around in the distance. It was a short dream.

I'm so interested in dreams... have been since I was a teen. I used to record them every morning. Now I right them down when I feel like it.

I found a web site:
who has people interpret your dream. That's been really interesting. Their theory is that there is a dream language & one can learn the symbols.

I met a lady once who was into Jungian Dream Analysis. I'm very curious about learning more about that.

I think that our dreams have a lot to tell us if we can take the time to pay attention to them.
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I keep having stressful dreams. I guess new momma stuff. Last night I dreamed a bad man out for me and my sisters destruction, was sending 12 bats on us which would make us lose our house.

The medicine cards say bat is rebirth
and if house is self
and sisters is my connection to woman

Looks like I am anticipating going through birth and how that will change my relationship to woman and myself.

In the dream this had happned before (when I was 16 had an abortion) I continued writing a script I wrote then and was empowered by hardship and pain.
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I had a dream last night that my baby was a purple butterfly, and I guess I am the mama butterfly. It was super-cool
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When I was pregnant with my daughter, my dh dreamt that he was holding a baby boy on his chest. My neighbor, who already had four kids, told me that whatever my husband dreamed, the opposite would happen. During this pregnancy, most of my dreams have been about traveling to different places -mostly in a motor home with different family members. I haven't really dreamt about the baby. Does anyone know what this means??
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I haven't dreampt about my baby very much either... or my DD. I occationally will have a "symbolic" dream, like the butterfly, or dreams of giving birth (only about 3 of those).

I think a lot of my dreams get lost when I wake up. I have a dream journal and really like to try to write my dreams down, but that's hard when my babe wants breakfast *now*.

When I was 16 or 17, I had a dream that I went to a school reunion, and someone asked me if I had any kids to which I replied, "Yes, and her name is Haeven..." So that has been my DD's name since years before she was conceived....
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That's interesting about your dream. About seven years ago I had a psychic dream . I've had two so far. They are dreams that are very vivid and different and they come true. This dream was of a baby boy - and a Centaur came to help me with the baby boy. Well my husband - who I met five years later is a Saggitarius as well as my daughter. I know we all have a sixth sense - (however undeveloped) and it sometimes comes through in dreams.
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I think dreams are amazing!

I just had a dream about this baby! I was alone. The labor and delivery was super quick & easy & the baby was big & healthy & happy & very pretty--beautiful skin & very little peach fuzz type of hair.
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I have had some very disturbing dreams this past week
-one was like a parallel life, I had my sweet dd, but didn't know who her father was and was pregnant with this one and it was a different guy whom I would never see again and didn't like anyway...
and I was a single mom in an apt in New England
totally weird
dh and I have been happily married for 5 years-never had cheating issues or anything like that and live in the southwest..LOL
and both children are without a doubt his.

too much daytime drama I spose

and then, last night, I dreamt of an ex boyfriend, we were in the same school together and he kept touching my belly sayin he didn't care the baby wasn't his but he wanted me back....but the school was damaging his brain, like a borg, and could tap into his most intimate feelings and get him to write them down, but also programmed him to go around killing people like a hitman..

thats weird, cuz I dated that guy when I was 16 (living in new england) and now we both live in the same town here in AZ and he used to call my parents house looking for me all the time..until they told him I was married...bad boyfreind though..but I always wonder if I'll ever run into him.

umm ok, I've shared enough..LOL
so does this mean I'm crazy
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Stacey: The dream might mean you have some unresolved issues with the ex-boyfriend and you are trying to go back in time to clear them up. I don't know -- Just a thought!
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Dreamt last night that I gave birth to a blonde baby girl (been thinking this will be a boy). This has been my second gender dream-both times a girl. Curious to see if they hold true or if it is just because I have two girls already so cannot fathom a baby boy
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