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just looking for some input/thoughts

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My 4 year old son has recently had allergy testing done (bloodwork) and I got the results the other day. He was tested for everything, food and airborne stuff like pollen and cats, etc. I forget the name of the test but it is the one where anything over a score of 65 is considered an intolerance or allergy. He scored from 50-71 (can't remember the exact numbers right now) on dairy, wheat, rye, oat, egg whites, peanuts. the doctor told me I didnt have to change his eating habits based on this information but that he might become more allergic to this stuff later on. I asked if a food diary would be helpful and the dr. told me it is almost impossible to keep one now a days b/c everything is processed and has so many ingredients. Well, I told him that isnt a problem b/c my kids don't eat processed food, they eat mostly whole foods and knowing ingredients is easy for me, he acted surprised and said wow that's great! so I am keeping a food diary, just started.

I am just wondering if anyone has been in this situation and what they did? I am thinking my best bet right now is sticking with the food diary and seeing what I find with that as far as behavior trends, GI issues, hives etc. and what he is eating. Any thoughts?

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Why did you have him tested?

Casting a wide net is NOT the best approach to allergy testing.  True (IgE) allergy testing is only accurate about 50% of the time.  Alternative testing is even less accurate.

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Well I took him to his primary care b/c he was having a lot of stuffy noses and coughing at night (not just weeks but over a year or more) and I thought it might be that he was allergic to cats or something seasonal since it happens a lot in fall and spring and she suggested seeing an allergist just so I could finally know for sure what might be bothering him. When we saw the allergist she looked in his nose and said he definitely has allergies and suggested the test to pinpoint what it might be. He also has gotten hives before suddenly and has GI troubles sometimes. So they included everything. I'm stumped though that nothing pollen or pet dander related came back positive b/c isn't that what would cause stuffy noses? Do food allergies cause nasal trouble? Anyway when I went for the consult after the test I had both my kids with me and they were being awful so I barely got any information out of the dr. but did get a copy of the test results anyway. He said I could come back for more specific tests if I felt it necessary after keeping track of his diet and pinpointing symptoms.

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I am glad the Dr. told you not to change your DS's diet.  Removing foods in the absence of a reaction is unnecessary!  I don't get testing for food when there didn't seem to be any food issues but that's just my (non medical) opinion. 


Congestion would make me think of dairy.  He tests positive to it so it may be an issue.  A food log isn't a bad idea to try and help figure it all out.  Good luck!

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It's difficult to keep an accurate food log up for a long period of time. You'll probably be best served to do a log until you identify his GI triggers & allergy triggers, which will probably take a few months. After you've removed known offenders, and his symptoms have subsided, just write down everything that he has eaten when he had a miscellaneous reaction (like hives) on a reaction log. Then you'll be able to piece together his individual allergy puzzle and be able to see your allergist with a list of possible trigger foods. This helped me identify peas for my son, whose reaction is vomiting. 


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