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ER visit tonight...happy ending

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So I took myself to the ER tonight. I can not go on like this. I peed 2 times today. Went 12 hours without peeing. And I have a ridiculously small bladder and am bursting by 2 hours. I was so dehydrated. They gave me 2 bags of fluids and 2 shots of zofran and I have finally have a little saliva in my mouth again. Still feel dry but not nearly as bad. I also don't feel like a zombie. I feel incredibly guilty and told dh I'm so sorry if this baby is born with a third eye or something. I hate taking stuff during pregnancy. But this was no run-of-the-mill MS. And I had a really hard time with it last time and it continued the whole time and almost sent me into preterm labor.
My biggest concern tonight and the push to go to the ER was cramping. After I threw up my miniscule dinner, I started cramping and freaked a little. They blew my vein with the initial IV, but I caught pretty quick. I have a bladder infection. And a very safe and happy bean with a heart rate of 130. Which should make dh happy because all 3 of the girls were mostly near 160 and never below 140. I have a script for dissolavable zofran. Hopefully, I won't need it and it will help. She also told me to get pickled ginger from a local sushi restaurant and suck on it. It sounds kinda gross, but she swears it helps. More so than any other ginger, but did also tell me to get some fresh ginger root and some ginger candy. I liked her. Thanks for listening

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Glad you're feeling better, Joy. I was in the ER for fluids yesterday, too. Honestly, I would take the zofran if it keeps you hydrated. I am very sick even when using it, but without it I wouldn't be out of the hospital. Do you what you need to do to feel like you can be healthy.

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I just got some Zofran too.  Took one dose today and it worked liked magic!!  I hate taking the drugs but this has been going on for a month now and I'm at my wits end!!

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I just picked up my 2nd bottle of zofran today.  I've had to take it with both of my previous pregnancies too.


I also had to go to the ER to get rehydrated when I was pregnant before.  


The medicine is not bad, but not getting enough to eat and drink is! 


I hope you feel better and enjoy a yummy dinner soon.

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I took zofran w/ baby #2 and she is an awesome person! Am taking it sporadically w/ this one, it's not treating me anywhere nearly as bad as it's sisters did. I, too, would be much more concerned about not getting enough fluids and food than about taking a medication that has been proven over and over again to be safe. Esp concerned about not getting enough water. Hugs!!!

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