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Congrats Itsa and Tracey! So happy to hear about all the arrivals smile.gif
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Such beautiful girls!! Wow! It's happening!! 

(P.S. - this is not helping my patience at all!)

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Lovely! Congrats ladies!  




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Yeah!  Congrats.  I agree, this doesn't help with patience, but yeah!

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Big congrats to all the mommas! 

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Congratulations, ladies! What gorgeous girls! This is the most fun thread I think we've had on here (not surprisingly)! smile.gif
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Welcome.gif Bradley, Scott, Hawthorne, Eliza, Liana, Coraline and Secret's Baby Boy!! Congrats to all the mamas, I'm so happy for you!!

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Congratulations everyone!!   I love all the pictures!!

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How exciting!  I can't wait to post an announcement in this thread.  Any day now :)

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Tavian Miles Alexander P, born 4/3/12 at 9:47pm at home, in the water, into my hands! 9lbs13oz, 22" long, 14" head 15" chest. He's nursed beautifully and is quite the butterball.

OMG HBACs rock!
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WoooHoooo! Awesome to hear mama! I've been thinking about you! Great stats, loving the enthusiasm - can't wait to hear the full story! ((hugs!))

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Ashley--YOU rock!  Congrats on your successful HBAC and welcome to the world Tavian!

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Congrats Ashley!  joy.gifWelcome Tavian!  joy.gifI'm so glad you were able to have your HBAC!

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YES!!!! Way to go Ashley! So thrilled for you.
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Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Ashley, I'm so excited for you.  Congrats on little Tavian, and on your HBAC!!! I have seriously been checking all day, knowing what you are going through, and praying that you got your VBAC.  I am so thrilled to update the thread with Tavian's arrival.  Enjoy your baby moon with your little VBAC baby!

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Yay! Congratulations Ashley! I'm so glad your birth turned out the way you wanted it to!
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Congrats Ashley! Cherish your little boy!!!!

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Congratulations Ashley!!  So happy to hear you had a beautiful waterbirth HBAC!  Enjoy your babymoon!

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Yay!  Congrats Ashley!!  

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