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Yay! Congratuations! 


Oh this thread is going to put so many smiles on my fact in the coming weeks. :)

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Yay! Love the name, and CONGRATS!

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Congratulations!  I LOVE the name (almost to the point to adding it to my non-existent boy list.)

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Congratulations! Can't wait to hear the story. I too love his name.

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Yay for April babies!!!!! 

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Congrats! Love the name!

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congrats on little Hawthorne!!

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Thanks everyone!! :) We're in our crazy happy baby moon phase. I'm having some trouble figuring out the logistics of tandem breastfeeding these two. DD is baby-led weaning, but she's only 9 months old so her diet is still like 85 percent breast milk. I have plenty and DS is getting enough and growing just fine, but it's really taking a toll on me. I don't want to sacrifice DD's nutrition, but this is feels like feeding twins! I think it will get better when DS gets just a bit bigger and less...newborny? I'm working on my birth story today since DP is taking a huge chunk of baby care today so I can get some "here but me time." 


I don't put pictures of our family on the internet, but trust me when I say he's SO CUTE!!! :)

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Congrats ShyingViolet!!! My DD (3) self weaned when I got pregnant, or I dried up..one of the two. Lately she has been telling me she can smell my milk (I'm having colostrum) and yesterday she pulled my dress top down and latched on! I'm thinking she'll want to go right back to it once she sees the baby nursing and I'm nervous about it.

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I bet it's hard to tandem a 9mo and a newborn! Kudos to you for taking it on - you are a great mama!

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Keep it up, mama!  I tandemed for 2.5 years, but the first few weeks were the hardest.  I was so worried the newborn wasn't getting enough.  But then he regained his birthweight within a week!  That made me feel better.  I think having a more efficient nurser in the house is a boon for baby.


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The hardest part of tandem for me in the first few months was realizing how much fluid I had to DRINK.  I'd drink what seemed like gallons of water and still only go pee about 3 times a day (which stood in such shocking comparison to late pregnancy).  Eating too, I've heard it can be 1000 calories a day in milk, so make sure you are getting plenty of good food.  For me getting enough fat in my diet was really important for how well I felt, although I admit sometimes the fat came in the form of ben and jerry's.

And you 9 mo old may let up a bit in a few weeks, my DS who was 20 mo when I had DD nursed with his sister at almost every feeding the first few weeks, just the newness of it all, and all the plentiful milk, but after a bit he reduced his amount.  I'm curious to see the difference tandem nursing this time with my 2.5 year old and a newborn, I kind of hope she doesn't go too nuts with nursing all the time.

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Should we add autumngrey's baby, or do you think that would be inconsiderate?  Maybe with "born still" next to his name.... candle.gif




What about zuzu, have we heard anything more about her little one?

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How did you find out about autmngrey's baby? I had no idea!
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Erin-  She had a thread going about the complications baby was facing.  


JustKate- I think that is a good idea.  From the two friends I have who have experienced late-term loss, I have been given to understand that society needs to do more to mark that passing and witness it instead of brushing it under the rug.  I hope she will chime in if she feels otherwise.

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I agree.
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I wondered about Autumngrey, but wasn't sure.  I'm happy to add him, as long as there are no objections.  And Zuzu: I haven't seen any official notice of him, although I know he's been born.  If anyone can give me the info, I will add him for sure.

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I think Autumngrey should be added for sure and what is up with Zuzu? I hope that everything is okay. I'm starting to worry!

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For some reason when I read autumngrey I automatically assumed it was mommahen who was supposed to have her baby yesterday. Makes so much more sense now! I was hoping we hadn't lost another baby here!
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I think little Maxwell Thomas should be up there too.  I have also been wondering about Zuzu... I hope everything is going well with her and her little guy!

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