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Congratulations to the latest new mamas! 

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Congrats usagi (what a sweet picture! Love her little mits!) and rikki and Carly!! Enjoy your new little babies!
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Congrats Carly!!

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Scarlet Rosalee was born at 8:12 this morning after 3.5 hours of labor dizzy.gif (from bloody show to holding baby) at 7.1 lb, 20 inches long. 


nursing like a champion!!!!


we had a beautiful, quick, calm, hospital birth. 


love to you all!!!!


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Lennon Maxine was born after about 2 hrs labor April 17th in water. She is 9 lbs 2 oz and 20 1/4 in long
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Congrats to the lot of you!!! I am seriously bursting with joy at this thread and how many babies are added every time I look!!!

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yeah saudade!!! quick birth is so nice huh? haha!

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congrats saudade and vivica!  fast labors are definitely intense....but then they are done!

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Timothy Paul arrived yesterday morning at 4 am sharp, in the water at home after 5 hours of labor.  Labor began with my water EXPLODING and if I ever get to choose in the future, I hope yo labor w waters intact! Yikes!


He has already found his hands, but vastly prefers the breast.


The afterbirth pains are killing me.

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Congratulations, mamas!


Aletheia- I love his name!


Maybe when its my turn I'll get in on this quick labor business. wow!

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Wow! Congrats Vivica, Saudade, and Aletheia!  Yay for lots of quick labors!!


Aletheia, have you tried liquid cal/mag? That seemed ot help with my afterpains quite a lot.

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Wow, congrats mamas!!  So many sweet babes coming into this world right now.  joy.gif  I'm hoping for some of that quick labour mojo!

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Welcome to the world Scarlet, Lennon, and Timothy (and yay for fast labor for your moms!!) I just love the names, mommas!!! Congratulations all around!
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Congrats to all the new mommas!!! I haven't had a chance to comment individually, but rest assured that this thread is checked CONSTANTLY!  I just love reading through the different names (wish I had one of my own...) and seeing the boy girl ratio.  Come on baby boys, catch up!!!  Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and taking care of themselves, whether they have babies in their arms or are still waiting. 

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Congrats mamas! I'm reading along but hands are too full to post much. So happy for everyone who had quick births!

And the rest of the babes will be here soon!
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Loving checking in and seeing a bunch of new babies born! Congratulations Mamas! 

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Welcome Scarlet, Lennon, and Timothy!!!!

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Love Scarlet and Lennon, btw!  So lovely.


sunflower- yes, I'm downing liquid cal/mag like crazy.  Arg.


Forgot to say that Timothy's nn is "Mo" which fits well.

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yay vivica, saudade and Aletheia!!

Welcome lovely new babies!

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Wow I can't keep up with the babies, I am so happy to see new little ones being born every day! :)  Congratulations everyone!

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