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Help keeping up with multiple medications

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As a frazzled mother of a special needs child, one of the biggest hassles is dealing with all the medications. Keeping up with what new pills he's on, their dosage, their timing, not to mention possible side effects and interactions, its just too much! I worry that I'm going to mess it up, or worse, that my doctor who prescribed the medication might have gotten something wrong or forgot to tell me something. Please tell me there is some kind of app or site that can help with this!

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I'm honestly not sure if there is, but I'm going to move this to the special needs parenting forum.  The parents there have lots of great ideas and knowledge that might be helpful!  You may also be able to work with your pharmocologist who fills the prescriptions.

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Keep a list of medications and doses and bring that list to every appointment you have with a doctor.   Ask them to review it every time.  


Get your prescriptions from the same place every time.  If they know everything your child is taking, they'll get alerts if there are any possible drug interaction issues. 


Also, how about a list taped to the inside of the cabinet that lists medication, dose etc....  You can do a list for morning, noon and night, that way you open the cabinet, look at the list and it's all spelled out for you what meds you need to give, the dose and when you give it. 


There is an app called My Medical ...... you can input all your medications, set alerts, input appointments etc.....


I'm sorry Mama - it sounds overwhelming :( 

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With multiple medications, your pharmacist becomes your best friend.  Find a pharmacy that will partner with you and not merely be a stopping ground.  When we move, the first thing we scout out is which pharmacy has a pharmacist who is going to work with us and advocate for us.  Then, we get all of our meds filled at the same pharmacy, especially for the child on a buttload of medications.


I have a pill tray for managing medication administration.  I fill it once a week with all of his meds.  It's huge, with four time slots per day.  However, it completely reduces the risk of a medication error that way.  It also allows me to see ahead what I'm running out of and when so I don't suddenly find myself out of any meds, and also so we can start communicating with our pharmacist when we have problems filling any meds.


Lastly, we have a medical history program that DH coded himself.  It prints a summary for the doctors.  The first section of the summary (now a full page for us) lists his diagnosis and all of his medications.  It's the first thing his nurses and doctors review everytime they see him.  We update the program before we go to any appointments.  Once I got into a groove of filling his med tray, I don't need the sheet to fill his meds.  When I started, I had to use the med sheet to refer back everytime I filled the tray to make sure I didn't miss anything.

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Have you checked out any of the phone/ipad apps?  We got an app through an epilepsy site that helps us keep a diary of ds meds.  It sounds a reminder at the times he is supposed to take it.  It has places to fill in if one is missed or side effects and it charts on a calendar.  I think maybe try medication tracker for the app search.  

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