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Is it ok to start bottle feeding one year olds ?

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Hello everyone,


I jus needed some advice on bottle feeding my 1 year old twins. I have breastfed by 1st 2 kids till they turned 2 years old and did not bottle feed them. With my 3rd borns - twins - I wanted to do the same and I have pulled through till one year. There were many occasions when i found it so hard feeding twins and just wanted to stop and start some supplment but praise be to God i have pulled through.


Now they are 1 yr old, and I am really finding it tough again. When they were 6 months old I decided to buy them bottles but after I read that if a baby is 6 mnths or older you shouldnt buy  them bottles but sippy cups instead. And so I got them sipy cups but they werent too pleased with it. They jus drink once from it some water or juice. I am now thinking whether I should get them bottles and relive myself of some BFing time? Is it ok to start bottles for 1 year olds ? Or should i jus persist on the sippy cups ?


Advice appreciated. Thanks.

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Forum crashing here, but my answer would be: Yes. For a complicated set of reasons, ds weaned from the breast at 16 months. He'd done bottles while I was at work, but when he weaned from the breast, he still wanted bottles at bedtime. So we gave him them. If you're going nuts, there's no reason not to try out some bottles. (And if it helps, my second weaned at 4. And then she discovered some old bottles in the back of the cupboard and would fill those up about 2-3 times a week.)

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Forum crashing also (sorry!) but can I ask what your concern is about the bottles?  Are you worried they will want to wean from the breast, or is it a dental health issue or what?


I will say the bottles can be kind of hard to get rid of once you start them - my almost-3 y/o DD is nearly weaned from the breast (she maybe has a few sucks once every week or two) but still pretty attached to her bottles.  (She's had both bottle and breast since infancy because I WOH.)

We put water instead of milk in the bedtime bottle but that's the most we have been able to do.  And yes, I am kind of worried about her teeth.  And embarrassed when people come over and see this enormous child walking around holding a baby bottle.  Heh.


IDK, I'd say you've done an amazing job to get to one year with twins! and never a single bottle.  You totally deserve a break and if a bottle is a way to get one then... go to town.  JMHO.

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hmmm, i just want to make sure i am reading right.  you've done no tippy cups, bottles, or anything else just EBF all this time???  if so, wow! i can see why you might likde a break. i only say this cuz once my LOs show interest in cup and can hold one, let them start using them.  I have done a few bottles, one twin esp seemed to need a little extra now and then, but once showed an interest in a cup, the bottle went away.  this was @ 6 mths. 

are they eating any solids?  if they are, then when you give them food, have the cups right there to take a swig now and then.  if they are not on any solids, and you have no compelling reason to prohibit them, then I would start.   from my experience cup use is in the context of learning to eat solids.  they are certainly old enough. and unless absolutely necessary, I would avoid using a bottle at their age.  but sometimes we have to make one step, then move on to another. 

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Thank you very much everyone.

Yes I have exclusively breastfed my twins for 6 months, and I started solids after that and had bought a sippy cup. They refused to use the cup till they turned 9 months old and even then till now they just drink about 50 ml of water or some juice from that. They do have solids sometimes twice ot thrice a day but they need me to BF them some dozen times everyday. I started limiting the number of times I BFed them today and gave them some organic cows milk diluted today morning and they drank just a lil bit of it.

My concern about bottles are the usual stuffs the doctors here in india say. Bottlefed babies are more prone to infections and stuff. Now that they have grown, they should be more stronger so I think I will just go ahead and try making them used to their sippy cups. If they still dont like it I will get them bottles !! : )

Thanks once again

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My twins aren't here yet but maybe you could try a cup with a straw? The only reason I say that is because my DD never took a bottle (as in refused to use one), and never could figure out a tipping sippy cup. But she got the hang of a straw at 6 months when I'd let her try water with her solid food. Now she only gets water or occasionally some milk in her straw cup (she's 15.5 months old) and I'm working on getting her to drink regularly like an adult. Either way you go, great job nursing them that long!

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My youngest had to go through 3 types of sippy before finding one she liked. Has always refused bottles.
So if you can, I would keep trying sippy. The straw type was the one she liked the best. But eventually could use any type. Would never take a bottle.
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My older dd's both nursed to 2.5yrs and both took occasional bottles. Both of them gave up bottles around 2yrs old on their own. As of right now I'm planning on bottle feeding my trio when they turn 1. I have no problem with them using bottles until they are older. I just don't feel that I can continue to breastfeed my three little leeches and work full time & take care of the big kids.I feel bad to say this but i am counting the weeks until their bday!


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Thanks everyone.


I got acup with a straw for them, they dont seem to like it. Got one feeding bottle too. They did get a bit interetsed but stopped right away. I really want them to pick on the bottle as I want to slowly start weaning them.... I hope I do find a solution soon... god willing...

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My DS never took a bottle, sippy, etc. I mean, he would drink a few sips from them, like your LOs do, but not enough to actually use them. I know they're tiny but I'd suggest trying a small cup. Well, I feel irresponsible saying that precisely: I should say, please do check out when it's recommended to introduce a cup for the first-time safety-wise, which I haven't done since DS was older than 12mo when I figured out the cup thing. I believe I have heard this advocated by proponents of baby-led food introduction. Anyway, I wish I had done that. He would have been happy/successful going between breast and a small cup. If I have repeat bottle-refusers, I'm planning to go to cups early for sure!

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