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Mobile baby: prefolds or something else?

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Just trying to think this through, any thoughts appreciated!


I used an AI2 system with my first baby and really came to dislike the synthetic inners.  I have been using prefolds and covers (actually the same shells from the AI2s but over a prefold instead of the insert that came with them) very happily since birth with my now 5-month-old.


However I can see it is going to become much more difficult to get a prefold on her as she becomes more mobile over the next few months.  I am just wondering what my other options are.  She's got plenty of room to grow in the red edge GMD prefolds but I'm just wondering when she does outgrow them, if I should still buy the next size up or get something else.  I really do not want to go back to synthetics, so pockets are out.


If you like prefolds, do you use them all the way up through PT?  If so, what do you do about the rolling/crawling/running away baby?


If you switch to something else, what is it?  Fitteds maybe?  They seem expensive - are they any easier?  And if so, can I get away with OS fitteds or do I really need sized?



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I did not use prefolds past about 2 or 3 months due to the poop leakage issue, but I can't imagine trying to get them onto a willful toddler!  But I know you learn as your child grows.  I think OS fitteds would work for an older baby - I think the main problem with them is that they tend to be way bulky on infants and need more absorbency added for older toddlers.  You're past the infant stage and adding a doubler isn't that big a deal, especially if the OS diaper comes with snap-in doublers.  You can also find fairly reasonably priced fitteds on etsy.com: about $6-$9 each.  You can also probably find cotton inners for your AI2 covers, or have them custom made by a WAHM on etsy - or I think there are listings here on MDC for WAHMs who do diapers.

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I was able to use prefolds till potty training. I now only use cloth for long trips where a potty isn't always close.
I do use a combo of gmd prefolds and gmd workhorse.
I had planned on using the workhorse alone as a pull up type trainer by only using the snaps, but I find the snaps hard do do and undo, and just use a snappi for both the prefolds and workhorse.
When not usings a cover, motherease airflow, the prefolds gap a little too much at the legs and I prefer the workhorse.
With a cover I feel the prefolds are trimmer.

Yes, sometimes babies can be very wiggly, but overall doable.

If you are just trifolding the prefold not bad at all. My diaper bag backup diapercover is a blueberry os snap, but I don't like it . Hence it stays in the diaper bag and rarely used
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I read somewhere that you could use pins and pin the diaper into shape for a more moving baby. That way you can get it on faster and whatnot. I haven't tried this yet but I need too. My 7month old DD is a worm and hates diaper changes! 

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