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Middle name help....

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....we are looking for a Scandinavian name for our future son.  One of the names we are considering is Espen, but I can't come up with a good middle name to go with it!  I think I am partial to a single syllable middle name, but I'm not coming up with any I like so far.  Suggestions?  The middle name does NOT need to be Scandinavian.


I've really enjoyed the suggestions others have made on the other threads, so I thought I would give it a whirl....I think I have a middle name I like for our other top name contender, but not having a middle name with this one is holding me back from liking it as much...

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Espen Alexander

Espen Christopher

Espen David

Espen Micheal

Espen Mitchell



Hmmmmm....I really like Alexander....Espen Sebastian?

How many syllables in the last name? Like, what does it sound like?

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One syllable:

Espen Reid
Espen Grant
Espen Jude
Espen Reeve (my favorite)


Espen Lucas
Espen Isaac
Espen Garrett
Espen Thomas
Espen William
Espen Porter
Espen Carter
Espen Reilly (really like the sound of this one)
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I love the name Sebastian but my husband's family had a dog named Sebastian so that is out.  :)


Our last name has two syllables....


I am really liking Espen Grant of the ones you mentioned, and even Espen Alexander....

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Espen James

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Oooh, I love Espen Alexander and Espen James.  Espen is an awesome name!  The 1 or 3 syllables with it has a nice rhythm with it.  My taste in names doesn't match a lot of people's so I don't often post on these threads, but with such a great first name I can't resist.... 


Espen Avery

Espen Zane

Espen Isaiah

Espen Milan

Espen Walker

Espen Sol

Espen Malik

Espen Wilkes....

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Espen James could be good, too, because James is my dad's middle name and also has ties to my husband's family.  I agree, I like either 1 syllable middle names with it, or 3+ syllables, especially since the first and our last name both have 2 syllables.  Thanks for the great ideas!

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